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Chapter 22

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Ponyboy and Sodapop were sitting on the couch watching television when they heard the sound of car pulling up in the driveway.

"Who's that?" Soda asked, not bothering to get up.

"Probably Two-Bit coming back." Pony answered as he got up to look out the window. "I owe him a wrestling match."

Opening up the blinds, his eyes then widened in shock when he saw it was a blue mustang.

"Soda! Socs are here!"


He then jumped up and looked out to see four socs getting out.

"Pony, call the police."

He quickly did what his brother told him, dialing 911. After quickly informing them of what was going on and their address, Ponyboy hung up the phone and re-joined Soda standing near the front door.

"What are we going to do?"

"Go get your switchblade." He responded while taking out his.

Ponyboy looked on, not believing this was happening as he ran to his room to grab his blade. Suddenly, a bang was heard at the door.

"Hey greasers!" Someone yelled. "We know you're in there."

Soda's eyes widened as he realized they always kept the door unlocked. The doorknob began to turn and somebody stuck their arm in. Soda lunged forward and sliced the exposed arm causing a yell of pain to echo through the air.

The door was then kicked open as the four socs entered the house.

"Now you're dead."

Ponyboy then ran over to Soda with his blade in hand. They both swung at the group of socs, warningly.

"Come on you pricks." Soda dared. "Come closer."

"Why don't you put the knife down and fight like a man?" A soc taunted.

"Four against two?" Soda almost laughed. "What would any of you know about fighting like men?"

They all kept yelling at each other for another minute when Ponyboy's eyes widened and a grin came over his face when he saw Two-Bit and Steve in the doorway, quietly entering the house behind the socs.

Just then, Two-Bit and Steve tackled two socs to the ground. The other jumped and looked down in suprise but before they could do anything Pony and Soda jumped on the other two. They were able to keep the four socs down just as a siren was heard and two police cars appeared.

The cops then entered the house.

"Everyone freeze!" One yelled.

The greasers all jumped up and Soda pointed down at them.

"They broke into our house!"

The cops then pulled the socs up and told them they were under arrest and cuffed them. Soda and Pony grinned, knowing their was no way they could get out of this one.

One cop remained behind, taking down information. Soda told them that he knew that Darry would want to press charges. After he finally left, Two-Bit grabbed Ponyboy in a headlock and began messing up his hair.

"Looks like we finally got even with those bastards." He celebrated as Soda and Steve high fived.
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