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Chapter 6

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"I stare at Gerard a moment more before he asks again."

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SO HAI GUISE! I know I'm a terrible person as usual for taking so long to update, but I'm honestly really uncertain as to whether this is okay or not. :S
So thank you so much for any rates or reviews previously made, theyre amazing and i love you all XD
Here's the chapter :) I hope you enjoy it! R&R!

Chapter 6

Frank’s POV

I stare at Gerard a moment more before he asks again.
“Frank, I said are you h-hard?” He whispers, stumbling over the last word. I flush and mentally slap myself. WHAT THE FUCK FRANK?! You’re confident, cocky Frank Iero. Who cares if you have a raging hard on? Make him like it god dammit. Stop making a fool of yourself and say something!
“Uh…No?” I force out. Gerard raises his eyebrows, “…I mean yeah…I guess so…” I squirm a little against him and try to pull away so I can gain my control and return to business. He lets go of me, seemingly reluctantly and I turn around to look at him after stepping away. Smoothing down my shirt I take a deep breath and smirk at him, noticing he’s still staring at my crotch. He ducks his head, but not fast enough for me to notice his slightly flushed complexion. “We should probably go and follow the group.” I point out, trying to push the conversation away from my still rather tight jeans. He looks up at me and nods, but makes no move to follow the group.
Neither do I.
We stare at each other for a moment more and Gerard flicks his eyes down to my jeans again, then back up to my eyes. I look down in surprise to see that Gerard is sporting some rather tight jeans also. Well, tighter than before, if that is even possible. God they’re so fucking tight. And red. And sexy. And he’s wearing them. Suddenly I feel my confidence fill me up again and I step back into Gerard’s embrace, deciding that I may as well just go back to the position we were in before, and sure enough, Gerard slides his arms round my waist again to rest over my crotch.
“Or…you know…we could just stay here until the next group comes in?” I purr, pushing back into him slightly. He sighs and nods, nuzzling into my neck.
“So Frank…I didn’t know you had a fetish for horror mazes?” he says casually, moving his hot lips against my neck.
“Oh I don’t.” I reply, smirking over my shoulder at him, “I just couldn’t control myself seeing as you were pretty much groping me.” He tenses and blushes, but hugs me tighter, sucking slightly against my ear and rubbing small lines against my thighs.
“Sorry Frank, I got scared.” I chuckle and he moves his mouth away from my ear.
“Hey, don’t stop, that felt nice.” I told him, scowling. He pulled on one of my belt loops and turned me round to face him, our bodies close.
“Remember what happened last time you told me not to stop Frank?” He warns, referring to earlier. I shrug. Of course I remember, but I honestly didn’t care.
“There’s no one here…” I point out, reaching out to hold his hands in mine. He smiles slightly and I see a flicker of something unusual in his eyes before it’s gone again and he pulls me closer into a tight hug. After about a minute of him stroking my hair I start to get a little bored. Boredom was definitely not in my plans. “You just gonna hug me forever?” I tease, looking up into his hazel eyes to find him looking amused at my comment.
“You’re not the most patient of people are you Frank?” He says, trailing his finger down the back of my neck and making me shiver slightly.
“Dude, patience isn’t gonna get ME anywhere.” I explained, smirking as I leaned forwards to press my lips against his. He smiled against mine and moved his lips a little before pulling back to talk again.
“The next group is gonna be here soon…” He says. I shrug, pressing my lips against his again and savouring the feeling of them moving over each other.
“Doesn’t matter.” I mumble against him, flicking my tongue out purposefully at the end of my sentence. He relaxes into me slightly and lets his hands cup around my waist as the kiss deepens, my heart beginning to pound a little faster as they slide over each other, twisting and turning and occasionally sucking slightly. I pulled my hands up to the back of his head and pushed him gently towards me, hinting for him to kiss me harder. He obliges and opens his mouth slightly wider at the same time as me. I breathe shakily into his mouth and he lets out a small whimper, gripping tighter onto my hips for support as I slid my tongue out against his lips.
