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Chapter 5

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Gerard gets assigned a special job.

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Gerard's POV

After twenty minutes of waiting patiently by the Warden's door, Frank finally exited the room and beckoned me to him. His carefree demeanure has diminished to an exhausted grimace. If the Warden can reduce Frank to this pathetic mess, I wonder what he'll do to me? All of a sudden I became nervous to enter the exqusitively furnished room and face the eventual wrath of Granger. Before this small encounter, I felt no reason to be afraid of the big man; he seemed uncharacteristically kind for a veteran Prison warden and I felt at ease in his presence. But seeing the short and unabashed man waltz into the room with his head held high and to exit in a manner that positively screamed 'Someone just ran over my dog' changed that. I was definitely scared now. Frank stood by the door and shrugged in the direction of the office, indicating that I should go in now.

I nodded sullenly and stepped past Frank and into the dreaded room. Warden Granger was sitting in his glistening leather chair with his head in his hands. I knocked softly on the door, causing him to look up and smile kindly in my direction.

"Hello Gerard. How are you finding your first day here?" To be perfectly honest, I was expecting a more to-the-point approach to the whole situation. A 'how could you let that fight break out Gerard?' would have been more welcome. I felt like I was being lured into a false sense of security. Or I could just be getting extremely paranoid and letting my nerves get the better of me.

"I guess it's been pretty good. I didn't really expect a fight to break out within the first twenty minutes though." I chuckled falsely to hopefully lighten the atmosphere. Granger sighed softly and briefly glanced towards the closed door.

"Well, to be frank, this kind of thing happens on a regular basis. This is a high security prison. It's to be expected. If you don't think you can handle it, I'd appreciate it if you hand in your resignation. I do not want you to feel uncomfortable or to jeopardize the standard set for this facility. I will completely understand if you decide you do not want to be employed here." I shook my head impulsively. Despite the earlier activities, this is one of the best jobs I ever had. I'm more than willing to try again. I mentioned this to the Warden and a warm smile graced his aged face.

"Alright then, Officer Way. I know this is your first day, but I have a small task I would like you to attempt. Would you mind keeping an eye on Iero for me? He seems to have taken a strange liking to you. Try to find out why he acts like a fucking imbecile - excuse my French - most of the time." I'm not gonna lie. That was a freaking inappropriate thing to ask me. The guy basically kicked someone's face in to 'get my attention' and now this old fool wants me to follow him around? Insane!

"Are you serious, sir? I'm pretty sure it's gonna end badly. Why do you think I would be able to do something like that?" I mumbled in an accusing manner. The man broke out in a fit of burly giggles and laughed at the seriousness of what I was trying to put across.

"Don't worry Way, if he tries anything funny he'll be transferred out of here before he can say 'apple pie'. You don't have to follow him around, just watch out for what he's doing when you do see him." He smiled kindly at me once more in a way that would make me feel bad for declining his request. I bet this is how parents feel when their kids ask for Christmas presents that cost hundreds of dollars.

I sighed deeply. "Fine. I'll do it. But if he ends up murdering me, I want my corpse wrapped in black silk and put in the same room as him for a month. Deal?" I struck my hand out and waited for the Warden to indicate that he understood the means in which I was doing this. And yes, I'm serious about the silk thing. Granger gave me a disbelieving smirk and shook my hand roughly.

"You truly are a interesting fellow, Gerard. I've been keeping you too long, get back to work." He warned falsely and indicated to the door. I nodded softly and exited the room. This place is bat-shit crazy. Frank was sitting impatiently on a chair by the door, munching on the nails of his right hand. He stood up straighter when he saw me leave the room but made no move to stand up.

"C'mon Iero. I'm taking you back to your cell." He eyed me indignantly and got to his feet slowly. We remained in silence as we walked, occasionally getting interrupted by other inmates saluting Frank. As we neared Frank's cell block, the silence between the two of us became somewhat unbearable. I think Frank felt it too as he apprehensively tugged on my sleeve, a less conspicious way of grabbing my attention than hitting someone; not that he actually had to... I was searching for him as soon as I entered the mess hall this morning. Not that I'll ever tell him. I grunted to show that I was aware of him and waited for what he was going to say.

"So Gerard, I've tried picturing you naked but it's hard to imagine. How big is you dick?" I did a double-take. That was not what I expected to come out of his seemingly haunted mouth. He smirked at my bewildered expression and winked slyly.

"How is that any of your fucking business?" I questioned.

"I intend in making it my business. It'll be my business all night long sweetheart." He giggled darkly and snuggled up into my side. If we had met under different circumstances, I would be fucking his brains out by now. Yet here I am, in prison, getting fondled by the leader of the most bloodthirsty prison gang in America. No matter how attractive he is, it doesn't really make up for his lack of morals or disgustingly brutish mannerisms. I struggled out of his grasp and stood at a safe distance, still holding on to his cuffed hands. I chose not to reply to his comment, only to walk faster; his cell was right in front of us and I wanted to reduce the time I had to spend in his company. After some complaining on Frank's part about the 'rough treatment' I put him through, we reached the cell and I pushed him inside.

"What, no goodbye kiss?" He growled in a flirtatious way through the reinforced metal bars separating us. I scoffed and walked away; head held high when inside I was battling with myself between the displeasure of having a criminal after my goods and the gratification of knowing that I'm apparently good looking enough to have caught the attention of a notorious convict who also happened to be one of the sexiest motherfuckers I have ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes on.


Since I promised my new boss that I would keep an eye on Frank, I managed to accidentaly bump into him all day. I have a strange feeling that he might've heard what we were talking about in the the Warden's office, as it can't be a conincidence that I saw him in the excercise yard half an hour after I took him to his cell, lifting weights and wiggling his eyebrows suggestively in my direction. It couldn't have been an accident to see a damp Frank with just a small white towel wrapped around his man parts when I was walking past the shower block with Officer Maneto an hour after the weight lifting incident.

Although, that last one ended up with a slight problem in my nether regions as I washed myself in the scalding shower in the bathroom attached to my bedroom after my shift was over. I promised myself that I wouldn't think about Frank in any other way than the criminal he is, but seeing those damn abs under the fascinating tattoos and water droplets made me battle controlling voices inside my head for the second time that day.
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