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Chapter 8

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"You simply do not fuck with Frank Iero."

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Frank's POV

Walking away from Gerard after we had started getting along so well was almost torture. I was glaring intently at the back of Lee's head; hoping to pierce his brain with my steel gaze. What the hell is so important that he has to disturb me like that? I asked him already but he panicked slightly and shook his head. I am not a man born with a trait of patience. I grabbed Lee's arm tightly and forced him to look at me.

"Fuck, Lee. What the hell is it?" I spit out, not witholding the anger surging through my bones. He sighed softly and looked as if he was preparing for the worst.

"Ricardo saw you make out with that new guard. He said that he'll cut his throat out if you don't give him our turf." Lee was trembling, already sensing my fury before I let it loose. I guess ripping his eye out had not hindered Ricardo's mission to overtake me. I let go of Lee's arm and straighted up; I wouldn't want to look ill-prepared for the battle about to ensue.

I couldn't show anyone what the turmoil I had going around my head; How can that bastard threaten to take my Gerard away from me before I even made a move? The anger and melancholy swirled around in my head furiously, but on the outside I remained calm. I couldn't show them that they had gotten to me. I began marching with a purpose in mind.

"Frank? What are you gonna do?" Lee caught up with me and hesitated.

"You'll see. Gather the guys and meet me at the entrance to C Block in ten minutes." Lee paled.

"Are you fucking serious? How do you expect us to take them all down?" He mumbled knowing full well that I was way past the point of listening to him.

"Shut up. Just do it." He nodded and detoured to the left, in search of the rest of the guys. I continued my march undisturbed. C Block was home to the majority of the Latino prisoners. Including Ricardo. It might be suicide to think that we could get them all. However, I now knew that they would stop at nothing to destroy me, and I will spend the rest of my life behind bars willingly in order to make sure that never happens.

Turning the corner sharply, I was welcomed by the sight of the ungodly C Block, a grey building not much different to the rest of the prison, inconspicious enough to send shivers down my spine. I could almost feel the hate and animosity wafting down the corridors and surrounding me in an inconsiderate haze. The sound of approaching footsteps brought me out of the stupor I began drowning in. Deviating from the dissaproving centre, I came face to face with Lee and various other members of The Tempters.

"Alright boss, I got all the ones that are not in lockdown." Lee told me, glancing behind him quickly as if making sure his that words rang true. I nodded silently and motioned them to gather closer around me.

"I know most of you are worried or scared to have to deal with those fucks. How can you call yourself a Tempter when you can't fucking trust me? I can't believe you're too fucking scared to deal with a couple of fucking morons." I whispered ferociously, feeling the sudden distress scattered amongst the cowardly convicts.

"We're gonna go in there and you are gonna fucking follow my lead. Got that?" They nodded stiffly, mentally preparing themselves for what they thought lay ahead.

We walked without deliberation into the foreboding edifice, past the unguarded command post situated adjacent to the unlocked door and the abandoned cells, making our way towards the sound eminating from the recreation room in the centre of the block. Once there, I spotted Ricardo easily. The dark eye-patch on his nauseating face making him stand out among the crowd of his peers. They were guffawing at something happening on the minuscule television placed precariously on the edge of a table in the corner of the room.

"Hey, Captain Kidd!" I shouted over the unintelligible noise emanating from the throng of Latino inmates. At once, silence overcame them. Around twenty faces turned to scowl at the trespassers. Ricardo stood up and waltzed to my side, grinning in a vainglorious way that made my eye twitch.

"Hey Frankie, what brings you to my humble abode?" He continued smiling, as if I wasn't considered a threat anymore.

"Ricardo," I placed an arm on his shoulder, making it seem like we were just old friends catching up. "I've been hearing that you threatened Officer Way! And you want my turf!" I said happily, regarding him as he wriggled out of my less than brotherly embrace.

"I...err ... don't know what you're...err ... talking about Frankie." The fiend stammered, the remaining brown eye glistening with what can only be interpreted as fear. I smiled warmly and glanced at Lee. He was watching me carefully, anticipating my next move. He nodded slowly when he saw me reach down into the back of my pants. Without giving anyone any warning, I struck Ricardo in the chest with the crude knife I had hidden in my underwear earlier that day. Dark blood gushed out of the wound inflicted to his heart, draining him in seconds. He collapsed to the floor, the fluid of life cascading out from his now pale lips and down his wrinkled jaw.

"Oh, I think you knew exactly what I was talking about." I uttered to the corpse, hoping he hears me from the firey pits of hell he had been banished to. The Carniceros were awed into silence; witnessing the death of their leader had lowered their morale in a way that a life wasted in prison never could.

"Now, if anyone else thinks they can take what's mine, let this be a message to you. You simply do not fuck with Frank Iero." I gazed around at their disbelieving faces and showered in the abhorrence I could feel radiating from the crowd before me. The forced silence was broken almost immediately.

"Iero! Get the fuck down!" Guards screamed at me as the filled the C Block recreation room, not even two whole minutes after I killed that bastard. A heavy torso struck me to the ground and pinned me down while handcuffs were placed on my wrists. It did not matter what they did to me now; I had gotten what I wanted. Its not like another life sentence is going to make much of a difference.


I found it slightly strange and somewhat conincidental that every time I had been in serious trouble this last week, it was on the behalf of Gerard Way. That man was a piece of fine art that I could not admire from a distance, I had to steal it and make it mine to hold and cherish. Some would say that I am falling in love with the guy; yet my life is too unconventional for something like that to happen. It was too soon. I have already made most of the mistakes that I will make in life, I do not want this to be a mistake.

Gerard was once again the one that took me back to my cell after the scene in the C Block. The walk to my cell was made in stony silence. I did not spend that time thinking about my actions and considering the possible reprecussions; what's done is done. I spent it wordlessly revering the man next to me. His shapely lips frowning softly reminded me of the kiss we shared. It had been enthralling. The black locks on his rotund head moving noiselessly atop his sturdy shoulders. I would have gladly spent the rest of my life appreciating his beauty but we had stopped in front of my cell. I heard him sigh as he unlocked the barred entrance. I stepped in slowly, placing my hands between the bars so that he could uncuff me.

Officer Way gazed at me shyly, desperatly trying not to make eye contact.

"I don't know why I'm even asking you this," He began, "why did you stab him?" I smiled agilely, happy to know that he was at least willing to hear my side of the story.

"Well, my dear Gerard, I killed him for one simple reason." I told him. He looked up, prompting me to continue. "He threatened my territory." His previous frown deepened.

"And he also said he'd cut out your throat." At that, his startling eyes snapped back to my face and opened wide in astonishment.

"Really?" He asked. I nodded solemnly, slowly retiring to my bunk.

"Why would you care if the threatened me?" I did not have to see him to feel the pure curiosity in his gaze.

"Because I think I'm starting to like you more than I should, thats why." I sat down on the edge of my bunk, trying to block out the sound of retreating footsteps.
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