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Chapter 6

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Rose Marion Tyler's room on the TARDIS.

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One day, while the Doctor was taking one of his less-then-frequent naps in his room, Alba was bored. She walked around a bit and looked at the books in the TARDIS library but, still, she was not as impressed as she had been the year before when she had arrived. Then, something caught her eye. It was a door, well, it was not exactly the door as much as what was on the door that made her stop. There was a sign, a sign that Alba could never pass up. It was a sign that said the most dangerous words in any language invented throughout the universes, except for the one where everyone does exactly what signs tell them to do. Those words were: "DO NOT OPEN", and suddenly, Alba was no longer bored.

Alba quietly opened the door and peaked inside. In one corner there was something like a painting or a picture or something with a tarp over it. on the other side of the room there was a four polster king sized bed with suits and female clothing strewned over it and left as if the person had vanished in the middle of folding them. Alba walked towards the bed shaking nervosly and gasped as she saw a thick layer of dust covering the clothing. In fact, as she saw when she looked around, nothing looked as if it had been changed in years. Alba looked back down at the bed but stopped as her eyes passed over the bedside table. On top of it was a pile of small, mostly leather-bound books lying there gathering dust. Alba picked up the top one and blew the dust off of it but then dropping it as she gasped at what the cover said. Alba quickly picked up each book and brushed off the dust to read the same thing written on their covers as well: "PROPERTY OF ROSE MARION TYLER".
"ehem." The Doctor cleared his throat from the doorway and Alba spun around to face him,"It seems to be that you have found the Doctor's Secret Room, well done Alba." His face was solemn, angry, and filled with disappointment and betrayal, It was the rage of the Time Lord.
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