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Stairs...and a sweet Gerard

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Meeeh forgive me

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It been a week since what happened to Bobbert. Mikey wouldn't let go of his cold body when the ambulance and police  came to take him. He had to leave when they put the blonde in a body bag, Gerard followed to make sure he wouldn't do anything stupid. 

Anyways, back to the present. Mikey was in his room with Ray, we were all babysitting him, worried if he does anything. Gerard has been the second wreck in the house, considering he has to do what Mikey did for him, keep him safe, give him help, and never lose hope. I tried comforting him, but he kept pushing me away.

"Gerard," I said cupping his cheek. "Please talk to me. I'm worried about you."

"I'm fine," he snapped swatting my hand away. "I need to go."

I watched him grab his coat, his keys and walked out the door. Holding back the waterfall of tears, I went to my hidden room. In the hallway closet there was a secret staircase to the roof but the door at the top was blocked off, I just sit on the steps to smoke or whatever. Opening the closet door, I checked my old jean jacket for my smokes and lighter, I grabbed them and opened the door behind that coat. I walked to the middle step and sat down, opening my Camel box.

"Fucking pissed off at me," I mumbled placing a stick in my mouth and lighting it. "Probably wants to break up after this long."

Inhaling the sweet toxic smoke, I then exhaled after a few seconds. I looked at the cigarette it between my fingers and thought something stupid, only doing it afterwards. I took my skeleton glove of my left hand, and pressed the burning end onto my palm. 

"What the fucking shit Frank!" someone yelled, grabbing my wrist. "This is stupid! I cant even fathom this, why would you?"

"Gerd wants to dump me," I mumbled softly looking at my feet. "He doesn't want me around him."

"No," they said sitting next to me. He started to stroke my burned flesh with his thumb. 

"Yes. It's in his eyes."

"Why don't you look at them? They ARE right here."

"No they're not, he left. Never coming home."

"Frank, look at me. I just went to buy some things, and skittles."

I jerked my head up, looking at my favorite person in the world, dumping a handful of rainbow candy in his mouth. 

"Come taste the rainbow Frankie," he mumbled. I grabbed his red tie, pulling him close to me. Gerard chuckled at my reaction when I "open kissed" him, moaning as I stuck my tongue in his mouth trying to get my favorite candy. After we ate all the skittles, just sat on the steps kissing. He brushed my short bangs out of my face, pulling away to kiss my forehead. 

"Next week, you and Mikey are going to New York. I'm gonna meet you guys there, so don't worry. I just have a few things to do here first," he said looking at my hand. "Now explain to me why you did this."

"I thought... Because earlier you sounded mad at me. And I couldn't deal with the thought of that."

"Frank, I'm not mad. I just had to buy some things."

"Like what," I asked interlocking our fingers. 

"I can't tell you," he said kissing my cheek. "I'm sorry."

I nodded, looking at my feet again. Now he's hiding things from me? What did I do, did I say something? Was it the fact I haven't given him the motorcycle Jared is working on for him, no he wouldn't tell Gerard. I sighed rubbing my foot against my ankle, acting like I was ok.

"What's in New York?"

"Mikey hasn't been there for awhile, so the two of us are taking him. There this really big Build-A-Bear, and I looked online and I found out they have a unicorn for sale," he said chewing his nails. "Figured it's the best way to make him happy."

"Alright, I'll take him," I sighed grabbing my lighter. I started flicking the flame on and off, mesmerised by the colours. After about the fifth time I started shaking, really hard.

"Frank! What's wrong?" Gerard said taking the lighter from me. He wrapped his arms around me, trying to calm me down from my panic attack. It was weird I haven't had one since I was 12, but even then he was able to help me. 

"It-It's j-j-just a p-panic a-attack G-Gee," I gasped holding onto him for support. The rivers of tears found their way to my cheeks, and Gerard ducked my head under his chin. 

"Just breathe baby, I'm right here," he cooed stroking my cheek. "It'll be over soon." 

I nodded, and just like that everything stopped, the crying ceased into small hiccups and the shaking was over. Gerard excused him self, but telling me he'd be right back. I counted the steps, from bottom to top, eyeing the door with the caution tape and orange cones. I wondered if it was really a way to the roof, or just something the landlords hiding. I shrugged when the secret door opened again. Gerard stood there with his laptop, sketchbook, iPod, pillows, a blanket, our hidden skittle stash, and a cup of coffee.

"Here," he said putting the one of the pillows behind me, and giving me the blanket. I adjusted my position so I was leaning against the wall, and the pillow in between the railing and my head. After placing the coffee next to me and the laptop on the step above my feet, he sat down on the step bellow, taking the blanket back and wrapped it around us. The skittles and sketchbook were in his lap, and while he was untangling his headphones, I poked his head.

"What's all this for?" I asked taking a few orange candies from the jar. "I have work still."

"Just called Jamia, told her you're sick. And what? I can't show my boyfriend I love him," he said. I took the coffee and starting sipping it, savoring the taste as the warm liquid passed through my throat. 

"I already know you love me Gerard," I whispered putting the mug down. "You don't need to show it. Not one little bit."

I heard him gasp, and I looked over. His right hand was hovering above his pocket, like he got burned. Gee nodded, getting some of the blonde at the top of his head into his eyes. I leaned over, and nibbled his ear, getting a small giggle as a reward. 

"Frankie," he chuckled. "I really do love you."

I nuzzled into his neck, where it was pretty much made for me. I couldn't be anymore happier than I am now.

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