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Long Time, No See

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Bria :

Monday = School = Movement = Effort. But today i didn't mind. I had gotten to know Rachel a little better and she had refused to tell me the full story. Bitterness was still between her and Mikey whatever the fuck had happened. But i do know that it involves both Mikey and Gerard because that's all i got out of her. I had pretended to her that i was satisfyed just knowing that information. Right now im leaving my house while munching on an apple heading to school while listening to Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit.
"Bria!" Mikey called. I turned around and he ran upto me.
"Morning" I smiled giving him a quick hug.
"So how has your morning been so far?" He asked taking a drink of his to-go coffee.
"It's been quite normal, what about yourself?" I asked
"Alright, still different without Gerard" He said lowering his head.
"How'd your parents take it?" I asked. Mikey didn't really like to talk about what went on in his family life. Whenever he wanted to talk about it, he would only discuss it with no one other than Gerard.
"Um" I could sense he was uncomfterble
"You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to, i won't force you to tell me, your family life is actually none of my business, just forget i even asked" I said taking pressure off his shoulders.
"No it's not that, i just don't know how to put there reaction into words" He said scratching the back of his neck.
"Oh, was it that bad" I said
"My mum broke down and my dad just walked out of the room" He said his voice remaining low.
"Oh" I said
"Yeah, but anyway life still goes on and Gerard will still be in us due to the memories that we have" Mikey then gave a small smile. But below that smile lay sadness, hurt and i desperatly hope nothing even worse that could lead to something bad. We walked to school talking occasionaly but not discussing anything in particular.
"Hey" Ray smiled walking over to us with Rachel walking beside him.
"Morning" I smiled hugging Ray and Rachel.
"Do anything productive this fine morning?" Rachel laughed
"Nope, yourself?" I laughed
"Same" She said.
"What about you Ray?" I asked lokking up at Ray. he was looking into the distance. Me, Rachel and Mikey turned around to see what he was looking at.... oh my god.
"GERARD, JASMINE??" Me, Ray and Mikey shouted. I dropped all my books and my bag and ran over to them enloping Jasmine into a hug.
"BRIA YOUR ALIVE" Jasmine was crying.
"OH MY GOD, THANK FUCK YOUR OKAY" I said. She hugged me tighter and we both fell to the floor in tears. Not sad tears. Happy tears.
"Gerard" Mikey said hugging Gerard.
"Mikey" He said
"Your okay" Mikey had one of the biggest smiles on his face. Me and Jasmine stood up and hugged one more time before Me, Gerard, Jasmine, Mikey and Ray had a group hug.
"Loved much?" I reconized MC's voice.
"What are you doing here?" I said hugging her.
"She goes here now" Jasmine said
"What?" I smiled
"Yeah Dr. Death Defyign said it was okay for me to live life now that Korse is dead and BLI is destroyed" MC explained.
"That's great MC" I smiled
"My name is Chelsea!" She said. I smiled again. Once everything had settled Rachel came over to the group.
"Look who it is" Rachel's sarcastic voice came alive.
"Long time" Gerard said blankly.
"It has been" She said
"So you decided to fuck off here then?" Gerard said.
"This isn't going to end well" Mikey mutterd to me. Jasmine was confused and Chelsea was lost.
"Huh, i had no choice, you destroyed my fucking life in Miami, do you know how it feels, i have been living with the guilt of me doin g that to you" Rachel shouted. Tears were forming in her eyes btu she didn't dare let them be frwee because you could tell that she knew it would make her seem weak. If she started crying, im not sure she would be able to control herself.
"It was a mistake" Gerard muttered
"Oh now it's a mistake. You don't have a clue what me and Bert went through seeing you treat us like shit" She said strongly. If i knew the backstory i would probably understand the situation a bit better.
"I thought when i got back things would be okay" Jasmine muttered to me.
"I thought today was going to go smoothly, i hate bad mondays" I said
"Everyone does" Chelsea said getting involved in the conversation. I have never seen her this quiet. We all looked at Gerard waiting for his reply. He was staring deeply into Rachel's eyes. He could sense that all the emotion that must have happened back in Miami was all coming back.
"When you left, do you know how much that hurt" He said taking a step closer.
"You didn't even care about me" She said
"I did" He took another step.
"Dont make me laugh" She laughed sarcastically.
"I loved you, i made a mistake, i went with the wrong crowd" He said. With each of those statements he took another step. They were inches apart.
"If you had 'loved' me as much as you think you do you wouldn't have" Rachel said.
"I didn't know what the future held" He said
"But you could have made proper decisions" Rachel said
"Everyone makes mistakes" Gerard said not breaking eye contact. Me, Chelsea, Mikey, Ray and Jasmine were staring harshly trying to work this whole thing out.
"Now you have to live with the regrets" Rachel said speaking directly into his face now.
"I only live with one regret" Gerard spoke
"Which is?" Rachel said suspiciously.
"Letting you go" Gerard said. Then suddently he closed the gap between them and kissed her lips.
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