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Meeting Ry-Ro and B-Den...AND THE BIGGEST and expected GIFT EVER

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/GEE I WAS JUST SO BUSY I WAS NEVER ABLE TO FINISH THS CHAPPIE UNTILL NOW! So it's just this and the epilouge...didn't even make 10 chappies, this was shorter than expected how sad.....WHI SAW HUNGET GAMES?!?!?!?!? And who thinks Gale and Peeta would be a cute couple? Raises hand* Oh just me? Ok then

We have entered state lines 15 minutes ago, and I was now looking for the hotel Gerard told me about. I found the Marriott, and pulling into the parking lot, I told Mikey to stay. The front desk was busy, but when the manager noticed me he stopped. 

"Hello uh," I said looking at his name badge. "Mr. Ross, my uh... friend called earlier. I'm just not sure under what name, but I know it's a room with a queen sized bed and a pullout bed couch thingy."

"Oh, are you with Mr. Way?" he said checking his book. "Gerard correct? He called today asking for those same requirements."

"That would be us then," I chuckled as I got a better look at the manager. He had the same length of hair as me, brown eyes and a baby face, I did a double take when I thought I saw a star or something around his left eye. 

"Room 410," he said giving me two card-keys. "I'll send Brendon to get your bags."

I nodded, going out to the car to get Mikey, followed by a tall bellhop. 

"BRENNY BEAR!" Mikey yelled hugging the bellhop. "Wheres Ry-Ro? I haven't seen him in forever!"

The stranger chuckled at Mikey's reaction to seeing him, nodding to the front desk. I'm guessing Gerard and Mikey were friends with these guys, considering Mr. Ross knew Gerard's name  even though he was under "Wayero," our combined name. The bellhop grabbed the one duffle bag filled with Gerard's secret stuff I'm not allowed to look at, in fact it was so secret he put a combination lock on it. 

"Brendon when you're done," Mr. Ross called waving at Mikey. "My office. Please."

"Anything for you hon," Brendon said with a mischievous wink. He lead us to the elevator, repeativly pushing the up button. When the doors open Brendon handed Mikey the suitcase, pressed our floor number, and skipped back to the front desk. The silver coloured doors closed and the elevator started rising to the fourth floor, where Mikey, Gerard and I will be staying for the next week. When the doors opened the tall boy sprinted down the hall to our bedroom, jumping up and down as I walked patiently to the room. 

"FRAAAAAAAAAANK I HAVE TO PEE!!!" he yelled running back to me. "GIMME A KEY!"

"No, the keys are for me and Gerard," I said when I arrived at his previous location. "You are not trusted alone at all this week."

I slid the card in the slot, and pulled out immediately, hearing the tumblers move and watching the red light turn green. Mikey ran inside and made a b-line towards the bathroom. The sounds of urine splashing in a toilet filled the empty room, as I brought the luggage in, before I crashed on the bed. My phone started buzzing and I pulled it out and pressed it to my ear. 

"Hello," I said rolling onto my stomach. 

"Hey Frankie," Gerard said on the other end. "Did you make it ok? How's Mikey?"

"Yeah we're in the hotel right now.  Mikey's just going to the bathroom."

"That's good, that's good. And the room?"

"It's perfect. The bed is so comfy! Oh, do you know the manager and the brunette bellhop?"

"Somewhat, they were in Mikey's therapy group. They'd come over from time to time."

"Alright. So where are you right now?"

"I'm at a friends house. Getting something for you, cause he's been working on it for a while and told me it was supposed to be done on Valentines day. But it broke when he was putting on the finishing touches."

"So you're just seeing if it's my style, and if I'll like it?"

"Oh no baby. I know you will love it."

I chuckled, grabbing a pillow and wrapping my arms around it. 

"Frank, you sound sad. That was a sad chuckle," he said worried. "I can leave right now, Bert is almost done anyways." 

"I'm fine," I whispered, trying to keep my tears back. "And can you? I mean, is that ok with Bert? I don't want him to be mad."

"Frank I'm in my car right now, he finished your gift and I have it right now. I'm coming ok?"

"Ok," and then the line went dead. I heard the toilet flush and Mikey jumped on the couch grabbing his backpack. 

"Are you gonna cry," He asked looking at the tv list. "Do you miss my brother? I can call him."

"We were just talking," I whispered. "Hey Mikey?"

"Yeah bud?"

"Do you think your brother wants to get married?"

"Oh my Gandhi you're going to propose? YOU ARE AREN'T YOU! OH MY GANDHI!"

Mikey started bouncing on the couch, looking at me with his big hazel eyes and a childlike grin. 

"No. I'm not Mikey," I whispered sitting up. "But every time I think he is going to, he doesn't."

The 22 year old nodded, making an "o" shape with his mouth. Mikey turned his attention back to the tv, ignoring my frustrated sighs as I laid back on the bed, trying to sleep.

"Frank," I heard someone whisper, before slimy lips (Gerard's slimy lips might I add.) pressed to my cheek. "Wake up, I want to show you something."

I opened my eyes and saw Gerard, crouching down next to the bed, his finger stroking my cheek. 

"What time is it," I chuckled, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Gerard carried me out of bed and placed me in one of the kitchen chairs near a window.

"I don't know, 1:30? I just got here actually," he said pulling out his phone. "Yeah 1:30."

"And you woke me up why?"

"Have you ever seen the city at night?"

The black and blonde haired boy grabbed the curtains, and opened them. I looked out the window, and my eyes rested on this hill with twinkling lights spelling out 'Will You Marry Me?'
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