I’m slightly disappointed for a moment when he pushes my tongue away with his own and breaks the kiss, but soon I’m perfectly happy again, as he starts sucking gently on my jaw line. I let out a content “Ahhh.” And relax further into him, loving the feel of his hot lips against my face. I pull back slowly after a moment and lean down slightly to return the favour, sucking against his collar bone.
“Unff…” he whimpers, “Keep doing that.” I smirk slightly and happily oblige, sucking harder against him and trailing my hands up his clothed torso, then back down again to rub circles with my fingers on his tight jeans. He just grips onto my waist and sighs happily. I bite down gently on his collar bone and he shudders against me, our hips bumping together.
“You’re so fucking hot Gerard.” I moan, biting down harder as he squirms against me. Almost desperately I push my hand around to cup his package, resulting in another shudder and a loud squeak. “Oh my fucking God, Gerard, get your damn shirt off.” I moan, tugging needily at the hem of his black Green Day shirt. He ignores me and brings his hands up to guide my lips back to his mouth, shoving his tongue against mine as we battle gently for dominance. I know that if I want his shirt off I need to win, so I push with more force and start to massage his cock through his jeans. After a few short seconds more of sloppily tangling tongues outside our mouths I finally succeed and push my tongue past his lips to tangle with his once more.
As the kiss starts to get fiercer I feel Gerard get harder underneath my hand. Our tongues and teeth are messily slamming together over and over and I barely hold in a moan of delight when he bites down on my bottom lip and squeezes his sweaty hands against my arse in a slow rhythm. It’s a frantic tangle of tongues and lips and teeth and saliva and I can hardly breathe but I love it. I slide my free hand under his shirt and rub up and down his back, accidently digging in my nails when he goes for a particularly devilish flick of his tongue. “Ger-ahhh-rd” I hiss against his tongue, tugging harder at his shirt and pulling the hem up over his bellybutton. He seems too into it to care and just replies with a husky groan and a small gentle thrust into my hand. I inhale quickly and shove his shirt up over his head, breaking the kiss for as little time as possible.
When it’s off I take my hand off his cock and frantically trace them all over his bare torso, starting to feel a little light headed at how turned on I am right now. “Fuuuuuuuuck.” I groan loudly into his mouth, rubbing one of my thumbs over his nipple and sliding the other down his belly to dip below the waistline of his jeans. He tenses up and his tongue stops moving, his hands loosening on my waist. I whine frantically, panicking slightly,
“Nooooo, Gerard please dammit.” I interrupt before he can tell me to stop, “Just fucking let me blow you, I’m so damn hard pleaaase!” I wine. He presses his lips to mine lightly and rubs my hips,
“Not here, there’ll be another group soon.” He explains. I wine, frantically trying to think of somewhere we can go.
“Uhh, bathroom?” I whisper as he suckles gently against my lip ring, pulling gently at it with his teeth.
“Sure. Comon.” He says, slipping his shirt back on, taking my hand and leading me through the doors near us marked ‘exit’. There’s a guy holding a pig mask under his arm sitting down with a cigarette there and he gives us, and our insanely tight jeans, a strange look. I see Gerard blush deeply and smirk at the guy, shrugging and grabbing Gerard’s hand. The guy sighs,
“Staff toilets that way,” He rolls his eyes knowingly and points over his shoulder, then throws a set of keys at me. “Just give them back when you’re done…” He says. I catch them and smile wide, already pulling Gerard towards where he pointed.
“Thanks dude!” I squeal, and drag Gerard frantically towards the small door marked ‘staff toilets’, speedily unlocking the door then pushing Gerard inside, locking the door again when we’re both in.
It’s really fucking small in here. You’d think that maybe the STAFF loos would be better than public ones, but they’re not. They’re shit. Not literally thank God. After about a millisecond more of taking in my surroundings I turn to stare at Gerard in the dark and reach for the light switch.
“Leave it off.” He says quickly. I pull my hand back immediately and groan slightly. His voice is so fucking hot right now, kinda low and shaky, and there’s no way this boner is going to go away without help now. I decide I may as well put on a show for Gerard, and slide one hand down my thigh, the other resting against my crotch. Slowly, I start to massage my cock through the constricting denim and let another moan slip, keeping my eyes locked with Gerard’s as he watches me with eyes so clouded with lust I feel like I can hardly make out any other emotions in them. He steps towards me and whimpers, resting his forehead against mine and dropping his eyes down to watch my hand, which is now rubbing hard and desperate against my jeans.
