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Chapter 5

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I have no idea what's gonna happen in this chapter but I hope you like it anyway!

Chapter 5
Mikey's POV

I stare down at the ground. Should I tell him? He will get mad and blame himself when it's really my fault. I don't ever mean to upset him. I just frustrate him cause I'm just a pathetic bastard. Even if Gerard says different. He probably wishes I wasnt such a baby all the time that I can't even come home from school without having a throbbing lip or a busted nose. He doesn't deserve the misery I'm selfishly stuck in.
"Mikey? Tell me the truth. What has been happening to you?"
"Gee I don't wan-"
"Please Mikey. This is serious. How am I supposed to help you?"
I sighed, giving in and telling him.
"Dad used to beat me when you would go out. That's why I locked myself in my bedroom. To cover the scars. He would shout at me and kick me when I was in the way and tell me That I was a good for nothing fuck up. Mom didn't even bother to stop him. He would do it right infront of her and she just..." Both of our eyes are tearing up and mine finally fall over splashing against the cheap motel bed covers. Gerard comes over to hug me.
"Mikey. I am so honestly sorry. I didn't know he would go that far. You know I wouldn't have left if I knew this was what he was doing. How come you never talked to me?"
Oh no. Is he mad? I should have told him. Then he would have definitly been mad though.
"B-Because I didn't want you to worry about me. I didn't think it was important."
"Mikes kiddo, you are the most important thing in my life. I have to worry. I love you too much. Never ever forget that. Okay? Promise?"
"I promise". Maybe he really truly cares? Of course he does. Anyone else would give up by now.
"Mikey. What is this Frank guy like? Can you trust him?" He asks.
"Well. He is the only guy who has talked to me in school. And he never laughs at me or anything" I almost smile thinking about him. He isso sweet and caring. And he just understands me nearly as much as Gerard does. I want Gerrd to trust him. This has happened before when a kid became my friend yet Gee told me to not get my hopes up and he stayed very over protective. And he was right. I found out a few days later it was just a stupid dare by someone else to go and talk to me and be my friend.
I felt really tired suddenly and said night to Gerard and fell asleep very quickly.

I woke up from a dreamless night unlike all my other nightmare filled blackouts. Gerard had gone got breakfast already. He was lying in bed with a coffee. There was a coffee ready for me too. I slipped on my glasses and I could see a lot clearer.
"Morning Mikey. Sleep alright?"
"Yeah I did actually"
"Bought you a coffee for breakfast."
Gerard was acting strange. Sort of quiet. Has something happened? I noticed the time and got up to get dressed, pulling on my skinnies and a black t-shirt. Gerard grabbed his jacket and opened the door with out a word. We left the building in silence. Just waiting for someone to say something.
"Mikey, I have to tell you something and I don't know how you will react but you just need to know that mom and dad have... well they've moved away. Mom rang and said that they were waiting for us to leave and they are selling the house. I just thought you should know that."
"They've just left?"
"I'm sorry Mikey"
They are just gone. Our own parents abandoned us on the street. It's not that I miss them it's that they have just left without a good bye.
We were approaching the school and I said good bye to Gee and he continued to the store as I crossed the road.

I avoided all the jocks so far and I could see Frank in the distance at his locker. I walked up to him and greeted him.
"Hey Mikey! How are you after yesterday?"
"I'm okay now" The bell rang and we headed off to P.E. We sat on the bench and talked.
"So my house tomorrow yeah?"
"Oh yeah. I can go"
"Mikey. Are you okay? You seem a little off today"
"Yeah. I'm okay. It's just I found out my parents have moved away without a goodbye."
"Oh... I'm so sorry mikey. That's horrible"
"It's fine"
He smiled sympathetically. He really was so kind. Next thing a jock cam over.
"Hey Loser" They were so creative! "About to make out with your boyfriend?" he said while all his followers and bitchy girlfriends laughing. I could see Franks face going red with embarrassment and anger. He was fit to kill them and I wasn't going to stop him either.
They strolled away with that stupid comment and his friends thinking he was the coolest person ever.
"They mess my head up" Frank sighs getting up as the bell goes for next class which is science for me. I left the gym. Frank going to opposite direction. I sit alone all through class waiting for break. I exited the room to go eat and found Frank under a tree outside. I sat down beside him listening to one of his stories from chemistry class. He was always happy and was able to cheer me up.
He was really a great friend.


Kind of boring I guess. Nothing too exciting. It was kind of a filler I guess. I need to think out the story. That's all I can upload tonight. I'm tired and Ficwad decided to sign me out do then I had to write that story again. Sorry for its shortness! I will have something better tomorrow!
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