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Chapter 21

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"We have to clean this place up." Sodapop continued. "Two-Bit, you leave."

"Fine." Two-Bit muttered as Ponyboy got up off him. "We'll finish this some other time."

Ponyboy narrowed his eyes playfully as his friend left the house. Over the next hour, the two brotehrs went around the house, making the beds, vaccuming the carpet, making sure the kicthen was clean, everything that the social worker would look at.

After an hour went by, the doorbell rang as the social worker Mrs. Varone arrived.

"Hello, Mrs. Varone." Soda greeted with fake cheerfulness as he let her in.

"Hello, boys." She greeted. "I've come to check-up on you."

'How thoughtful.' Ponyboy thought as he rolled his eyes.

"I understand that the two of you were arrested the other night." She continued.

"Yes, but it wasn't our fault." Soda insisted. "We were attacked but the police brought us all in."

Mrs. Varone nodded as she wrote something down on her clipboard.

"I have to say that the house looks nice."

"We always try to keep a clean house." Pony spoke, even though that wasn't really the case.

"And how is Darry doing? Are you still happy with him?"

"Very. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

"Me too." Soda echoed.

"He's still able to properly provide for you."

"Yes. He's even about to get a promotion."

She nodded again as she wrote down something else.

"Okay. Well, I've have all that I need. It was nice seeing you boys."

After saying that, Mrs. Varone let herself out. A second later the sound of car heading away from the house could be heard as Soda looked at his little brother.

"I can't stand her."

"You don't think she'd try to put us in a boy's home do you?"

"Na, don't worry about it kiddo."

He then gave Pony a playful punch on the shoulder before throwing himself down on the couch.
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