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This is not a long chapter unfortunatly -.- so this is what i came up with i spent a while debating Rachel's reactions and came up with a good one :) So R and R if you still read this.

Mikey :

"Jasmine!" I heard Bria call after her. Her response she just ran away. Being honest i was speechless, shcoked he even did that. After what he put Rachel through. Chelsea stood there lost and confused so was Ray. I was just incredibly speechless. When they broke apart Rachel looked at him, tears were streaming out of her eyes.
"Why did you just do that" She whispered, her voice shaky.
"I told you, i only have one regret which was letting you leave, i don't want to lose you again" Gerard said. Rachel looked down and rubbed her eyes and swallowed the lump in her throat.
"Gerard" Rahcel said
"Yes?" Gerard said, his eyes full of hope. Rachel's eyes scanned Gerard's face. It was blank but filled with love and emotion.
"I don't want to get hurt again" Rachel said running off leaving the scent of her perfume behind her. Gerard just stood there.
"I'm going to check on Jasmine" Bria said to me before running off.
"Wow" Ray said.
"I don't regret a thing" Gerard said taking out a cigarette and inhaling the fumes that was slwoly killing him. Me, Ray or Chelsea didn't speak of what had happened we just stared in amazement.

Jasmine :

Fuck my life. So he basically used me. He enver did love me, he was probably scared of dying alone or used me to try and get over Rachel. To be honest what ever happened betweent he two of them, she deserves the shit she went through even though i don't knwo the story but i could imagine it being some how depressing, firstly starting off with a cute couple madly in love then a strom brewing over and just breaking them apart. The tears were streaming out of my eyes. Why? For what reason? I was the one who broke off with Gerard because i felt pressured into the relationship. I ran into the bathroom luckily noone in it. I looked at myself in the mirror, black lines shadowed over my face from my eyeliner running. Crying even harder i slid down the wall and pulled my knees up to my chest and folded my arms around them and lowered my head crying. Why was i acting like this? Why so sudden? Was it the fact that Gerard loves someone else? Even though we broke up like 2 maybe 3 weeks ago? I don't know.
"Jasmine?" I heard Bria's soft calming voice echo through the empty bathroom. She walked in and seen me lying here. Weak.
"What" I said my voice bumpy and unsteady.
"You okay?" She sta down beside me and pulled me into a hug.
"What has came over me Bria? Im so confused" I said
"Everybody has their confusing times, dont worry about it everything will be okay" She said and i knew that maybe she was right. Maybe i am just over reacting.
"I hope your right" I said
"Why did you run off?" Bria said, she was speaking in a voice a mother would use when trying to calm a young child down which was helping me calm, no screaming just soft voices.
"Shock i guess, this officially means that Gerard basically used me" I said coughing
"Don't think that, your bright and loving, your cheerful and sweet" Bria said. A small smile played on my lips.
"Not to Gerard" I said, soon the smile was lost.
"Oh now" Bria said
"You know its the truth, you heard the words he spoke, he said to her i regret letting you go, i didn't hear him say that to me, obviously he never loved me, im surprised i even went with him, i was so blind sided" I said
"Now calm down" Bria said. My tears streamed harder. We didn't speak any more words. Even when the bell rang we sat and i eventually calmed down. Then soon enough i came to the conclusion that

I was in complete and utter love with Gerard Way.

I was the one that let him go.

Before my feelings could sit.

After i let him go i realized i was in complete love with the guy.
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