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Let This World Explode

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This is longer!!! :DDDD Proud of this chapter got alot packed into it :3

Someone is going to come to life xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

heh heh heh


MC :

Arriving at BLI, Jenny's face lit up.
"FINALLY!" She shouted.
"Relax there!" Showpony said seriously.
"Leave the kid alone, she's excited" Dr. Death Defying nudged Showpony's arm. When it came to kid's Dr. Death Defying would always back them up when they needed it. Like me for example. Everyone at zone 6 (including Showpony) would tease me for the amount of freckles on my face. I would get constantly teased even by Ryden. Ryden was one of the killjoys that lived in zone 6, he was kidnapped by Korse. We never heard any more from him. I was only 7 at the time, im 16 now so it has been near enough 10 years. I remember Gerard well Party Poison or whatever you prefer, me personally i prefer just calling him Gerard, more simpler but the killjoy names were there for a reason, to protect our identity from the still growing not fully destroyed, amybe still powerful due to the amount of fucking draculoids that could be our family members BLI. Anyway i remember when Gerard was first brought to zone 6. I became a killjoy with him. We did our training together but he would get more training because he was more professional hence the name 'Fabulous Killjoy'. He was there when Ryden called me 'Ginger Descendent', You really don't want to know where that name came from. Gerard walked up to him and actually told him that he was a lowlife bastard. Remember the fact that Gerard was only like 7 at the time. Everyone was shocked and i never got insulted again aftwer that so that's what i thank him for. I hoenstly did have a childhood crush it was Gerard. He was my absolute best friend no matter what. For the whole time he was there we would be unseperable. In summer he would stay for the entire month of July. It was incredible. I would stay the last two weeks of July and the first two weeks of August. So we would still have some time together. We told eachother everything and done everything together. When we were 9 we made a scrapbook with everything we had done over the last 2 years in it. But then we lost it and we don't know what happened to it. Gerard drew all the pictures because i was honestly shit at art, i still am. Gerard had a talent for art that i really envied.
"I know she is but she has not shutup about it since we fucking left" Showpony defended himself. Me and Dr. Death Defying busted out laughing.
"HURRY UP!" Jenny shouted.
"Alright calm down!" Showpony said you could tell he was pissed off.
"Lets go, im starting to get a little excited" I laughed.
"When are you never excited MC?" Showpony said.
"Im an exciteable person!" I said
"I took that the wrong way" Showpony laughed
"You dirtyminded skank" I playfully slapped his shoulder. Dr. Death Defying parked the car and we all got out.
"LETS BLOW IT TO SMITHERINES!!" Jenny evilly rubbed her hands together and her eyes were gleaming with destruction.
"YES WE WILL!" I said
"DONT ENCOURAGE HER!" Shwopony said. Showpony always believed that the killjoys have to be disciplined and behave like proper professionals. But Dr. Death Defying let us get away with too much as children.
"She is a 12 year old girl im allowed to!" I said skipping away.
"Hey Music Catastrophe!" Angelic Creativity smiled at me. She lived in zone 4 with Agent Graffiti and others. Dr. Death Defying said that they were the only ones that could make it from zone4 but Grace was going to be here with my two cousins hopefully.
"Hi AC" I smiled embracing her.
"Who is this" She motioned to Jenny
"Cold Imagination" Jenny smiled.
"Nice to meet you" Angelic Creativity had bright green eyes and a honey oak colour to her hair.
"MC!" Agent Graffiti attacked me, pushing me to the ground
"AG!" I smiled
"I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" She said her purple hair framing her face and her blue eyes filled with life.
"Aw, i feel loved now lemme up" I said
"Alright" She helped me up.
"Thanks" I said
"Now who is this little cutie" Agent Graffiti motioned to Jenny
"Cold Imagination" She said
"Nice to meet you, im Agent Graffiti" Agent Graffiti hugged Jenny.
"Girls come on and MC your cousins are here" Showpony said
"WHERE" I smiled turning around.
"MC!" Karth hugged me
"Hey!" I said. Leo hugged me from behind. Leo was a mute. He didn't speak. He hasn't spoken since he became a killjoy. Everyone call's him the 'Silent Killjoy'.
"How are you?" Karth smiled. Karth and me looked similar more brother and sister than cousins.
"Im doing great, hey Leo" I hugged Leo properly. he smiled at me wider.
"So good seeing you again" Karth smiled
"I know it has been ages! Where is Grace?" I asked
"She wanted to stay home so we let her" Karth explained
"Who is this?" Agent Graffiti asked
"Karth, this is Agent Graffiti, Angelic Creativity and Cold Imagination" I said pointing to each girl.
"Nice to meet you" He said hugging them
"Is Karth your killjoy name?" Angelic Creativity asked
"Long story" Karth said.
"Alright" Angelic Creativity smiled.
"Guys come on" Showpony smied but whispered. We all nodded
"And keep quiet" He said. We slowly made our way over to a wall where Dr. Death Defying was and we all sat down ready to blow the place up.
"Pull the pin, let the world explode" Karth smiled.
"Yes we are" Dr. Death Defying. Without another word BLI exploded.
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