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Chapter 7

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An interview of a different persuasion.

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Gerard's POV

It would be an utter lie if I said that I did not enjoy that kiss, but the sheer surprise of that moment forced me to act like it was one of the most torturous moments of my life. The shock soon wore off after Frank had retired to the back of his cell. I could still taste his clammy lips on mine as I straightened my uniform. Once the dark navy hue shirt was in place and my hyperactive breathing had slowed down, I walked slowly towards the exit of the prison. My shift was over and a cold pitcher of beer was waiting for me in the fridge back home.

The daze I was in remained undisturbed as I reached my car, I passed no guards I was familiar with on my way so I had no reason to stop and chat. The car key felt feather-light in my calloused hand as I thrusted it into the ignition. On the drive back to Mikey's place I contemplated the way I can't help but act around Iero. It was completely out of character of me; the blushing, the fidgeting, the stuttering. The alcohol had made me quite the charismatic charmer over the years, yet my skill seems to have been inhibited by that small man and his wild ways.

I reached the house quickly and parked in my awkwardly situated parking spot in the garage. My car was smaller than Mikey's BMW and Alicia's inappropriately big Land Rover, meaning that I always had to park in between their cars, making sure I don't dent them. After I got out of my car and locked the garage door, I opened the door to the house, inhaling the scent of fresh bread baking. From within the kitchen I could hear Mikey singing loudly to Def Leppard.

"I don't want your photogaaaaaph!" I chuckled lamely when I saw him behind the stove, stirring ominously in a pan and bobbing along to the music in his head.

"I don't need your photograaaaph!" He whirled around, bewildered to have me joining in with his singing.

"Hey big bro." Grinning widely, he turned back to the pan.

"Why Mikey, if I knew you were cooking tonight I would've brought back pizza!" I smiled at the hurt look on his juvenile face. After a incredulous moment of staring at each other, we burst into laughter simultaneously.

"But seriously, Mikey... why are you cooking? It's like, the first time I've ever seen you do that." I said, gazing in astonishment at him.

"Well, brother dear, I used to cook all the time before you moved in but I've been too busy at work recently so I didn't have time. And anyway, isn't my big brother's first real job a cause for celebration?" He grinned ecstatically and told me to set the table.

After the table was arranged perfectly - well obviously; I was the one to set it - and Alicia had arrived from work, the three of us were sat with a glass of champagne making itself at home in our welcoming palms.

"Let's toast to Gerard! For finally getting the opportunity to save up enough money and move out!" Even though he was joking, I still felt the surge of melancholy aching through my body; and having that added to my Frank related inner turmoil, it must've showed. Mikey's grin faltered and Alicia was figuratively shooting daggers at him.

"I mean, its really great to have you here Gee, its that... uh, Alicia and I were thinking of maybe starting a family. Y'know? And, uh, we might, um, need the space? Know what I mean?" He looked at me sheepishly, trying to measure my reaction. Of course I knew what he meant. The guy was nearing thirty and has been married for the past four years, its about time they started thinking about these kind of things.

"It's cool dude, I get it. Better make use of those little guys before your plums dry up." He spluttered on his drink and glared.

"Shut the fuck up and eat your noodles." Alicia giggled at Mikey's outburst and I set to devouring the possibly poisoned meal in front of me.

Dinner had left me with a warm feeling in my gut. The food was actually very good and after the awkwardness of Mikey's statement the conversation easily flowed into entertaining banter. I am now in bed and I have been trying to fall asleep unsuccessfully for the past hour, almost dozing off when I hear a soft knock on the door.

"Gerard? You sleeping?" Mikey poked his head around the door.

"Yes. I am totally sleep talking right now." I mumble from beneath my duvet.

Mikey giggled quietly and walked into the room, perching himself lightly at the end of my bed. He was in his red tartan dressing gown, glasses placed precariously at the edge of his nose.

"Can I help you with something?" I interrogated.

"Not really. I just wanted to ask you about your day. You seemed kind of on-edge about something, like distant. Did something happen?" He inquired, gazing ferociously into my eyes, as if the answer lay lurking beneath their filmy surface.

"Well.. err... there's this guy..." Mikey's eyes widened and he squealed exaggeratedly. I raised my eyebrows at his extremely girly reaction.

"Oh! Spill!" He grinned, slapping my knee roughly. I frowned deeply. Its unusual for my brother to take an interest in my love life.

"He's an inmate in the prison and he's really hot and funny and awesome and he kinda kissed me today?" I blurted out at lightning speed. He stared at me, open-mouthed.

"An inmate? Are you out of your mind? He could murder you! Or rape you in the showers! Or beat you up! Or use you as a mule to carry drugs into the prison! You'll be a mule! A mule!" He sprang out of his seated position and approached me gingerly.

