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Chapter 3

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Hope you like this chapter! I'm gonna try make it a long one!

Chapter 3
Frank's POV

I couldn't get him out of my mind. He was just so cute looking, so small and innocent like I wanted to hug him to death. But when I first saw him I saw pain in his eyes. It looked like he wasn't too far off death. He is so skinny. I wonder if he eats. He didn't have anything at school to eat. I want to help this poor kid. He seems so damn quiet and shy like I was about to shout at him. Maybe that's the problem. I saw those dumb fucks this morning almost growling at him. He's like a target for bullies. The glasses on his nose, the lanky, tall body, those awkward knees. He must get so much hell for it. No wonder he moved here. Not that it's much better here. I turn over on my bed and go to sleep and hopefully dream about Mikey.

The Next Day

I woke up late as usual. My mother had gone to work probably early so it was often up to me to wake up on time. I stretched and got up, pulling on my black skinnies and my Misfits T-shirt and then I grab some toast. I pull on my hoodie and set off to school.
I arrive halfway through my history class and Mr.Foley wasn't so surprised. I looked at the back of the room. Yes. There he was. All lonely looking staring blankly at his book. I walked down to him and when he saw me his eyes lit up some more. I sat down beside him. Mr Foley was strict. He didn't take any talking so I would just have to wait.
The bell rang and I jumped up from my seat.
"Hey Mikey!"
"Hi Frank"
"So Mikey, wanna ditch next class?"
"Uh... Okay so"
"Let's go!"
We walked around the back of the gym, crawled under the fence and sat down beside a huge oak tree. I looked over at Mikey who seemed content being here.
"So Mikey! I wanna know more about you. Like your family for starters" I asked him.
He swallowed nervously and looked down.
"Um.. I-I have an older brother Gerard" he answered slowly. He's hiding something. But I won't make him tell until he is ready.
"Cool. I don't have any siblings. Just me and my mom" He looked up and asked about my dad.
"He divorced from my mom when I was born. He just left then."
"Oh sorry to hear that"
"So what's Gerard like?" I have to make him talk. I love his voice. It's so introverted like he thinks he will be hurt if he says something wrong or say nothing at all.
"Well. He is 20 and he loves drawing. He wants to be a cartoon artist. He's my best friend" He sighs.
That's so sweet but sad that he is best friends with him. I really want to know more about him.
"That's nice. How about you come over to mine this Friday evening?"
"Yeah. That would be good."
I decided that we should head back to class so we got up and slowly trudged along to class. Him going to science. Me going to art.

Lunch soon came around but there was no sign of Mikey. I was getting worried. I checked the science labs and the library. He really likes that place. He was probably gone to the bathroom. That's it!
I opened the door of the Bathroom to be greeted with a sickening smell of piss and grime. No one was here so I exited but before I left I heard a whimper from the end cubicle. I looked over at the closed door and listened carefully. I could sniffling and quiet sobbing
"Are you okay, dude?" I asked softly
Whoever it is stopped crying.
"It's alright. I mean just come out. I won't hurt you" I said, my voice full of sympathy. The cubicle door clicked and it opened. It was Mikey. He just collapsed to the floor. I kneeled down beside him. He was covered in blood and had bruises all over his face. He looked like he was about to die. He just cried into my shoulder. I hushed him and just held him. Who the fuck did this too him?!

A few minutes later he calmed down a bit and I asked him who did it.
"... I-I don't know who it was"
This was sick. That prick probably didn't even know his name yet he still thinks its fair to beat him up like this. I've gotta take him home.
"Mikey, I'm gonna take you home now. Okay? Are your parents at home?"
His eyes widened with fear and he didn't reply just cried harder. What on earth was the kids background like?
I picked him up expecting the weight of a 15 year old but he was just so light. He weighed nothing. Did he ever eat? I sat him in my car and drove down to the music shop he said he lives near, despite all his refuses and pleas not to. I pulled up outside the shop and looked over at him. His eyes were so worried looking and he wasn't making any eye contact.
"Which house do you live in Mikey?"
He shook his head looking down. I need to find out what's wrong.
"Mikey. What is it? What's wrong?"
"...I d-don't live h-here" he stuttered. Now I'm really confused.
"Just tell me Mikey what's wrong. I won't be mad. Please just tell me."
"I don't l-live with my p-parents. I live with my brother... i-in that a-alley way." And with that he looked down in shame. The poor kid. What has he gone through?!
I held him close.
"I don't care where you live Mikey. You shouldn't be ashamed about it. I really just want you to be fixed up"
"My brother is working in that shop" he said.
"How about we tell him what happened and can clean you up alright?"
He nods and we get out of the car. No wonder why he is so introverted. He doesn't even have a home.


Yeah. This chapter is kinda boring again. But I hope to have a new chapter up tonight again and it will hopefully be more exciting. By the way I have decided to change Mikey's age to 15. It fits better. Sorry for any confusion. Sorry if you didn't like. Please leave a review on your thoughts! Thanks for reading. :)
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