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Chapter 10

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Dinosaurs meet the Doctor and Alba.

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Chapter Text

"Alba!" the Doctor cried into the TARDIS, "Come on out, we're going on an adventure!"
"Where are we Doctor?" the partially human girl asked the zany Time Lord.
"We are in the middle ages, don't worry, your Gallifreyan DNA will keep you safe from disease. Now let's get going! Geronimo!" and with that the Doctor pulled Alba out the door of the TARDIS and into a rainforest. The Doctor smiled at Alba apologetically as a pterodactyl flew above their heads.
But Alba simply grinned back at him, "Oh man, this is just plain awesome!"
The Doctor looked at Alba in disbelief, "You're happy?"
"Why wouldn't I be? I love dinosaurs and pre-history! I'm that girl who still had dinosaur wallpaper in her room when she was fifteen, because she liked having it! Heck, I wish I could still have dinosaur wallpaper on the walls of my room in the TARDIS!"
"You could have asked," the Doctor proclaimed, "I will have it changed in just a second!"
The Doctor began to head back into the TARDIS but was stopped by Alba who was still excited to see the land she had only ever experienced before in books and pictures, "No!" She called to him, "I want to have an adventure! Come on Doctor, Alonse!"

She dragged the poor Time Lord behind her as she spoke nonstop about dinosaurs and prehistoric plants and 'Oooh you are such an adorable early mammal!' as they experienced the brave old world.

"The reason I have always loved researching the pre-human times is the fact that the Earth still has this aura of untouched innocence surrounding it." Alba said as they looked down into a valley of the Cretaceous Period, "I mean, there are no strip malls, no gas guzzling vehicles, no government, and, most of all, no wars!" Alba smiled smugly as she watched the dinosaurs below.
The Doctor cocked his head to look at the girl with his eyebrows raised, "You don't call that," he gestured at the scene unfolding below the two time travellers, "war?"
"No," Alba shook her head as she watched a Tyrannosaurus Rex bite the head off of another giant reptile, "I call it nature."
"Well, look out," the Doctor replied gravely motioning behind them, "your natures about to get pretty messy"
Alba turned to find herself looking straight at a strange mammal with deep brown eyes.
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