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Chapter 9

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Fashion Magazines and Collages!

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While in London, Alba got herself about fifteen different fashion magazines and was carefully cutting out pictures and gluing them into a collage by the time the Doctor entered the TARDIS later that same evening.
"I didn't know you were so into fashion." the Doctor looked down at her, amused.
"I'm not," Alba replied simply, "Dad was."
"Oh," the Doctor did not have anything else to say in response to this new revelation about his half human counterpart, "what are you doing down on the ground cutting them all up?"
"I'm making a collage." she said
"Oh, why are you doing that?" The Doctor asked her.
"Dad used to." she mumbled back to him.
"Oh, well, why did he do that?" The Doctor wondered aloud.
"Mom showed him how to make use out of his old fashion magazines by cutting them up and turning them into art," Alba looked straight at the Doctor, "She must have been very smart."
"Oh, Alba, she was more than clever," the Doctor enthused, "she was brilliant!"
"Just like silly?" she put down her scissors and magazine.
"Just like silly!" the Doctor affirmed.
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