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Chapter Five

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“Only I call Gee sexy!” I scold her and slap Gee’s bum, making him squeak and glare at me. “What? I’m allowed to now!” I laugh.

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Hello beautiful FicWadders, It has been a while hasnt it :S
Im so sorry i've taken AGES to update, I keep getting distracted, to be honest, but hopefully I'll get back into it now this set of exams are almost over.
So this kinda changed a bit, nothing too 'interesting' yet, but thats being saved for the next chapter ;D
Im so sorry for the wait, thankyour so much for the reviews they make me all fuzzy inside

Chapter 5

Frank’s POV

“We shouldn’t do this in public…” Gee mumbles out of the side of his mouth, and I just shrug, kinda disappointed,
“Fine, if you don’t want to.” I shove my hands in my pockets and gaze at his skinny jean-clad crotch once again, “But you’re so fucking sexy I’d do that with you in an old people’s home if you wanted me to.” I wink, and smirk when he blushes slightly, he’s so fucking hot I could die gahhhh.
I spin on the spot and skip off towards saw alive.
Fucking finally!
I’m absolutely over the moon that Gee has FINALLY accepted it. It’s been so obvious, he stares at me just as much as I stare at him, I’ve noticed. And that’s a lot of staring. I probably spend less time not staring at him…And today it’s been even harder, because he’s wearing those fucking tight jeans and they look so amazing. Thank my bonkers whim to buy them for his birthday last year.
And his jealousy towards Alexia was so cute I just wanted to jump him right there. I love Alexia, but did she really have to break that kiss? Oh well, there’s gonna be plenty of that, I’ve decided it already. And it was great to see her again. It’s been absolutely ages since I talked to her and I forgot how awesome she is, though I do want to see my cousin too…I jump on Alexia’s back and she jumps violently,
“HEYAAAAAAAA LEXIEEEEEE” I sing, she laughs and shoves me off.
“Midget get off my back.” She taunts, I am not a midget…sure I’m small but not that small….I think…
“Bitch I’m not a midget, I’m just….vertically challenged.” I wink and as I notice Gerard come over throw myself at him and pull his hips towards me. “Excited about Saw Alive sugar?” I ask him. He smiles like a maniac and jumps up and down frantically,
“Yes yes yes! I’ve had to do those fucking roller coasters, now this is my reward!” He looks so cute when he’s excited.
Fuck, he looks cute all the time!
“Let’s go midget. Comon sexy” She winks at Gerard and he looks kinda confused, “We don’t want the queue to get be huge. I’m an impatient bitch sometimes” I slap her arm,
“Only I call Gee sexy!” I scold her and slap Gee’s bum, making him squeak and glare at me. “What? I’m allowed to now!” I laugh, and pull him along after Alexia by the waistband of his jeans, loving the way he squirms at my fingers on his bare skin. When we get to the front of the maze I push him down onto a bench and sit on his lap before he can complain, not that I think he will. And he doesn’t, he just hesitantly links his arms around my waist. I smile slightly and wiggle back into his lap, purposefully rubbing against his crotch, and smirking when I hear him gasp slightly. “Sorry Gee, just getting comfortable.” I turn to look around at him and wink, noticing how a small flush has crept up into his cheeks.
“Uhh…that’s okay…” he smiles at me slightly and I lean back against him, being taken completely by surprise when, after about a minute, he begins to absentmindedly draw invisible patterns on the strip of bare skin between my jeans and my shirt. A shiver goes down my spine and I frown when he stops, realising what he was doing. I put my hand on his.
“Don’t stop Gee. It feels nice.” I murmur into his ear. He goes red and hides behind his hair, but returns back to what he was doing before. Alexia rolls her eyes and starts tapping away randomly on her phone, waiting until Mikey, Ray and Bob arrive and finally give her someone to talk to. I feel a little guilty, but not enough to get off Gee’s lap and sit with her. I hear Gee sigh and look back at him again. “Getting impatient?” I tease, smirking slightly at him and tucking his hair behind his ear. He nods, and a small blush creeps back into his cheeks. I always feel slightly satisfied when I cause him to do that…
“Yeah, wish the guys would hurry the fuck up, I went on those damn coasters for them, and I want my side of the deal.” He pouts and I giggle slightly.
“You’re so cute when you’re pissed off.” I say, hearing a slight purr lingering in my voice. What can I say? I can’t help it. He tries to fight back a smile at my words but fails miserably. “I could…distract you while we wait?” I suggest slowly, trailing my free hand slowly up his thigh. He looks at me in surprise and coughs awkwardly. It’s so adorable how unsure he is in these situations, it’s like he’s never kissed anyone before. He’s looking at me like I just asked if I could fuck him, and I have to fight back the giggles. “I only want a kiss Gee. Don’t look so nervous.” He blushes and shrugs, leaning over my shoulder to place his soft lips on my neck. I smile as he plants tiny butterfly kisses in a line up my neck and immediately move so that I’m now sitting next to him, as he reaches my jaw. I’d much rather be sitting on him, but to be honest, I don’t think Alexia, or that old couple nearby would appreciate me straddling Gerard right in front of them. I have a feeling I won’t be able to control myself as well if I’m that close to him…
I slide my tongue out my mouth to trail it slowly in a line up his jaw as he shifts slightly so that his body is facing mine, his hand still around my waist and mine now hanging limply by my sides.
Better fix that…
