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Chapter Seven

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His eyes opened slowly. The haze that still hung over his eyes reached his mind and caused a dizziness to overtake him. He tried to wipe at his eyes until he realized that he was bound up but a heavy chain. He pushed against it, wondering what superhero he could conjure up in his mind to imitate. It didn’t work and the weakness the struggle left him with was heightened due to the effects of whatever he had been injected with.

He looked about his surroundings and noted only that it was completely unfamiliar. There wasn’t much to see since it was almost entirely dark save the small light hanging from the ceiling above him. He tried to shake himself free, trying for more exertion which left him breathing hoarsely from it.

A door opened someplace, most likely from the top of the staircase that no doubt led out of there. He swallowed harshly, practically nervously and waited to see who it was.

The footsteps were light and almost immediately he knew who it was. The feeling of betrayal flooded through him. Everything he had felt for her ended up being flushed away along with all the rest of the crap floating around his mind.

She came into view timidly like she hadn’t wanted him to notice her. Her hair hung in her eyes and her movements weren’t at all the same as the woman he had known. But what did he really know of her? Obviously not enough seeing as she had been able to make a fool of him.

“You get your help?” He asked, calming his breathing. He couldn’t help but feel anger, he wasn’t even sure if he really had the right.

She didn’t answer, didn’t even look at her. She moved about the room like a ghost. It confused him. Hadn’t she gotten what she wanted? Hadn’t she tricked him into believing her thus allowing her to get him here? Everything came to him at once and he didn’t take the time to evaluate anything. The anger came like an onslaught of emotions. His only hope for a moment of mortality had now faded with her presence there. Why the hell had she done this to him?

“Scarlett, why can’t you look at me? Don’t you want to see how I look when I’ve been defeated? Fooled?” He seethed it out, his hurt more selfish than anything. He had wanted a taste of the humanity that emanated from her.

Finally she turned to look at him, pushing her blonde hair from her face. She looked tired, absolutely not in the mood to be faced with this sort of confrontation. She didn’t say anything though. In her silence, in the way her eyes met his she was trying to tell him something but in his anger he wasn’t even curious to know what.

The door from the top of the staircase opened again and both of their eyes darted towards the sound. Scarlett moved away from Jared just as a heavy pair of footsteps sounded.

Shannon came into the room, sucking away any remaining life from the atmosphere. He watched Scarlett for a minute before she left back up the stairs. He looked to Jared with a small mocking smile as he came towards him.

“Good rest?” he asked.

Jared didn’t say anything. He wanted to punch a hole in the bastards face deeper than the emptiness of his own soul.

“Did you like seeing her? She was very pleased to hear that I found you.”

“What the hell do you want with me?” He demanded, a bit of fear trickling inside of him. He had no way if getting out of these chains and that was what feared him the most.

“If I told you that, ol boy then there’d be no point in making you wait…think of it as a surprise.”

“You can’t keep me here forever.” Jared said , trying his best not to look at the possible hopelessness of the situation.

“Why can’t I? Who’ll even notice that you’re gone?” And with that he went back up the stairs leaving the room barren again.

Jared wasn’t sure how to get out, how to show Shannon that he wasn’t the kind of guy you chain up for ones own benefit. He was confident that he would find it out somehow. That was once he got his mind off Scarlett.
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