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Unicorns.....and a special notebook

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Lol hi my children, I feel this is late...but I really don't know how to lead up t the surprise ending. Yes surprise cause the last two chappies of this fiction is already planned out, I just need to find a way to make the inbetweens work. Ooooooh and I hve a Muse baby one short and like, I guess it's fan fiction cause I took 2 real people and 1 fake child and made them how I want them to be. SMD!

Mikey laid on his bed as I packed his bag, his stuffed unicorns in a line in front of me.

"Ok, Gerard said you can bring two," I said sticking up two of my fingers, and waving my other hand over the unicorns. "Lets eliminate some ok?"

"Maymontombwimgamyobbem," he mumbled into the pillow that was blocking his face. "Momdotmeebweyome"

"Mikey, we all know if you don't bring at least ONE you won't sleep," I said, grabbing a white a purple one. "And you won't get to make one."

"FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-" we heard Gerard from down the hall, escalating as he got closer to Mikey's pink room "-AAAAAAAAAANK DONT SPOIL IT! I WANTED HIM TO HE SURPRISED! Oh and Moik, I found this. It's addressed to you."

Mikey shot up at the sound of him getting something, reaching his arms for it. His brother handed him a notebook, that was tattered and torn. We all knew it was Bob's, one that he'll write in during dinner instead of eating. 

"I don't want it," the younger whispered, giving it back. "I already have the unicorns, I don't need anything else."

"Mike, I skimmed through  it," Gerard said sitting next to his baby brother. "It's mostly about a a tall 22 year old who loves unicorns, wearing glasses, Starbucks, and is not afraid to express himself in public. Read it for him."

Mikey nodded, resting his head in Gerard's lap. His brother started to stroke his short dark brown hair, soothing him. 

"I want the pink and black one," Mikey whispered, pointing at me. "And the rainbow one."

I grabbed the two mentioned unicorns, placing them in Mikey's bag. 

"Hey babe," Gerard said still stroking Mikey's hair. "I'm gonna head out. Have to buy something, I promise I'll meet you at the hotel tomorrow. Just promise you'll keep an eye on Mikey ok?"

"Ok," I said getting up off the floor. "Quick kiss before you go?"

We leaned towards each other on the bed, connecting our lips for a short second. He pulled away and I rested my forehead on his, starring into the eyes I love so much. 

"I love you Frank."

"And I love you Gerard."

"No Frank I'm serious," he said moving a now sleeping Mikey's head. 

"What do you mean?" I said as he grabbed my hand and leading me to our room. "What are you serious about?"

"Frank I-" he started, checking his pockets. Gerard groaned as he pulled out his phone and pressed it to his ear.

"Uhm, I'm gonna help Mikey pack still. I'll be back," I said leaving. 

"No it's ok, I have to go anyways. Jared's here, dropping something off," he said hanging up his cell. "Be seeing you in three days."

Gee grabbed his backpack and walked passed me, kissing my cheek as he passed. This will be the longest drive ever. I mean I can make it to where we're staying on two tanks, but the Build-A-Bear is in Manhattan, and who knows how long it will take Mikey to make a fucking unicorn. Plus Gerard said he had to stop in Vermont to visit a friend, so I'm not sure how long he'd be. I walked into Mikeys room again, finding him reading the journal. I saw tears running down his flustered cheeks, staining the pages. 

"Shush, Mikey," I said sitting on his bed, wrapping my arms around his narrow body. "It's ok. Just calm down, I know this is making you sad or happy or whatever. But don't get worked up over it, we don't want you to do something stupid because of this."

"I'm fine Frank," he whispered closing the book, and placing it into his messenger bag along with his laptop. "So when are we going? And where? And how long are we gonna be there? And what are we gonna do? And-"


Mikey nodded, running out the door to his mini-van, and I followed grabbing his keys off the key rack. I started to curse Gerard under my breath, for making me drive his sugar and caffeine endorsed brother on a three to four hour car drive. Fucking torture.

It was boring huh? I don't know how to write! Not at all -hides in corner-
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