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Stay Together

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Eventual Frikey! Gerard and Mikey get sick of their parents arguments and drinking problem so they move out. But they have nowhere else to go besides the streets.

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This story was inspired by Blink-182's song Stay Together For The Kids. I have no idea what it will turn out to be but I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter one
Gerard's POV

All I could here all night was the shattering of glass, shouting and the small, innocent whimpers from the room beside me. It really was getting all too much for Mikey. He was only 15 for Gods sake. He was just a child who should belong in a happy family with lots of friends. That was another thing. His friends . He didn't have any friends. They picked on him and beat him up and leave him in the toilets for a teacher to find. There have been many times he comes home with a bloody nose and split lip and eyes that cry out for help. I have had to show up for parent/teacher meetings instead of our own parents to discuss him being bullied. The first time I had heard of this he was only 6 or 7. But he wasn't the one to tell me. It was a teacher. He wouldn't admit for years and years until one time he didn't come home after school.

Our parents were out at some bar getting drunk and I was at home worry if he would make it home on the bus. But he didn't. I went down to the school and by then everyone had left all the teacher and students. I went out of my mind. I loved the kid so much I couldn't imagine anything happening to him. I walked around the back of the building and peered over the wall. There he was, so broken. Blood around his face and bruises on his body which I could see through his torn clothes. My heart just burst like his tears poured out when he noticed me. Ashamed of himself of letting me see him this way. I brought him and fixed him up. He was just so small and innocent. I couldn't understand it.

Just like how I couldn't understand how our parents would let him near this horrible unhappy environment. I walked into his room and sat down softly beside him. His eyes opened wide and relaxed when he saw it was me. I didn't say anything. I just hugged him, covered his ears and let him cry into my shoulder.

I thought about things like how he was starting his first day at Belleville High School tomorrow. I decided to transfer him to here because he needed a new start and I thought perhaps this could be it. But how wrong was I? He would never fit in because some people were just selfish assholes.

I really wished I could be there with him but I had graduated last year and I was now working in a music street down the road.

I heard stomping up the stairs and a door slammed shut. Mikey just looked up at me.
"I want it to all stop"

"I know Mikey. It will soon. I promise."

I decided to keep that promise.
"Mikey. Collect your bass, some clothes and the comics. We're leaving this hellhole"

"But G-Gee... where are we gonna go?"
He just wanted somewhere safer than here. It wasn't gonna be hard. I'd risk the pavement outside a whore house than stay another night in this place.

"Just trust me Mikey. We will find somewhere. We'll be alot better off than here"
He didn't look happy. He knew where we were going but he still gathered his things. I'm gonna find a motel I can pay with my small wages until we can afford an apartment. Our parents will be nothing but happy that we will be gone. My own father said it Mikey himself.

I collected my things and quietly tip toed down the stairs knowing that my dad was probably passed out on the kitchen floor. Mikey was standing next to the door ready to leave. I offered him a small smile and he tried his best to give a fake smile but I knew he didn't like this at all.
I clicked open the door and we walked out into the harsh bitter weather New Jersey had to offer. We walked down to the alley beside the music shop by his was the place. I was most familiar with so We settled down here. Mikey cuddled into me for warmth quickly falling asleep jolting every few minutes when something bad happened in his dreams. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled my jacket around his freezing body of just skin and bones. He needed food. I couldn't think of when he last ate. That could wait til the morning. I just hope that he can make it through the night without freezing to death.


That's the end of chapter 1. So should I keep going or is it too boring or crappy? Please review. Constructive criticism helps me learn. This is really only my second story so do tell how to improve. I know! My dialogue is crap. There should be more in the next chapter if I carry on! :)
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