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Oceans Relax Me

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Bit of a relaxing chapter :), Im sorry for the shortness again -.-, you guys probably think its an alright length, but to me compared to the first chapters extremly short -.-


MC :

"Everything prepared?" I asked
"Yes, the killjoys from zone 3, 9 and 4 will meet us at BLI in half hour" Dr. Death Defying informed.
"Great" I smiled.
"What's happening to Jenny?" Showpony asked
"She's coming with us" Dr. Death Defying said
"Do you think that's a wise idea?" I asked concerned for Jenny
"She's not going to learn if she does not see what she is up against" Dr. Death Defying said. Without questioning i nodded my head and walked out of the room.
"MC!" Jenny ran up to me
"Yeah squirt" I smiled lowering down to her level.
"Dr. Death Defying is allowing me to help you guys blow up BLI" She said excited.
"That was creepy because it rhymed" I said
"Hee hee" She smiled
"Now get in the car we are about to head out soon" I smiled
"Awesome!" She then got into the killjoy car waiting for us.
"Looks like someone is roaring to go" Showpony skated over to me
"Yeah" I smiled
"She's a good kid" He smiled and skated over to the car getting in.
"Ready?" Dr. Death Defying said
"Sure am" I said. We both walked over to the car and got in. Grace was sent to live in zone 8 with Karth and Leo my 2 cousins. She said she wasn't happy in zone 6 so i got in contact with them and they gladly accepted to take care of her.
"Lets go!" Jenny said excited and rubbing her hands together evilly.
"I have never seen an excited 12 year old girl like her in my life" I laughed.
"Well thats what i get for being Frank iero's sister" She smiled
"But your proud to be his sister" I said
"Defintly" She smiled.
"Good!" Showpony said.
"DRIVE! sooner we are there, the sooner we can blow things up!" Jednny said with anticipation, excitement and fangirling as if she just met Christofer Drew.
"Alright, relax yourself there!" Dr. Death Defying laughed.
"I promise i will try" Jenny sat down properly in her seat and then tried to calm.
"Think of oceans!" I said
"Good idea!" She smiled and began to do some ocean sounds.
"The ocean sounds are even calming me a little" Showpony said
"I love the ocean" I smiled.
"The waves" Showpony smiled
"The waves when you dip your feet in the water just gently washing all around them, thats defintly my favourite way to relax" I said imagining the water along my feet.
"Definetly" Showpony said. I looked over at Jenny and she had manged to put herself to sleep.
"Guys" I said. Showpony turned around
"Aw, she's asleep" He smiled
"Thank heavens, a little peace and quiet for a while" Dr. Death Defying said, not taking his eyes of the road.
"Yep" I said leaning back and plugging in my headphones, tuning out the world.
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