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Me and those guys who sleep on my floor eat my food...oh and my boyfriend

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Frank is in college, been dating Gerd for 10 years, and the rest Of the MCR crew live in their apartment (PRE MCR! Heck no mention of forming a band at all and TWO character deaths!!!!)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2012-03-16 - Updated: 2012-03-17 - 1103 words

There we were, laying on the floor of MY apartment on a Saturday night. Ray was next to me, I was on top of Gerard, Mikey was underneath the coffee table, and Bob was on the recliner, upside-down. Now, we weren't drunk, we were just tired. I felt like getting up, so as I tried standing, Gerard snaked his arms around me.

 "Don't leave," he said pulling me back down. "You're like a blanket, a cute adorable blanket."
I blushed furiously, that's what I love about Gerard. We've been together for almost 10 years, and we only had sex twice. Our relationship is based on an emotional level, and everyone can see that. Even my college professors can tell I have someone special at home. 

"Alright," I whispered kissing his nose. "I guess I won't make coffee."

Gerard pushed me off, stood up, and pointed to the kitchen. "Go make coffee," he said, directing me there. I shook my head, trying to copy one of Gerard's sassy poses. 

"No," I said mocking him. "Go make your own coffee, I was just gonna make some for me!"

"Are you mocking me?" he said shocked. "I never thought I'd see the day my boyfriend would mock me!"

"Well come at me bro!" I said, realising it was a mistake. Gerard lunged at me, tickling my sides. I started to laugh, then covered my mouth cause I hate my laugh, and Gerard loves it. Bob came into the kitchen, just as I was about to kiss my boyfriend.

"UGH! C'MON GUYS THE REST OF US JUST WOKE UP THINKING FRANK IS GETTING MURDERED. OH AND I WANTED FOOD AND I SEE THIS!" the blonde groaned slamming his head against a wall. "I mean, I adore you guys. I've been with you since day one ten years ago, but sometimes I think you two should have a separate apartment."

"Wow Bobbert," I said shaking my short brown hair from side to side. "Considering this is really my home, and it's the only one close to my school and my job, AND I pay for coffee, rent, food, water, electricity..."

"Never mind," he said looking at us. "But can I talk to Geezy for a moment Frankie? It'll be quick."

I nodded, chewing on my lip ring. I looked at Gerard, and he brushed his blonde and black hair out of his smoky hazel eyes. He kissed my nose and the top of my head before he pushed me out of the kitchen. I stumbled into the main room to see Mikey hugging his knees and watching T.V.

"Uh Mikes?" I said glancing at the screen, looking at a pink pony and a purple unicorn sneaking around in black jumpsuits. "What the fuck are you watching?"

"Well," he said pushing his glasses up his nose. "Can't you see it's the newest episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? It's one where Twilight Sparkle, the purple one in the Solid Snake getup, got a message from her future self about something bad happening in the future. And Pinkie Pie is just there because she wanted to help. And see the purple-"

"OK MIKEY I LOST INTEREST!" I said tackling him for the remote. "I putting it on Cartoon Network!"

"NOOOOOOO I NEED TO WATCH IT!!!" he said biting my arm. Gerard and Bob walked in to witness that scene, laughing their asses off. 

"Mikey, give Frank the remote," Gerard said behind us. Mikey and I stopped fighting, and I stuck my tongue out at the socially awkward unicorn loving boy. Gerard picked me up off the floor, before he sat on the couch with me in his lap. 

"I love you Gee," I said nuzzling into his neck. "I'm so glad we found each other."

"Frank," he said taking my hand in his, interlocking our fingers. "We didn't really find each other, I mean we were always best-friends growing up. It was our hearts that found one another."

I looked at our hands, his honey coloured skin and my milky white skin being contrasted by his. He was so perfect in every way. His bright smokey honey eyes, surrounded with the right amount of black eyeliner. Leading you to his nose, so small and up-turned the slightest bit, and right underneath was his mouth, thin lips surrounding such small teeth when he smiles. People always think Mikey is the older one because of their looks, and the details of their face and structure. 

"Why are you with me," I asked him, stroking my thumb against his warm hand. "I mean, why are you still with me? Normally when people date in high-school, they break up after six months. Why did we last this long?"

He used his other hand to get me look into his eyes. Bright green met honey, and there was a spark between us, a big one. "Did you feel that, Frank," he replied, combing his long fingers through my hair. "Not a lot of relationships have that. That spark that we do, not even one as strong as ours. Of all the people I went out with, the spark I have with you is more powerful, more surreal, more heartwarming, because it's with a person I truly care about. 

I blushed a violent red, before looking down the hall towards our bedroom. "Gerard," I whispered. He caught my drift and carried me bridal style to our deep blue room. He shut the door with his foot, and laid me on the bed. 

"Black Flag?" he asked walking towards our speakers with his iPod in hand. "Or what?"

"Black Flag's good," I said taking my shirt off. My War started blasting in the room as Gerard jumped on my bed, kissing my chest. I moaned softly, knowing that just the feel of him on my bare skin gets me aroused. Soon I just started moaning his name, begging for him to kiss my lips, and he caved. Slimy lips soon met mine before our tongues fought a heated battle, his winning and mapping out my mouth. He ran the pink muscle along my teeth and the top of my mouth, forcing me to bite him.

"Fuck Frank," he moaned, running his hands down my tattooed body. They rested where the birds were, each palm resting on one, his fingers on my "Search and Destroy" tattoo. Three times, we're gonna have sex three times.

/HERE WE GO CHAPPY ONE!!!! Enjoy it while my creativity lasts!!!! I'm serrious, took me 3 days to write that...surprisingly not a week! So yeah, any input changes ideas? R&R!!!/
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