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Chapter 8

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This is Rose Tyler Defender of the Earth

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"How did you meet her?" Alba asked sipping at her cup of tea. "She worked as a shopgirl," The Doctor chuckled,"That's all she was, a shopgirl, but oh she was so much more! She was brilliant, she was going to change the world." "Where did she work?" "Henrik's Department Store, it was a shop in London, on Regent Street." "I know what it is! I'm not an idiot!" "I never said you were." "All right, go on." "Well, I saved her from these living plastic monsters in her work's basement called the Autons, nasty pieces of work they are, right before the whole shop exploded." Alba was listening intently to the Doctor's wild tale of a plastic arm, blue eyed men looking through cat doors, and a "real nutjob" called Clive Finch. "What about her first trip?" "We saw dinosaurs!" "Really?" "Yes, but we were then brutally attacked by a Terradactile and so I took Rose to the future instead, the end of the world to be exact, not much of an improvement I'd say." "When did you fall in love with her?" Alba asked the Doctor timidly. "When I saw the way she was able to give even a Dalek the compassion held inside her heart. That was when I fell in true love with her, Alba, it was that exact moment that I relised it, even though I had already loved her ever since I laid eyes on her gorgeous face." "What was the coolest thing my mom ever did?" "Um, well, first: she agreed to travel with me. Second: she survived being locked away all by herself with a Dalek. Third: She absorbed the Bad Wolf entity. Four: basically, everything she ever did..." "this is getting icky now," Alba replied,"I'm gonna go to my room and go to bed." "You go do that, Alba," said the now tinkering Doctor to the yawning girl.
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