I place one hand gently on his shoulder and slide the other one between his legs with a devious smile. He tenses and warns me to control myself with his eyes. I ignore that completely and lean forward to press my tongue against his lips like I did this morning on the bus. He whimpers and parts his lips slightly as I squeeze the inside of his thigh.
He starts to slowly slide his lips against mine as I pull my tongue back in. He lets out a small hum when I don’t move.
“Don’t fucking tease me, Iero.” He mumbles, and I laugh against his lips.
“You love me for it.” I state,
“I don’t care. Stop it.” He murmurs,
“S’fun.” I say, smirking. He rolls his eyes and takes his lips away from mine.
“Fine, have it your way.” He says with a straight face, but unable to hide his smile when I growl slightly in the back of my throat and press our mouths together again, this time mirroring him when he sloppily meshes his lips with mine.
I push my hand further up his leg my an inch, making sure he doesn’t notice and grip the back on his head with my other, squeezing his lips closer to mine and running my hand through his velvet hair at the same time. He starts to move his lips faster and sucks slightly against me as our mouths twist and turn around each others. I pull back quickly, still holding onto his bottom lip, and take a quick gasp for air before returning and shoving my tongue needily against his lips. He silently parts his lips so that I can just about stick my tongue into his mouth and lets me take the lead. I push my tongue further into his mouth and it bumps against his, making him groan quietly and shuffle slightly closer, causing my hand to move further up his leg in turn. I shift closer too and hook my ankles around his, pulling slightly at his hair. I feel him tense up when he realises that my hand is now resting on his crotch, but, to my astonishment, relaxes again and sighs quietly into my mouth. I did not expect him to just look that over…but I’m definitely not complaining. Smiling and he tangles his tongue with mine I brush my hand over the now noticeable bulge in his jeans and he fails to hold back a whimper, breathing heavier than before and pushing against my tongue with more force. I decide to let him dominate the kiss and gasp in surprise when he pushes his hands under my shirt and grazes his nails over my back. The old couple nearby tuts at us. As much as I hate to stop him when he’s like this, I squeeze his crotch one last time and break the kiss, pushing his hands out from under my top. He frowns in confusion at me and I laugh.
“Getting a little caught up there Gee? ‘We shouldn’t do this in public’?” I say with air quotes, quoting his earlier excuse. He blushes crimson and swallows slightly, shoving his hands in his pockets quickly and standing up.
“Fuck.” He squeaks, “Sorry ‘bout that…” I shrug
“Oh, I’m not complaining! Trust me.” I wink and he blushes impossibly deeper, making my laugh. “You just said that earlier, didn’t want you to be embarrassed. Plus, that old couple are giving us evils.” He nods and frowns slightly muttering something to himself that sounds a lot like ‘too late’ and then ‘control yourself Gerard’, when I notice Alexia has also stood up and is waving at Mikey, Bob and Ray’s approaching figures.
“HEYA FREAKY FRANKIE; GEE-FREAK; ALEXIA, oh its been a while hasn’t it!; GERARD’S ‘PROBLEM. YOU READY FOR SAW ALIVE?” Ray says, nodding at each of us then at Gerard’s crotch.
“Hi…Wait what did you say?!” Gerard squeaks, his head snapping down to look at his jeans. “Oh fuck.” I smirk as he blushes again and tries frantically to cover the noticeable bulge in his skinnies with his shirt. Stepping towards him I shuffle backwards so that I’m standing in front of him. May as well give the guy a small break from the embarrassment. He smiles slightly and thanks me with his eyes. I roll mine and pull Gerard’s arms around my waist,
“Hello guys.” I say, saving Gerard from having to say anything, “You finished with all your roller-coasters?”
“Yeah, we got all the good ones done!” Mikey replies, “TWAS AWSOMEE!”
“We should get in the saw alive queue now, or we’ll be too late and the park will close.” Bob says, his eyes sweeping over Alexia. She raises an eyebrow and smiles at him, placing her hands on her hips. “I’m Bob by the way.” He says to Alexia, she nods.
“Cool I’m Alexia, but just call me Lexi.” She replies, still smiling at him. I roll my eyes again and jump up and down impatiently,
“COMON GUISE I WANNA GET IN SAW ALIVE!” I whine, still jumping around. Gerard’s hold on my waist tightens around my waist to make me stop and I look at him questioningly, smirking when he frowns and says,
“That really isn’t helping my problem Frank.” He sighs. I giggle, and stop, realising he’s right and I was practically just rubbing up against him without meaning to.
“Sorry!” I say brightly, bringing my lips to his quickly then pulling back to grin at the guys. I notice Mikey and Bob raise their eyebrows with questions in their eyes. Ray just looks REALLY smug. I need to talk to Ray soon actually… “What?” I ask Bob and Mikey.
“You’re…together now?” Mikey asks hesitantly, knowing that if he was wrong Gerard would murder him with hair straightners. Before I can answer Gerard nods for me and reaches up to play with my hair. He’s so god damn perfect I could die. “Oh…okay. Well um…”
“FUCKING FINALLY IS WHAT I SAY!” Ray exclaims, waving his arms and running in a small circle.
“Did you guys give him something?” Gerard asks slowly, watching Ray with amusement.
“Yeah, he had quite a lot of sugar…” Bob calls from a few metres away, where he’s talking quietly to Alexia. Ray scowls at him.
“NUHHH! ITS HAPPINESS!” He protests, “TO THE QUEUE!” and he skips off towards the end of the queue. I laugh at him and pull Mikey and Gerard after him, jumping onto the barrier of the queuing area and dragging Gee between my legs so I can play with his hair. He leans back into me and folds his arms. Bob and Alexia tell us they’re gonna stay outside and wait for us, that they’re gonna give it a miss.
“Whatever, your loss.” I scoff, waving at them as they walk away.


