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Bloody Stanley

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Haruka uses one of the test subjects to activate the second part of her spell.

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Chapter Thirty-Seven: Bloody Stanley:

The virus made it so easy. The test subjects were animals now. Animals to be used in any fashion possible. So many to choose from. Haruka had a fitting one in mind.

February 4th, 2010.

Stanley walked into Club Mad Hatter. She was here tonight. Stella came on another date with Mike. Stanley would not have that. She's mine, asshole!

"Stanley-kun!" a voice cheered behind him. The man drew his eyes to the source. An eighteen-year-old girl walked over to his table with their drinks. Stanley rolled his eyes. The yellow and pink she wore made him want to puke. Why did I choose this idiot? Stanley forced himself to smile.

"Great," he lied. "Thanks, love!" The girl squealed happily. Stanley rubbed his ears. Hey, it's worth the mission after all.

Stella and Mike talked for most of the night over drinks. She enjoyed her date's company. Stanley sneered at the display. His date leaned her head on his shoulder. He tried to push her off.

"Get off," he hissed. The girl pouted at him.

"Aww, why?" she whimpered. Stanley gritted his teeth.

"You're being annoying!" he snapped. He ignored her trembling lower lip. Oh shit, now she's gonna cry again. Stanley turned to her and sighed.

"Look," he lied. "I'm sorry. I'm just a stressed right now."

The girl blinked at him. "Stressed? Well, let me give you a back rub." She reached forward, but Stanley moved away.

"Maybe," he lied. Stanley noticed Stella and Mike and paying and leaving. /They're moving/, he thought. The vampire rose to his feet and trailed the couple. His date whimpered.

"Stanley!" she wailed. "Wait up!" She followed him out the door.

Stella and Mike walked arm-in-arm down the street. Stanley trailed close behind. The girl following him got pissed off.

"Stanley!" she yelled. He froze in his tracks with his teeth and fists clenched.

"What?" he hissed. The girl paused a foot away.

"What is the problem?" she complained. "Don't you like me?" Stanley snickered as he turned to his date.

"No," he said. The girl's jaw dropped.

"What?" she asked. Stanley smirked at her.

"You don't get it, do you?" he asked. "I don't like you. You're just annoying and stupid. No guy would ever want you. I only used you to get to my ex!" His date's fire sparked beyond control. Haruka's subliminal command in her mind sprang to life. She pulled out a special knife she had hidden in her dress.

"Bastard!" she cried. "I… I…" Stanley laughed harder.

"You what?" he challenged. "Kill me? Ha! You can't do it! You don't have it in you! Besides, I can't die. I'm imm-!" The knife didn't even make a sound when it went into his chest. His date seemed to float through the air when she raced towards him. The stabbing happened so fast. Stanley coughed up blood all over the wooden handle of the silver knife. His date laughed like an insane jackal as Stanley fell to the sidewalk at her feet. Stella and Mike witnessed the whole thing. The wolf demon froze blank and her heart went numb.

Above, the sane and normal sky ripped into two as Haruka's spell took effect.
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