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Chapter 7

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Rose Tyler still haunts the Doctor's Dreams

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"Your mother still haunts my dreams Alba Smith..." the furious Time Lord said calmly.
"I'm sorry sir." Alba said fearfully
The Doctor looked down at the girl's flushed cheaks but, this is not a girl. No, this is a mutation, made out of the thing that Rose was left to protect. No, he needed to show her what he could do to her if she got onto his bad side. Smiling at her, the Doctor pulled the tarp off of the painting or whatever it was covering from its place.
Alba was surprised to see a mirror. Only a mirror, not anything special or important or worthy of any respect. It was only a mirror.
"Ha!" the Doctor laughed at Alba and whispered to her to look closer at her reflection, and then she saw her.
The girl was young with bouncing dirty-not-quit-blond curls and was hold to the string of a red balloon. The girl looked blank faced at the Doctor but, when she saw Alba she screamed.
"Oh no! Doctor, you musn't do this to another soul! I am nothing now but a reflection of nothing! I cannot eat, I cannot sleep, I cannot smell, I cannot even cry or the glass will fog up! Let me out Doctor!" She banged on the glass so hard it should have cracked,"I want my mother, and father, and brother! Doctor, please!"
"Maybe someday, Lucy." The Doctor said and with that covered the mirror again with the tarp and Lucy's screams were once again silenced. The Doctor looked down at the now tear-stained face of Alba Skuld Smith and his heart began to break at the site of a child's tears. He crouched on the ground and asked her a question,"Alba, do you want to hear more about Rose Tyler, Defender of the Earth?"
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