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Ten years and school with Gerard....and the worst surprise

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"GERARD!" I yelled trying to get dressed with one hand holding my coffee filled travel mug. "GEE IT'S TIME FOR SCHOOL!"

"GOOD MORNING MR. FLUFFY NARWHAL!" he yelled getting tangled in the sheets, trying to escape.

I was kicking my legs about, trying to get my black jeans on. I noticed Gerard eyeing my coffee, and I nodded to the kitchen where Mikey was filling up the pot. Finally having the room to my self, I placed my mug down on the side table and dropped to the floor. Looking under the bed for my present to Gerard, I noticed a black t-shirt under there. I shrugged grabbing it, along with my present, when I heard someone jump on the bed.

"Frank," Ray said looking under on the other side. "What did you get Gerard?"

"Nothing," I scoffed, worming out from under. "Cause I'll tell you and then you'll run and tell Gee."

"Wow, you know me too well," he said shaking his afro. I nodded, finally pushing out into my room. I places the box carefully on the bed first, before I examined the shirt. It was my long sleeved black shirt with thin white lines, the same one I wore ten years ago. Surprisingly I didn't grow at all, so it would still fit, I chuckled pulling it on. Ray stared at me as I fixed the giant red bow that was on top of the pink rectangular box, I stuck my tongue out as I skipped down the hall box in hand.

"Gerard Arthur Way," I singsonged  placing the box on the floor in front of him. "I give you the greatest gift for Valentines day!"

"Frankieeee! Do I open it now?" he squealed examining the box up and down. "Can I please open it?"

"Of course honey! That's the whole point!!"

He ripped open the wrapping, before he removed the lid of the box. A small stifled gasp escaped his lips, Mikey wanted to see what I got and he started tearing up as well. It was an ornate easel, one we found at a swap meet and he kept begging for it. And on the easel was the first painting he has ever given me in a black frame, the painting was of a boy standing on a dirt path holding hands with a ghost boy. 

"Happy Valentines Day Gerard," I said looking at my feet. "I wanted to get you something special."

"Frank," he giggled emotionally. "I love it! It's the greatest thing ever, I can't believe you got the easel, and you framed my painting! Where should we put it? Can we put it in the front room next to the bookcase?"

"Anywhere you want it baby," I whispered stepping over to him. I kissed his cheek, grabbed his hand, and led him back to our room. 

"What about my ten year gift?" he said sarcastically. "Is it in the closet?"

"It actually in the shop." 

He nodded, letting go of my hand to look for clothes. He picked out a white and dark blue long sleeved  polo shirt and his own black skinny jeans, quickly throwing them on. I grabbed my keys and coffee off the side table, took my boyfriends hand and skipped out the door. 

I drove him to Belleville Community college, telling him what to expect there.

"I have 3 friends exactly here, you know them. Lyn-Z, Jamia, and Jared, so they'll be excited to see you. I told all my professors that you were coming, so it's fine, cause I sit in the back. Oh and like always, no one likes gays, so ignore the comments," I said pulling into an open parking space. 

"Wow Frankie," he said pinching my cheek. "You're so popular, I never knew about this side."

I had to shut him up, so I grabbed his face and pressed my lips to his fiercely. I started to chew his bottom lip when someone knocked on the front window of my car. Gerard pushed me away, pointing at Lyn-Z, Jared and Jamia, pointing at there wrists telling me I should hurry up. 

"They know I'm gay," I said kissing him again. He smiled into the kiss before I ended it at the right time. 

"Let's go to school!" he said opening the car door on his side. 

I chuckled getting out of my side, giving all my friends hugs before I pointed at the black and blonde haired. 

"You all know Gee," I said punching Jared in the arm. "He's going to school with us."

Lyn-Z smiled, linking arms with the two of us. Jamia laughed at how she handled that, separating us on our Tenth Year. Jared noticed how awkward Gerard and I were, so he spoke up.

"Uh Lyn, remember Frank has music first," he said grabbing her black ponytail. "They're also spending the day together."

"Ahw," she whined as she unhooked us. "But I haven't seen Gee-Gee in forever! I should be allowed to take him to MY class."

"Lyn-Z, today is a special day," Gerard said messing up my hair sweetly. "Ten years of Frank and I putting up with each other. We really wanted to try and spend the whole day together."

"Yeah Lyn-Z," I said linking my pinkie with Gerard's. "Where have you been?"

"Clearly not with you guys," she spat walking off to her class with Jared. 

 I looked at Jamia, silently asking what Lyn's deal was. My friend just shrugged, heading towards her own class. 

"Ok Gerard," I said leading him to a pair of double doors. "Welcome to music class."

