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Rubble & Dust

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49, New Update !!!

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Sorry for leaving you guys >.< BAD AUTHOR and on top of that THIS CHAPTER I THINK WILL BE FUCKING SHORT GAH!

I couldn't decide who to be alive >.< thats what took me so long.


Although i may make something else happen too :P

Gerard :

I had just awoken when the celing fell onto me. I'm amazed im still alive. But i'm coughing really hard. It's actually hard to breathe. I coughed again and pushed a piece of the ceiling off my back. There was a shooting pain all over my body. I coughed again and stood up. It was white and dust was everywhere. Window's were smashed and the ceiling was over bodies. Who did the bodies belong to? I asked myself. With curiousity i managed to get my feet to walk over towards one of them, i pushed away the ceiling screaming out in pain and it was Hozzie's. I heard more coughing and Jasmine had found her feet she was standing up looking over at me. Unperfect Disguise was still lying there, Hozzie was not moving. I stood away from the young girls body and found the exit. Jasmine was follwoing behind, her face white and she was covered in dust. i probably am aswell. We made it outside and i gasped for the freh air. My arm was burning with pain as was my leg.
"FUCK!" I shouted out falling to the ground.
"Gerard!" Jasmine cried. She was snapped out of the trance that Korse had put her in.
"Jasmine" I whispered. She crawled over to me and sat down beside me. She looked deep into my eyes. I was just thnakful that she was alive.
"What happened" Jasmine asked confused, tears were running out of her eyes and she had a deathgrip on her leg.
"I dont know" I said honestly.
"I'm sorry" She said
"For what?" I asked
"Everything, that i have put you through" She said
"Don't, you have not put me through anything" I said
"We rushed into a relationship, that's what i'm honestly sorry for" She said
"I know" I said
"why do you not hate me then?" She was confused.
"I don't hate you, but i wont rush into another relationship if you don't want to be in one" I said
"Thanks" She smiled halfly. I pulled her into a hug which she gladly returned.

MC :

"BURN MOTHERFUCKER!" I screamed at the collapsed remains of BLI.
"YEAH!" Jenny joined in.
"Well that's that sorted!" Angelic Creativity smiled
"Woop woop!" Agent Graffiti laughed.
"Now that that is over with let's go back" Dr. Death Defying smiled. We all said goodbye and got into our seperate cars and drove home.
"THAT. WAS. AMAZING" Jenny said bouncing up and down on her seat.
"I know" I smiled and hi fived her.
"Now i dont think we have to burn down anything else" Dr. Death Defying said.
"If we see any draculoids we can just set them on fire" Showpony laughed
"Carry a flamethrower at all times" I laughed.

Hozzie :

My body was weak. Dust everywhere. How am i alive? I have no idea. I struggled and crawled out of the collapsed building. Screaming in agony. My leg was broken.
"HELP!" I cried. I got no reply. Just the wind whistling in the tree's.
"Hozzie?" I heard a feint voice. I could not reconize it.
"PLEASE" I shouted agin. The tears were trudging out of my eyes. I seen a figure of a girl appear far away from where i was lying. She bent over a little and then ran towards me. Another figure appeared behind her.
"HOZZIE!" I reconized her. It was Jasmine. She cupped my face in her hands. Breathing in and out deeply.
"Jasmine" I said
"GERARD!" Jasmine called. I then seen Gerard's black hair and hazel eyes looking down at me and Jasmine.
"What happened?" Gerard said also bending down.
"I think i broke my leg" i screamed in pain.
"Oh, keep calm, Struggling and screaming is going to mak the pain worse" Jasmine said tucking my hair behind my ears.
"It's so painful" I cried.
"Gerard lift her" Jasmine said. She stood out of the way and Gerard's arms wrapped around my body. I wrapped my arms around Gerard's neck and he picked me up.
"Are you okay?" Gerard asked me. I nodded my head.
"Lets get her back to the zones" Jasmine said. I don't knwo what happened after that because darkness engulfed me as my eyes slowly closed but i quickly glanced over Gerard's shoulder and BLI was a pile of rubble and dust
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