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Chapter 2

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I don't understand ratings by the way so I'm just gonna leave this story as PG-13...

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Hope you enjoy this! I don't even know what's about to happen but oh well!

Chapter 2
Mikey's POV

I woke up suddenly from a horrible nightmare of moving out to the street and... Wait! It wasn't a dream. It is all real.

"Morning Mikey"

"H-" My stomach growls at me for food "Hey"

I look around at our surroundings. It certainly is safer than home. I wonder if our parents noticed yet. Of course they don't care though. I'm so hungry!

"How about we head over to that cafe and get something. I'm sure you starving" Gerard said calmly.


Then I remembered school! Oh fuck. I don't want to go. I don't want Gerard to see me with blood all over my face. I know it annoys him. I should be able to stick up for myself. I should fight back. I should be normal! Not a stupid, weak, gay, bastard as they say. And they are right.

"You alright Mikes?"

"Yeah. I just remembered I have school."

Gerard sighs and holds me closer.

"You'll be fine. I know you will. You just need a fresh start! Don't worry about other kids."

I stand up and try my hardest to fake a smile.

"Mikey. I'm so proud of you. No 15 year old should go through what you are going through and I think you are the strongest kid out there no matter what those dickheads say."

My stomach rumbles again. I really am starving.

"Come on let's go. When did you last eat properly?"

"Ummm... two weeks ago?"

A look of shock and horror filled his face. Have I ever made someone happy? No! Of course I haven't because I'm just a fuck up.

"I'm really sorry Mikey. I didn't know it was that long. Let's go! Then you can go to school"

We walked into a cafe and Gerard got us two sandwiches. He came back and set them down on the table. I ate mine quickly.

"I'm just going to the bathroom" I said and Gerard said okay. I stood up, my skinny T-shirt rising a bit. Gerard grabbed my hand.
"Mikey! What's that?" he said pointing to my hip. I pretended I didn't know what he was talking about and he decided to drop it. Phew!
I returned from the bathroom and Gerard stands up and we leave. He walks me to my new personal hell.
He turns to me.
"Mikey. You will be grand. A fresh start! If you need anything you know where the shop is and you know my number"

"Gerard... I'm so scared!" I whimper pathetically.
He hugs me and tries to reassure me that it will be okay but what if they beat me up, call me names, kick me. I guess I deserve it for being a fag. He smiles at me.
"I'll see you later kiddo. I love you"

"I love you too"

I turn and walk through the school gates and coming closer to the school I see a group of jocks already. I want to die!

I tell myself to keep on walking. Think of what Gerard told me. Luckily, I get past with a few stares and sneers. I hear a bell ring and see a rush of people heading to all different rooms of boredom.
I see the office and tell the lady my name.
"I'm Mikey Way. I just started today. "

"Ah yes... Mr. Way. Here is your timetable and locker key."
She handed me the key and timetable and a small leaflet with all the room numbers on it and where they were. Right now, I have geography. Great!

I walk up to the door numbered 34 and enter being greeted with a load of giggles and remarks I don't want to hear. The teacher Ms O Shea I think said "Hello. You must be our new student. Michael Way?"
"Uh-huh" I nodded.
"Okay. There is a space at the back beside Frank"
I quickly made my way to the seat setting my bag on the floop. The guy beside me, Frank apparently, said "Hey I'm Frank Iero". He has awesome hair. A red and black mohawk. He stared expectantly at me. I realised he was waiting for my name.
"Oh, I-I'm Mikey Way."
"Cool so you wanna hangout at lunch?"
"Yeah. Why are so surprised?"
"I-I'm not... I mean sure yeah. Let's hang out"
"Great. We better finish this worksheet so."
At the end of class, Frank waited for me and we walked down to the canteen. He bought a veggie burger and then he brought me outside. Here we go. Time for 20 questions!
"So Mikey. How come you moved to this school?"
"I-uh... I didn't like my last school."
"Do you live round here?"
Well I wouldnt say 'live' but...
"Yeah. Near that music shop down the road"
"You're a quiet guy, aren't you?"
"Don't worry. I don't judge. I wanna be friends with you"
He smiled at me. His big goofy smile stretching from one ear to the other.
That lunch I learned lots of cool stuff about him. The bands he likes, he plays guitar and that we have a lot of classes together. Unfortunatley, our last three classes were different. I said bye to him as he waved walking off to his music class.
After school, I didn't get to see Frank at all. I think he got detention. So I headed out the front doors of the school happy that I have friend.
Suddenly, I'm grabbed from behind and dragged to a shed. I saw a group of jocks one in the middle obviously the ring leader. They threw me against the wall.
"So fag... Why don't I teach you a quick lesson about school? You will stay clear of the girls not that you'd get one or WANT one and you will not bother me clear?"
I just stared at him terrified of what is going to happen. He slaps my face. " I said 'Are we clear?'" I nod quickly. They walk away and I stand up. Shit! Gerards gonna be expecting back soon I think. I start walking towards the music shop. I arrive and see Gerards face light up with mixed thoughts not knowing what to think.


Okay. That was a hard chapter and it's quite long and boring but I needed it to be like this for the story. I hope you enjoyed it though. Please leave a review if you can. Thanks for reading.
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