He pushed the door open, and gasping at the scene of the best class ever. No one was sitting, and my teacher, Mr. Wentz was sitting on the stage looking at paperwork. 

"Frank," he called eyes never leaving the paper. "Let me meet your friend."

Mr. Wentz was about 32, so still fairly young for a teacher, he had dark brown hair with eyes to match, and a heaping of personality. Gerard and I strode over to him, me leaning my back on the stage and Gerard wrapped his arm around my waist. 
"Mr. Wentz," I said poking his back. "This is my boyfriend Gerard, he sings!"

"No I don't!" Gerard yelled, putting his other hand on my mouth. I licked him, trying to regain my personal space. Mr. Wentz looked over at this point and smiled.

"C'mon Gee," he said standing on the stage. "Show this class what you can do."

"You're only gonna get jealous again Petey," my boyfriend said following suit. "Cause uh, I am better."

Wait, they knew each other? How and when and where? Shaking my head, saving those questions as I looked for my guitar. 

"Frank," Mr. Wentz said when I grabbed Texas. "Get a group together and play 'Beat It' ok?"

I nodded, finding the group of kids I don't know the names of but I normally play with, and told them what song to play. We got on stage, plugging our instruments in, waiting for the sing off about to partake. I started the guitar intro, playing the riff more grungy than Michael Jackson's style, looking up at Gerard. He was looking at me, with the most mischievous smile on his face. The vocals went from my teacher, to my boyfriend, then both of them. I nearly melted at the sound of them harmonizing, it was so hot that I stopped playing. Taking my guitar off I walked to Gerard, and pressed our mouths together. He moaned deep into the kiss, before pushing me away.

"The fuck, Frank?" he gasped, and that's when I noticed the whole room grew silent.

"Now I know why you didn't want to sing," I blushed, rubbing the back of my head. "You were better than... Uh Pete, though."

"Detention Frak," Pete said walking by to grab his paperwork. "Never call a teacher by name, and for your public display of affection."

"You're kidding," Gerard said hugging me. "You should allow my baby to call you Pete."

"I never kid with my students," Mr. Wentz said shuffling through his papers. "However, Gerard I can kid with you because I know you on a personal level."

"Wait," I said looking at Gerard. "How do you know each other?"

"Remember when I worked at the comic book store six years ago?" Gerard said pressing his lips to my head. "Pete was my co-worker. The one that would come at midnight just to eat our food."

"You guys really need to lock your door," Pete said grabbing a pice of paper and handing it to me. "Oh you aren't getting a grade for this, Gerard may have help you."

"What? No," he said taking the paper from me. "These aren't my lyrics. Frank really did right this."

I nodded furiously, trying to make my point. My teacher took the lyrics back, and walked to his desk in the back of the room. My phone vibrated, and Gerard took it out of my butt pocket, checking the text. 

"Mikey's nervous," he whispered replying to his brother. "Told him he should grow some balls and ask him."

"Good for you," I said kissing his neck. "But what if Bob says no?"

"I'm sure he'll say yes. Oh Mikey texted...Frank."

"Yeah?" I said worried. Gerard's tone just dropped completely, he sounded freaked out.

"We need to go home. Now."

I nodded, grabbing his hand as he walked towards the stage exit. Gerard ran towards my car, pulling me behind. He got in on the driver side, telling me to give him the keys. I nodded, reaching in my pocket for my keys, after I gave them to him I sat in the passenger seat.

"Gerard what's wrong?" I said as he sped out of the parking lot onto the freeway. "Why are you freaking out?! I still have to go to school, I have creative writing next."

"Mikey needs us. Now," he mumbled swerving through the traffic. I nodded, realizing it's to hard to explain. Gerard parked crookedly in our space, before he ran out of the car up the stairs. I turned the engine off, taking the keys out. I ran following behind him, nearly tripping up the stairs.

Our apartment door was wide open, and I saw Ray standing in the back corner of the front room, and Gerard and Mikey were crying on the floor.

"What happened," I asked sitting next to Gerard. "What's wrong?"

"Bob. He... He... Ki-ki-ki..." Mikey hiccuped into Gerard's shoulder. Gerard pointed to Bob's room, giving me a quick kiss before I went to investigate. I got up, and walked over to the dark room. 

"Bob you okay? Why is Mikey... Oh my God," I said turning on the lights. Bob was laying on his bed, wrists slit open and three empty bottles of painkillers next to him.

the last bit actually made me cry, caus well I killed BOBBERT! :(((((((((((( IM SO TERRIBLE! I'm sorry world please go ahead kill me! I allow it, go ahead I'll give you my adress and everything! The next death will come later in the story, I'm picturing this to have 15-20 chappies.....let's hope I can make my point in each chappy...
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