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Chapter 6

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Frank likes the attention paid to him lately.

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Frank's POV

Not long since the meeting in Granger's office had passed, and I was starting to feel some of the reprecussions of things that the old fool may have set in motion. Not only have I not been in a fight in those couple of days, I seem to be recieving some special attention from a certain guard.

I may give off a slightly unintelligent vibe, but I notice things; and what I've noticed is that Officer Way is either stalking me or just plain unlucky. He always seems to be around in places and situations in which I find myself vulnerable in. After he escorted me back to my cell following the meeting, I could feel the boredom creeping in the back of my mind and I decided to make good use of my time. I waltzed over to the excercise yard and spotted a few members of my crew by the weight lifting benches. Lee stood up once he spotted me and motioned that I should join him.

"Hey man." Lee mumbled in his throaty drawl. "How you doing? Did Granger tear you down? What was the whole thing in the mess hall about? Are you okay?" He started at me with big eyes that had a thousand more questions swimming in them.

"God, what are you, my mother? Enough with the questions woman. It was just the same old crap, y'know? Just leave it." I sighed, ignoring Lee's exasparated stares and sat down on one of the benches surrounding me, picking up a thirty pound weight and began my short work-out session. Just as I was about to put the weights away and have a shower, I saw Gerard walk past the yard and stare at me. Automatically, I picked up a heavier weight and lifted it in his direction, flexing my muslces and winking at him. The guy's prominent blush could be seen even from where I was sitting, automatically making me chuckle. It truly is a hilarious sight to behold. That man is extremely pale, so even the faintest splash of red along his cheeks creates an outstanding contrast. I was still laughing my ass off when I saw him walk away rapidly with his eyes averted to the murky ground.

Within an hour, I had showered. I exited the shower with a white towel covering my family jewels and spotted Gerard walking with another guard past the shower block. He gazed inside quickly and slowed down when he noticed me. He stared for a while, obviously checking me out. Once again, I took advantage of the situation and locked eyes with the gorgeous man. After I had secured his attention, I made sure that he watched while I slowly pushed the towel from around my waist to just above my junk. I felt like an ultimate tease when the aforementioned blush made its striking way across his face again, causing him to stare back at the floor and rush off in the opposite direction.


Here I am, three days after the meeting, enjoying a plate of an undescribable substance offered to us as nourishment when I felt movement behind my back. Instantly, I whirled around on the tiny stool, thinking that one of Los Carniceros hadn't gotten my obvious message earlier and wanted an eyepatch of his very own, when I was greeted by the sight of a nervous Gerard. He was fidgeting with a pair of handcuffs and glanced up when he felt my intense stare on his face.

"The Warden ordered that you have to be taken back to your cell by six pm every day. It's uh... it's six now." He grunted up at the clock adorning the wall nearest to us.

"So it is." I regarded the man in front of me. "But, are you sure you don't wanna put those handcuffs to better use?" I winked again and was not dissapointed in seeing that faithful blush streak across his cheek. He fixed me a what I gather to be an 'evil' stare and hauled me up, cuffing me with my hands entwined and hanging down by my crotch. Making no comment on the fact that I should be cuffed with my hands behind my back, I adhered to the silence that entomed the both of us as we made our way to my cell. His heavy breathing was music to my ears; imagining it in different situations gave me a lustful urge that I, as a warm blooded male, simply could not ignore.

This has crossed my mind in previous encounters with Officer Way, and the mere thought that he could be my link to something beside this godforsaken prison made my toes curl in anticipation. I am already here with a life sentence, making a move on Gerard can not possibly have worse consequences what what my previous actions have had.

Before long, I arrived at my destination. I glanced a look at Gerard and noted the expectant look that adorned his exquisite face.

"What?" I muttered non-chalantly.

"Aren't you gonna go into your cell?" He looked up hopefully, seeming eager to be out of my presence. I can't have that, now can I?

"You know what? I wanna talk to you first. Why have you been stalking me these past few days?" I said, gazing into his emerald eyes, searching for an answer.

"Stalking? What the hell are you talking about?" He spluttered and broke our staring contest, choosing instead to scrutinize his fingernails.

"I'm not complaining dude. I totally get the fact that I'm amazingly good looking and some people just can't get enough of me, but seriously. It's bordering on the restraining order edge of the line." I grinned, awaiting his response. He furrowed his brow and kept his mouth shut. This guy needs to loosen up a bit.

With my arms restrained, I grabbed the front of his starched shirt and brought his lean lips to mine. I had no time to enjoy anything other than the feel of him on me before he broke the kiss and wrestled out of my grasp, breaking free of the chokehold.

"What the hell?" He stammered. The fury in his eyes seemed forced, almost hiding their host's true intent.

"I was just reading the signs." I winked and rushed into my cell before he could retaliate or take any action against my kiss. Sauntering over to my makeshift bed, I heard a distinct murmur coming from outside the barred door.

"What's that?" I inquired, truly intrigued in anything that man had to say.

"I said don't do it again." I giggled at his meek reasoning.

"I can't make any promises sugartits." With that, I heard Gerard sigh, with only his soft footsteps indicating that he has left me alone with my thoughts.

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