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Well this story just got more awkward thanks to this little chapter xD

But whats a story without awkwardness eh?


Chelsea :

"So this is what high school is like" I smiled at Ray. This morning was interesting, a bit of drama and Gerard being the complete i-dont-think-before-i-act guy he noramlly is.
"For us not really, i have no idea what the fuck happened this morning but Jasmine was a little upset" Ray said
"I think she would be, the way Gerard worded the sentances he said to Rachel made it seem as if he was basically using her" I said. I did feel sorry for Jasmine.
"Yeah, well it's lunch and hopefully the little storm cloud has sort of settled" Ray laughed
"We can only hope" I laughed playfully punching Ray's arm. We walked into the canteen and no one else of the group had arrived yet so me and Ray took our seats in the canteen waiting patiently when mikey popped up.
"I hope the awkwardness does not set in" Mikey said taking a seat opposite Ray.
"That pretty much already has" I said
"Yipee" Mikey said sarcastically.
"There's Rachel" Ray said looking over at Rachel. Due to Rachel's facial expression i think she was debating wheather or not to sit with us. I then moved my hand ina come over here fashion. Which she gladly obeyed and sat beside me.
"Hey" She smiled
"Hi" Ray said
"Rachel?" I said
"Yup, you are?" She smiled
"Chelsea" I smiled pulling her into a hug.
"Where is the others?" Rachel asked folding her arms and leaning on the table.
"Not a clue, but they should be here soon" Mikey said. Bitterness also lay between the two, Mikey was making that far to obvious.
"Speaking of being here soon" Ray said as Bria approached the table sitting at one end.
"How's Jasmine?" I asked her.
"She's alright, a little worried about coming in here, but she is generally okay" Bria smiled.
"Why would she be worried about coming in here?" Rachel asked, not knowing that Jasmine had been dating Gerard but broke up.
"Long story" Bria said opening her lunchbox and beginning to eat.
"Grawr" Jasmine said pulling up a chair.
"Hey" Ray smiled
"Hi" She smiled
"Your Jasmine?" Rachel said pointing to Jasmine.
"In the flesh and your Rachel" She smiled. For a strange reason i could feel a sense of Jealousy from Jasmine's voice.
"Yeah" Rachel smiled.
"Ah shit" Mikey said
"What?" Bria asked
"I have an exam next" Mikey whined
"Shitter" Jasmine and Rachel said
"Fuck my life" Mikey said
"You didn't revise now did you?" Gerard said appearing at the table. Rachel automatically got up and walked away.
"Come back here now" Gerard demanded looking at her with seriousness.
"No, like i said i don't want to get hurt again" Rachel said not turning around.
"Fuck the past" Gerard said
"Fuck the past? Do you know how much the past still haunts me?" Rachel said turning around.
"Yeah well do you know how much mistakes i made?" Gerard said
"I am very aware of your mistakes" Rachel said pointing the finger.
"One of them happened about 3 months ago" Gerard said. I looked at Bria who's attention turned towards Jasmine.
"2 months ago, you asked me out" Jasmine said standing up. Gerard turned around
"You two dated?" Rachel said shocked
"Clearly i was a fucking mistake" Jasmine said pissed off and giving Gerard a death glare.
"I wasn't directing it at you" Gerard said
"Of course not, you dick" Jasmine then picked up her glass of water and poured it all over Gerard making half the canteen turn and become nosy.
"What the fuck?" Gerard said. Without a hint of regret Jasmine left the canteen leaving me, Mikey, Ray and Bria with our mouths gaped.
"You dated Jasmine?" Rachel said
"Yes" Gerard said. Rachel's mouth fell open.
"You fucktard" I shouted at Gerard.
"Oh shut up" Gerard said
"Make me" I said standing up.
"Guys no more fighting" Bria said standing up and standing between me and Gerard. I looked at Bria and then left the canteen running to try and catch up with Jasmine.
"Jasmine!" I shouted. She stopped and turned around
"Hey" She smiled. I ran into her pulling her into a massive hug.
"He is a fucktard" I said
"Don't i know it" Jasmine smiled.

Bria :

"I have had it to here with drama" I shouted at Gerard.
"I'm not the mutant!" Gerard said. That's when i cracked, i slapped Gerard across the face.
"At least i dont use people!" I shouted at him.
"I never used Jasmine!" he shouted
"Frank should have survived, you should have fuckind died, he would have appreciated life a little more than you" I spat.
"Wow" Rachel said
"As for you, why did you decide to fucking appear on the scne and i may sound like a bitch but life could have been better if you never set foot through those gates" I said straight into rachel's face. I was pissed off and when i get pissed off i speak my mind.
"Excuse me" Rachel said
"No excuse me" I said walking away.
"Yeah just walk away, walking away will make life so much better!" Rachel shouted
"GO FUCK YOURSLEF YOU WHORE" I slapped her aswell walking back.
"Bria stop it!" Ray said standing up.
"Hey at least i can get a boyfriend" Rachel said. I was insecure about myself, everyone knew that. I had never had a boyfriend in my life and i had told her that.
"Rachel wise up" Mikey said holding my arms down. I could feel the electricity flwoing through me. I kne i was about to transform and i have been trying to keep it in, but it is proving to be strong.
"No you wise up" Rachel said. Thats when i exploded. I transformed into my Dark Angel state. Exposing us to the whole school. I didn't realize at the time but i am so fucked with Skylar and Trace.
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