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Leave It All Behind

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Im so so so so SO SORRY!

I have been so busy >.<

I will try and update more regulary again :P

Hope this chapter will make up for it :)


Jasmine :

We had been walking all night. My legs sore, my mind dazed, Hozzie asleep in Gerard;s arms. The sand emerging into your face. We had been caught in a sand storm. Gerard took hold of my hand and clung Hozzie closer.
"Fuck its strong" I said pulling my black scarf up over my mouth
"I know but we are almost there, i can see the hut" Gerard said a little highpitched with excitement.
"Thank god!" I said.
"Come on" We began to walk faster as the sand storm got a little worse.
"I cant believe we are still alive after all the stuff we have been through" I shouted
"I know same. Is Hozzie still hanging in?" Gerard asked. I walked to the other side of Gerard and her chest was moving up and down.
"Yeah she's going to make it" I smiled under my scarf. Approaching the door we looked at eachother smiling then i opened the door.
"WHO THE FUCK IS THERE?" I reconized MC's voice. She jumped out with her sunglasses on and her purple scarf with white stars around it over her nose so noone could reconzie her.
"Come back and this is our welcome" Gerard said removing the scarf. MC stood still. Threw off her sunglasses, dropped her gun and slowly moved her scarf away from her nose and mouth. Shocked and tears rolled down her cheeks. Slowly she fell to thr ground. She looked upa t us, her eyes bloodshot and her hands cupping over her mouth.
"Your alive" She whispered.
"Yeah" I smiled and Gerard set down Hozzie who had just woke up. MC cried even more and Dr. Death Defying stepped out.
"Thank god you made it" He smiled and hugged both me and Gerard.
"I thought you were dead" MC said between sobs vefore squishing Gerard into a hug and then pulling me into it.
"So did we" Me and Gerard said together.
"Im so glad your alive" MC smiled
"Hozzie" Jenny froze walking into the room and dropped her glass of Fanta Orange.
"Jenny" Hozzie smiled
"YOUR ALIVE?" Jenny then ran to her best friend knocking her onto a sofa in a giant hug.
"YEAH!" Hozzie laughed
"THANK FUCK" Jenny said
"LANGUAGE" Gerard and Dr. Death Defying told her off making me and MC laugh.
"Whats with all the- OH MY YOUR ALIVE?" Showpony said arriving into the room.
"YEAH" I smiled he also pulled me into a hug.
"Gerard" Jenny approached him, he turned his attention to her
"Yeah?" He smiled
"Where's Frank?" She asked, her voice hopefull and her eyes innocent.
"Frank is well" He scratched the back of his neck and pointed up.
"Oh" Jenny said lowering her head and sniffing. She was lightly crying. Gerard automatically pulled her into a hug.
"Its okay, you still have me, Gerard, MC, Hozzie, Dr. Death Defying, Mikey, Ray and dont forget about Bob and Electrica" I smiled.
"And Bria" She added.
"BRIAS ALIVE?" I shouted.
"Yeah, her, Mikey, Ray and Electrica went back home" Jenny said
"Thank heavens she is okay" Gerard said hugging me again.
"WE have to get back to Jersey" I said cupping my mouth.
"I wanna go" I heard MC mutter
"Then come" I said. She looked up
"What?" She said
"Korse is dead, BLI is destroyed, you can live properly with us" I smiled. I seen Gerard smiling aswell.
"No buts" I smiled. She pulled me into a hug and then turned hopefully towards Dr. Death Defying
"Go on" He said rolling his eyes and smiling. She ran over to him and pulled him into a hug before running off to pack her things.
"Can i go home?" Jenny asked
"You have to stay" Gerard said his voice sad.
"What about me?" Hozzie asked
"Your a Dark Angel and you have Bria and im sure your parents are wondering where the heck you have scampered off too, so your going to have to come with me, Gerard and MC" I smiled
"Have you gusy worked out MC's real name yet?" Dr. Death Defying laughed.
"Not a clue" I said
"Alright im ready!" MC smiled pulling a purple tigeer printed suitcase behind her
"You pack fast" Gerard said
"I'm aware" She smiled
"If you want to come with us, you have to tell us your real name" i smiled excitedly about to find out the hidden name that belonged to MC.
"NO!" She protested
"Alright you cna stay here" Gerard said.
"Your going to have to leave the name Music Catastrophe behind until your obviously wnated back here" Dr. Death Defying said
"Fine, my real name is Chelsea Crosero" Chelsea said.
"AWESOME" I smiled
"Now MC- sorry Chelsea" Gerard laughed. "Lets leave for Jersey" He smiled
"Dont return home, surprise them tomorrow at school" I said
"How do we get Chelsea into the school?" Gerard questioned
"I have that sorted" Showpony said closing his mobile
"Great" I said clapping my ahnds together
"Now lets leave" Chelsea smiled.
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