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“It isn`t just an old piece of paper.”

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“Open up!” The rough, cold voice shouts again, followed by the unmistakable sound of more gunfire and loudly yelled curse words and more insistent banging on the door, which grumbled and groaned in protest as it was being slowly forced open.
“Either open the damned door you little fuckers of we`ll fucking force it open and shoot you!” the man on the other side of the door warns in a cold, calculating voice that sent icy shivers all the way down my spine.
“We have to ge tout of here.” the short chestnut haired woman whispers alarmed and pushes her only son and female lodger in the direction of the kitchen, where there was a door leading to the bins in the garden and their safety. A loud crash, followed by a triumphant cheer indicates that the violent, terrifying intruders had finally broken down the front door and gotten inside.
The two terrified youngsters follow her quickly, fearing for their short lives, their bodies shaking madly as Linda Iero finally manages to unlock the door with a trembling, pale hand.
Frank, who was clutching the worn scrap of stained parchment that the blonde haired man had been so desperately trying to protect, glances back over his shoulder as he quietly shuts and bolts the old fashioned, weak door behind the three of them, feeling guilty as he thinks of the poor, dead previous owner of the paper in question.
“Quick!” His mother screams as the old Bed and Breakfast, which had been in the Iero family for five generations suddenly catches fire and is engulfed by orange and bright yellow burning hot flames.
A single, salty tear slips down her oddly youthful face as she, Emily and Frank race out of the garden and down the street as fast as they could, thankfully without being spotted or followed.

“The police have just left, Linda.” The brown and blue haired girl re enters the cramped and badly cluttered living room. The elder woman smiles sadly and thanks her, taking a sip of lukewarm tea from a chipped china mug. Frank says nothing to acknowledge that the silvery blue eyes girl had even spoken. The troublesome boy with the carefully styled hair didn`t even do so much as glance up, instead he kept glaring bitterly down at the ancient worn, mud brown carpet.
Emily say nothing and sits down next to Linda, once again telling the kind mother how greatly sorry she was.
“Five generations my family have owned that B and B,” she sniffs, “Five generations and now…it`s gone.”
Since escaping a few hours ago from an almost certain death at the hands of a small, violent group of masked strangers, the three had fled to safety at Emily`s cousin’s house. The police had been informed of the attack and had since reported that the building that Miss. Iero had treasured and worked hard to upkeep for her whole working life had been completely destroyed. There had been no sign of the gang. They had simply vanished without a trace.
“What an awful lot of trouble, don`t you think?” Emily begins, breaking the terrible silence that hung over the room. “Just for an old piece of paper.”
Linda says nothing but it is clear on her face that she agrees, but doesn`t wish to speak of it anymore tonight. Or ever.
Frank who had been ignoring the two women since they had arrived finally looked up. “It isn`t just an old piece of paper.” He tells them, unfurling the incredibly fragile, centuries old parchment with the badly faded blood red writing.
“The dead guy said it was a map.”
His mother shakes her head in disbelief. “It is nothing more than a piece of ruined old paper Frank. I demand that you burn it at once, before the bloody thing gets us in anymore trouble!”
The rebellious teen gets to his feet. “Oh yeah?” He cocks one dark, carefully shaped eyebrow. “Well if this is just an old bit of paper and not a map, then what is directions and shit doing on it?”
“I-I don`t believe it.” His mother gasps, clutching gat her pale throat.
Frank grins, his boyish nature taking over. “This is it Ma,” He begins excitedly, “This is the good break we`ve been waiting for. This map will lead us to treasured and not just any old treasure, to The Treasure.” He pauses for a dramatic effect, greatly pissing of his friend and mother. “To M. Shadows` treasure. “
Emily squeals and rushes over to hug the short younger boy, making his cheeks redden a little. “We`ll be rich!” She gushes happily, “And famous!”
Frank giggles and hugs her back, waving the worn map around wildly.
“My cousin knows a guy who owns a boat, maybe he can let us loan it out or something. And-and we can all put some money together and hire a crew an-“
Frank cuts the excited brown and blue haired girl off. “And then we set sail for Treasure Island.”
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