After about 3 hours of queuing we’re finally by the doors and can clearly hear the screams from inside the dark, kinda dirty looking building in front of us. Gerard is wriggling impatiently and squealing in excitement every time the queue inches forward, and its so adorable I can hardly keep my hands off of him. The only reason I am is because Mikey’s there and I don’t really want to be shouted at by him when he gets freaked out.
We walk through the gate and I slip my hands into Gerard’s back pocket, spreading my fingers out over his arse. He blushes slightly but other than that hardly notices due to being so excited about the horror maze. I smile slightly and watch his face as we walk with a small group to the first room of the maze, barely paying attention to the ‘introduction’ and feeling Gerard rest his chin on my shoulder when we stop in the middle of the room, letting his hands hang around my waist, lightly touching against the front of my jeans. Mikey’s disappeared somewhere else in the group, probably getting bored with us almost ignoring him, not that I’m objecting to that.
When the lights turn out suddenly I jump slightly and hear Gee laugh, his breath warm against my neck.
“You scared of the dark Frank?” He asks, giggling. I pout,
“No, of course not, just wasn’t expecting it.” I protest, turning my head to the side slightly and bumping my nose against his. “Why? You wanna comfort me sexy?” I purr, pushing my crotch against his hands. Even in the dark I can see him blush, but he doesn’t move his hands.
“Uh. No…dammit Frank that was meant to make you embarrassed, not me.” I chuckle and flick my tongue out to brush momentarily against his lips.
“Not my fault I’m so witty.” I wink and he sighs, warm, slightly coffee scented breath ghosting over my lips. I vaguely hear a few girls scream as the first few actors enter the room and I turn to sweep my eyes over the room. Just a few pig men have entered, and I practically laugh out loud when one of them growls in this guys face and he screams femininely, jumping into his girlfriend’s arms. She looks a little concerned and hesitantly wraps her arms around him. I continue to smile as Gerard nuzzles into my neck and asks me quietly,
“You scared?” I shake my head and feel him smile slightly.
“You?” I ask.
“Mmmm, kinda.” I smirk and place my hands behind me on his hips, rubbing small circles on his hip-bones.
“I’ll protect you.” I tease and he scowls, rolling his eyes slightly.
“’Mkai.” I turn back to watch other people freaking out and my heart speeds up suddenly when Gerard’s hand tightens on my crotch.
“What are you doing?” I hiss, struggling to keep my voice normal.
“There’s one behind me…” he whispers, sounding a little nervous.
“Well ignore them and they’ll leave you alone.” I advise him. He nods and exhales slowly, but his hand doesn’t loosen. God he really needs to understand what he does to me, cus right now, I am unreasonably close to letting out a small groan, and he hasn’t even realised he’s making me feel so hot. I’m pretty sure I’ll be sweating soon. I was meant to be doing this to him. He was meant to be the one flushed and flustered not me! “Geee…” I grumble, my breath catching slightly. “D’you think you could move your –unnnhg” I moan loudly in surprise when he jumps violently against my back and grips my cock even tighter through my jeans. “Gerard.” He makes a small nodding gesture and looks nervously behind him.
“One of them fucking touched me!” He whimpers, dragging me into the corner of the room next to some bloodily decorated sink. I hold back another moan and try to straighten my scrambled mind. Gerard seems to notice my displeasure and looks questioningly at me. “Frank are you okay? You look kinda red, are you scared too? We could go if you want t-“ He stops suddenly and I feel his hand move slowly over the bulge in my jeans.
“Frank?” He whispers, sounding slightly surprised, “Are…-are you…are you hard?” He squeaks. I swallow, noticing that the group we were with had moved on to the next room.
Oh shit...

I promise next chapter they'll be hotting it up a little XD
And so this begs the question: 'frank or gee's pov.'
You decide XD
Ill try to update soon, Abi xxx
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