“Geraard, you fucking- FUCK, please let me…” I force out, shoving my hand inside my boxers and gently stroking my painful erection. I hear him sharply suck in a breath and shakily press his hand onto his own jeans. “UUUH, Gerard please.” I beg. I just want to taste him for fucks sake. He stares into my eyes for a short heated moment then moves to undo them. I pull my hand out of my boxers and step even closer to him, pushing past him to sit on the toilet seat, then pulling his towards me by his hips. I roughly scrabble at his jeans and shove them down past his thighs, pressing my hot, flushed face against the soft skin where his boxers start. He groans and tangles his hands into my hair, causing me to sigh shakily against his hip bone.
I start to suck gently at the jutting bone and he leans into me, gripping my hair tighter and moaning shamelessly into the hair flopped over his face. I jolt and bite into his hip, harder than I meant to, because those noises Gerard is making are just too much. “Sorry Gee…” I whisper, nibbling against his perfect skin and hooking my fingers over the waistband of his boxers, pulling them down slowly as he shook against me.
“Frankieee, get them off dammit hurry up.” He rushes out in one breath, tugging at my hair and wiggling his hips slightly, trying to get them off quicker. I finally give in and slide them down past his knees, pulling back to smirk up at him as I stroked around his cock.
“Mmmh, Gee you look so hot right now.” I growl, leaning in to kiss softly up his length, he shivers and pushes against the back my head gently trying to make me get on with it. “Patience Geeeeee…” I whisper, drawing out his name and purposefully blowing out against his cock. I see his cock twitch and that is IT. I hear him groan as I suddenly subside my kisses and lick a long wet stripe up his cock, finally taking his head into my mouth. “Umfg.” I mumble around his cock, slowly swirling my tongue around and bringing my hands up to massage his balls. I notice his knees tremble slightly and smirk, scraping my teeth lightly over the soft skin. He moans loudly and pushes my head roughly down on his cock so I choke slightly, but I swallow furiously a few times and gain control again. He shudders and fucks into my mouth, panting slightly. That is so damn hot, I don’t know about him, but just looking at him like this is making me want to come.
I pick up speed and move up and down opposite to his thrusts, humming happily and swallowing furiously every time I feel him hit the back of my throat. He just clutches for dear life onto my hair and fucks my mouth, his own hanging open slightly, his eyes rolled up into his eyelids. Fuck. I groan fucking LOUD around his cock, my throat vibrating against his cock and he practically screams,
“OH GOD Frankie, You’re so. Fucking. Perfect.” He pants, “I’m gonna- gonna fucking – FUCK” He screams as he explodes into my mouth, me going completely over the edge too and seeing white stars, coming violently into my boxers. I hollow out my cheeks and swirl the taste of him around in my mouth before swallowing down every drop and supporting his hips as he collapses into my lap. “Thank you.” He whispers into my neck, stroking my hair and nuzzling my neck. “You smell good.” I laugh and rub his back, my breathing still heavy from my orgasm.
I absently draw patterns on his back and sigh into his hair. I have NEVER in my life come from the simple fact that the other person was too. But then again, that’s because none of them were Gerard, and he’s all I’ve ever really wanted.
“No problem sugar, and thanks, so do you. You smell like sex.” He blushes, even after what we just did and hides slightly behind his hair. I tuck it behind his ear and lift his chin up. “I’ve gotta clean up a sec, then we can go find Mikey.” I say,
“Can we do the maze first Frankie?” He asks, smiling happily.
“Sure sexy.” I smirk, leaning in to place a sweet slow kiss on his perfect, slightly swollen lips. “And for the record, that was SO much better than Saw Alive.” I say, winking. But I mean it.
Even sitting here in a slightly smelly, tiny staff toilets cubicle in Thorpe Park, I’ve never felt so content in my entire life.

There we go :) Now, I've never written anything even mildly smutty, so I'm sorry if this was terrible :S But i tried my best XD
I don't know whether this should be the ending, or if I should continue.
If i end this now, i can start on my one/two shot idea that i thought of. That idea's basically about Frank needing his hair cut and the hairdresser just happening to be a certain Mr. Way XD
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