"Do you think I don't know that? There's just something about him, y'know? I can't seem to shake off the fact that we didn't meet coincidentally."

"You mean like fate?" Mikey looked genuinely intrigued. I nodded slowly and nestled into my pillow.

"Well, fine then big brother. Just don't expect much sympathy from me when it all goes haywire." Mikey gave me a final stern look and bid me goodnight.

After getting these issues off my chest - albeit not very auspiciously - I managed to fall into a dreamless slumber.


I have been in the prison for two hours today, and I have been relieved of the labourous task of guarding the mess hall and restationed in the main guard tower overlooking the vast grounds of New Jersey Prison. The steep climb up the stairs made way to a cavernous room with bulletproof glass taking up most of the walls. The tower itself was sparsely furnished; three tables and a few chairs scattered about with a small cupboard that housed rifles and other weapons making up the only decoration in the desolate facility. Two guards were seated at one of the tables playing Poker.

"Hey, new guy. What're you doin' up 'ere?" Asked one of the men. He had an exaggerated amount of muscles bound forcefully by his shirt. Golden locks adorned his square head and the brown goatee atop his chin made it hard for me not to burst into giggles.

"I was sent here, they thought you might need help or something." I shrugged.

The other guy looked up from his cards and glared. He was not as beefy as his colleague but his facial hair was just as ridiculous; a bushy handle-bar moustache perched on his upper lip gave the impression that he had failed at being a biker in his former years.

"Well you can go back down. We don't need any help." He commanded. I shrugged again and returned to the inside. I had no desire to be in the tower anyway; heights made me queasy.

I was strolling along the corridors of the main building with nothing to do when I spotted Frank rounding the corner in front of me. My day had been uneventful and I would have liked to keep it that way. Therefore, I turned sharply and marched back the way I came from. I don't know why I thought that Frank wouldn't have seen me so I was not very surprised to hear speeding footsteps behind me.

"Hey." Frank said, falling in to step with me. I nodded in his direction, aknowledging the greeting.

"How've you been?" He inquired. I shurugged once more, not trusting my voice. I dared myself to glance at Frank from between my cloak of noir hair. He was obviously wearing the prison uniform, but somehow he made it his own. His brown hair was no longer greasy. taking instead a shine that startled me. He was gazing lazily at me and looked away when we made eye contact.

"So I've been wondering," he began, "What type of music do you like?" That question caught me off guard. Music? This guy was a convicted murderer and he wanted to talk about music?

"Err... rock." I mumbled.

"Really? Me too!" He beamed. The smile felt contagious and I soon found myself grinning too.

"Ok, I have an important question. It will make or break my opinion of you, so think about it carefully." I nodded, curious to have a glimpse at the inner working of Iero. He paused dramatically and breathed in deeply.

"Do you think that Green Day are sellouts?" I stared at him in wonder.

"Seriously?" I questioned. He nodded deeply and looked ahead.

"In my opinion, they aren't. You can't expect someone to be the same forever, it would make me lose interest in them. I think its awesome that they are so successful nowadays, it proves to people how much you can achieve if you set your mind to it. And to be honest, I think their newer stuff is way better than the old albums." I said non-chalantly. I have had this conversation with Mikey many times, so I was well versed in what my answer would be. Frank looked thoughtful for a second, then turned to look at me.

"I agree with you." He said simply.

"So why did you just ask me that?" It truly is odd to hear such a tough guy talk about trivial matters that most certainly did not concern a vast amount of the prison population.

"I just wanted to know if you think like me." He smiled warmly and looked away again.

"So what? Am I in your good books now?" I joked lightly.

"You could say that." He laughed. "You could also say that I was seeing if we were compatible." There is no denying that I was starting to get feelings for the guy, but I was still slightly adamant to act upon them; he was a criminal and my common sense would not allow me to get near the guy. Yet, he was making it harder for me to believe that he is utterly insane. He was slowly burrowing himself even deeper in my mind, allowing me to think about him as a person and not just as eye candy. And truth be told, I was steadily starting to like it.

While I tried not to show it, I was completely focused on Frank and what he was saying, not noticing that another inmate was approaching us. He was gangly and blonde with a face that seemed to be forced into a permanent sneer. He stopped infront of us and cleared his throat. Frank's attention snapped to the man and he frowned.

"Hey, boss? We got a situation." He said, looking anywhere but at the man he was addressing. Frank groaned obstreperously and glared ferociously at him.

"Damn you Lee. Right now?" This Lee character nodded and motioned for Frank to follow him as he started walking back down the corridor. Frank sighed and gazed at me.

"Well Gerard, I guess this is goodbye for now." He bowed his head and followed Lee.

"Bye Frank." I uttered hopelessly; I had really started to enjoy the company. Frank turned around slightly and blew me a kiss, causing butterflies to flare up in my stomach and a prominent blush to streak across my cheeks.
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