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Chapter 4

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Hope you like this chapter!

Chapter 4
Gerard's POV

I was getting a bit worried. Mikey hasn't arrived in from school yet. Anything could happen to him.
What if he got beaten up?
What if he's hurt badly?
What if he's in some ditch again?
What if he's dea-No! Stop. Can't think that.
It's very possible though. He hasn't eaten proper for two weeks besides yesterday's pathetic sandwich. He is bullied endlessly in school. Hes living in an alley. And I'm doing nothing! Oh no. I'm really lettin him down. Sure I'm working to afford a motel but he won't survive much longer out here.

Just then the door opened revealing a young punk teenager followed by... Mikey! Oh dear God. He is covered in blood and bruises. What the hell did they do this time? And who is this other kid? He better not be fucking around with Mikey. I sat Mikey down on a chair behind the desk.
"Oh Mikes... What happened?"
Mikey just looked to this other kid. Like he trusted him?
"I'm Frank" Oh so this is the kid Mikey was talking about yesterday. Mikey was over the moon when he was telling me about Frank yesterday night. But now he's sobbing to himself.
"I found Mikey in the bathroom at school like this and I decided to bring him here" I look from Frank to Mikey. Does he know where we even live?
"Some jocks at school did this to him."
Those idiots. They are such dumbasses.
"You must be Gerard?" Frank says with a small grin on his face. I don't know if I could trust this kid yet.
"Yeah." I reply and turn to Mikey. I wet a towel and dab the blood off his broken face. His life is a never ending tragedy. He winces as I rub over a harsh cut on his cheek.

"Will I go or do you want help. It's just it's dark out and my mom will be worrying."
Maybe I can trust him. He wants to help Mikey. Anyone with that trait is certainly worth it.
"Yeah it's okay you can go."
He says goodbye to Mikey and leaves. I really need to help him. He's fading away.
"Gee... I just... I-I just want it to stop, everything. I just want to..." It killing him. Why is life so cruel to him. "... To die". This breaks my heart. He tries so hard. At school. With people. With everything that gives him the most grief. That's it. We re gonna look for a motel. Right now. He really needs to sleep.

My manager comes in and lets us go being the understanding man he is and we leave to look for a room. I found a cheap motel not to far from the shop. We take it and go into the room. It's small but it's somewhere to sleep and keep warm. I settle our stuff down and Mikey goes straight to the bed. Poor kid is too tired to discuss what happened. He never does tell me about the bullying. He knows I acknowledge it and worries about. He is just too ashamed of it and thinks he doesn't deserve the sympathy. At least he has Frank now. Someone to protect him from the bullies. Someone to talk to.

Mikey turned over. Immediately I notice what I thought I saw the other day. Its like a big scar. Where did he get that from?
"Mikey. If your injured you will tell me yeah?" he nodded
"I mean anything. A cut, a bruise I will take care of you." He doesn't make any eye contact. What is he hiding?
"You know the other day in the cafe I noticed something on your hip"
He closes his eyes and takes a big breath.
"What exactly was that Mikes?"
He shakes his head vigorously.
"But Mikey I need to know your okay"
"I am okay"
"Mikey. I know your not. You are dying away infront of me, just at least show me your wounds. Please?" I ask with every bit of hope I have left in the world.
"D-Dad did i-it" Oh my God. That bastard. He hurt his own son
"Mikey. I'm so sorry. I didn't even notice. What exactly did he do to you?"
I feel awful. I should have noticed. I am so disgusted with myself. I am a crappy brother. Why didn't I just pay more attention?
Mikey rolled up his shirt revealing a timeline of gashes and wounds resembling a battle in hell for many years.
"Dad used to t-take a knife and s-slit my skin open. It was okay. He said he had to teach me somethings"
What have they done to him? They used him as a slave almost. How does he think it was okay?! Our parents must have brainwashed him. I'm an idiot. How did I not see this? I hate myself for it!
"Mikey must never believe that. No one deserves that. Especially you. I mean this. Really Mikey." he sits on the bed with an ubeilieving look on his face. Mikey... Did that ever do anything else to you?" He looked down at the ground.

Please don't let there are more!


This chapter took a while to write and some parts in it are pretty dull. But I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry for its crappy parts.
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