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More dogs...and a date

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Business was slow today, like ever other day, but what else is new? Normally I'd get girls coming in just to flirt with me, and after I tell them I'm gay and have been dating someone for almost ten years they leave.

"Sooooooo," my co-worker said messing up my hair. "You and Gee doing something tomorrow for Valentines Day?"

I chuckled at the ridiculous question, picking up Mama. She started worming around again, trying to break free. 

"Well?" Jamia said poking my side. 

"It is our ten year, I was kinda hoping he'd propose," I said shyly.

"You guys aren't married? WHAT THE FUCK! I thought you were!"

I chuckled again packing up the supplies for today, making sure all the doors inside are locked. Jamia put my dogs on leashes, and I turned off the lights. Locking the front door, I waved goodbye to Jamia, Mama, and Sweetie Pie.

I'm done with work, wanna meet up for dinner? XXX :Fun Ghoul:, I texted to Gerard, getting into the car. He texted back as I was pulling out of the parking spot.

Meet me at Red Robins? XxXx -Gee Bear-

Yum! Alright, see you soon hun :Fun Ghoul:

There wasn't any "X's" :( you always send kisses they make me smile -Gee Bear-

I chuckled at his last text, as I drove down the street to the restaurant. It is seriously around the corner from my work. I was looking for an open space when I saw Gerard get out his car. Ducking my head, I proceeded to the open spot, two down from his car, trying to stay hidden. He was resting on the hood of his green Range Rover, waiting for me to show up. I watched as he pulled out his phone, and placed it against his ear. My phone started vibrating, and knowing it was him I picked up.

"Hey baby where are you?" he said turning around, back now facing me. "You dont work that far from here."

"Calm down, I'm just sitting in my car," I said resting my head on the steering wheel. "I'm to your left, two down." 

He turned, saw my car and smiled. Was that worry in his eyes, and was he worrying about me?

I hung up the phone, and so did he, as I got out of the car. We met halfway and Gerard started to brush my hair back with his fingers. 

"Are you ok?" he asked, resting his forehead against mine. 

"I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?" I replied softly snaking my arms around his small waist.

"Your last message, there wasn't any kisses sent."

"I was saving them for when I saw you again."

He chuckled, pressing his lips against mine. We heard some foul comments like 'Go die you emo fags!' and 'This is a family place!'
I didn't care though, I was with the person I loved, and we going to spend all day tomorrow. I told all my professers, and they said it was ok for Gerard to join class for that day, as long as he doesn't feed me answers.

Gerard pulled away, and took my hand, leading me inside. We know the manager's daughter, and she made sure the two of us got a special booth for our dates. We sat on the cushioned bench, him to my left with his arm draped around my shoulder. I nuzzled his neck, enjoying the smell and warmth that came within.

"I can't wait for tomorrow," I said kissing his neck lightly. "Ten years, Gerard, ten wonderful years."

"I know Frank, remember when I asked you out?" he said poking my nose.

I elbowed him in the ribs, "Did not!"

"Did too!"

I shook my head. He was sixteen, and I was fourteen, we were on our way to school and he was complaining about the holiday. We pulled into the parking lot and I asked him to be my Valentine, so clearly I asked him out first.

"It was me Frank," he said trying to wrap his other arm around me. I shook my head scooting away, I felt rejected almost. 

"I asked you Gerard, you were laughing at Ray and Bob and... Then I asked you," I said sniffing. Gerard looked over at me a frowned, poking my cheek. He tried forcing me to smile by moving my mouth. 

"Frank," he said softly. "I'm sorry, I was only being sassy, you know I can't help it. I know you started this between us, it was all you. I'll let you order anything baby, we can get bottomless fries and a chocolate shake to share."

I smiled then, he knows I like to dip my fries in chocolate shakes. So if this is his way of making me happy, it worked.

Just be prepared to cry next chappy...imma try and make it as emotional as I can get...and and and I LOOOOOVE CHOCOLATE SHAKES WITH FRENCH FRIES TO DIP ITS JUST SOOOO YUMMY! Ok ok ok everyone I'm grilling done
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