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Those small dogs...and the pancake loving guys

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I woke up for the second time that day, laying next to Gerard rather than on, he was holding me close to his chest, thumb stroking my arm. I looked up at him, finding  him awake, and smiling. 

"Hey," he whispered softly, stroking my hair with his fingertips. 

"Hi," I replied gasping at his beauty. The sun from the window was hitting his back in such a way that was... Indescribable. The beams of light shone off the messy blonde and black mop of his hair, and it reflected off of his creamy skin. Making it look more healthier and younger.

"Frank," he sighed. "You're crying."

I brought my fingers up to touch my moist cheek, and laughing at the fact I'm crying over his beauty. 

"I guess I am," I giggled before Mikey cam bursting into the room.

"GUYS GUESS WHAT TOMORROW IS!" The younger Way said jumping on the bed.

"Oh please Mikey," Gerard said nonchalantly. "Like Frank and I dont know it's Monday."

"You guys are stupid. IT'S THE FOURTEENTH!"

I sat up, looking at Mikey then the door. Gerard nodded, looking on the floor for his boxers from last night. Tomorrow, it's Valentines day, Gerard and mine ten-years, and the day Mikey is going to confess his love to a certain bearded blonde boy.

"Oh my gosh!" I said squeezing Mikey as hard as I could, letting him know I'll be there for him. "Is Ray making pancakes?"

"I think so," Gerard said sniffing the air, and when he recognised the scent he pointed at the white door, then at Mikey. "Out, Frank and I need to get dressed. AND DONT EAT ALL THE PANCAKES!"

Mikey broke from my hug, running down the hall yelling 'FOOD!' the whole time.

"Your brother," I said as I watched my boyfriend get dressed. "He's not like you at all."

Gerard shook his head, pulling on his black skinny jeans. He rummaged around in the closet looking for a shirt, and I took that opportunity to sneak up behind him. Tickling his sides, he jumped up and knocked me to the floor. 

"Payback's a bitch!" I yelled grabbing my own boxers. When Gerard finally found the shirt he was looking for, a khaki button-down with the sleeves rolled up slightly, I was  looking for my baggy blue jeans. 

"Frank," he said crouching down so we were eye level. "Don't wear them. Wear your grey skinnies."

"Why? They're my favorite pair of jeans!"

"That explains the giant holes in the knees."

"HEY, ALL MY JEANS HAVE HOLES IN THE KNEES!" I said tackling him. "But fine, I'll wear my grey skinnies."

Gerard threw my olive green sweater at my face, as if he was telling me to wear it. I smirked pulling it on, and grabbing my pants. I hopped around, tugging them on, amusing Gerard, I heard him chuckle, muttering my name under his breathe. Mikey ran into the room, tears streaming down his face.

"Ray spilled syrup on my unicorn blanket!!" he said hugging his brother, shoulders shaking violently.

"I'll talk to him Mikey," the older one said, rubbing his brothers back. "Just calm down, we'll wash it ok?"

I smiled softly at scene in front of me, Gerard being the older brother comforting his baby brother. It was adorable, like back when we were kids when Ray made fun of Mikey because of his unicorn obsession. Raymond was always irritated by that fact, he tries ignoring it though. The tall boy nodded, letting go of his brother and walking back out to the kitchen area.

"RAYMOND TORO," I yelled at the top of my lungs. "YOU'RE IN TROOOOOUBLE!"

Gerard laughed, wrapping his arms around my waist as we walked out of the room, telling me I was so sweet and so funny. I interlocked my fingers with his, bringing his hand up to my lips. He smelled sweet, like coffee with lots of cream and sugar. Exactly how I drink it, only because it reminds me of Gerard. 

"Why do I deserve someone as perfect as you, Frank," he whispered in my ear. "You're a whole lot better than me. You got me to stop drinking, stop smoking, all of that."

"I only did it because I love you," I said turning in his arms. "And I care about you."

He leaned in, pressing his lips against mine softly. I moved my lips in time with him, savoring every second. He brought our hands up, brushing a strand of hair behind my ear. We pulled away at the same time, letting the spark grow with our eyes. Resting his forehead against mine, he told me about what Bob wanted to talk to him about.

"He just wanted to know if I knew anyone who liked him," he said guiding me to the kitchen.

"And? Did you tell him about... You know?"

He shook his head removing his arms from my body. I pulled out Gerard's chair like a gentleman, and so did he with my chair. Ray served all of us pancakes, setting plates in order to his left and so on. Ray was next to Bob, him next to a sniffling Mikey, who was next to me, and Gerard was between Ray and I. I was jumping excitedly in my seat, because Ray's pancakes were the best.

"So," Gerard said serving me some food. "Plans for everyone today?"

"Christa wants to meet me at the music shop to help her with innovatory," the chef of the morning said grabbing the orange juice. 

"Mikey and I are gonna buy things for tomorrows holiday, and he needs a haircut," Bob said pointing to a blushing nerd with his thumb. 

"And I have work," I said poking Gerard. 

"Oh Mikey," his brother said digging in his pockets. "I have a list of things you need to buy."

The black and blonde haired boy said handing the brunette a pice of note-book paper and some money. I realized since they were going on a shopping spree, they should by some... Much needed items.

"AND BUY SKITTLES!" I said flinging my pankcake at Bob as I threw my hands up in the air. Gerard chuckled, making a comment about being more like a babysitter rather than a boyfriend. As long as he puts up with me, I'm good. Ray checked the clock, before excusing himself. We all gave him our remarks, and greetings to Christa as he strutted out the door. I also checked the time on my phone before I pecked Gee's lips, grabbing my pink hoodie. My roommates waved goodbye as I skipped out the door. 

Hopping in my car, I quickly sent a text to Gerard telling him I missed him. Not less than 3 seconds later I got a reply.

Come back soon! And stay away  from those bitches, they just can't get enough of you!     -Gee Bear-

I chuckled, quickly writing a reply.
I promise I won't stay long, and I'm sorry I have just such a kissable face. XXX :Fun Ghoul:

As I pulled into the Belleville Adoption Center, my car got attacked by two small dogs. 

"Hi Mama, hey Sweetie Pie!" I said picking up the carmel chihuahua and the grey and white mutt. "How are my favorite girls?"

Sweetie Pie started licking my face, her moustache tickling my face, and Mama kept squirming, trying to leave my grasp. Putting her down I saw Jamia pulling out her phone, and taking a picture of the two dogs and I. 

"That's going to Gerard," she said as I unlocked the door. "He's gonna get sooooo jealous!"

"Whatever," I said putting her in a headlock. "Oh and thanks so much for taking care of my babies, it just really sucks that my Landlord won't let me have dogs."

"It's ok," she said pushing me away. "I really love your dogs, they're so sweet around mine."

I giggled, as I inhaled the smell of cleanser and dog food. Oh I love my job so much, being surrounded by my favorite animal and my second best friend. 

This was pebbly the most grilling adorable things I ever wrote! I just love what Frank's job is in this!!!! So, I'm almost done with PP'SG, just ran out of ideas so imma do Mikey's POV during the time period of the last 4 or 5 chappies... Cause I just got the best idea EVER for it so I'm very excited...Oh and this chapter was for my friend "Light" she, even tho she doesn't know it, is the Gerard to my Frank in this story.
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