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Here is another chapter :3, trying to make it a little more detailed this is actually quite simple and undetailed but it should get more detailed as i write it :) This one is actually going well, its honestly going better than 'To Get Back In Her Arms' i may try it again i dont know, i will see but im not making any promises :P:


Gerard :

Me and Hollie walked into the canteen and Frank being Frank jumped over to me.
"Hey" He smiled wrapping his arms around my waist and planting a soft kiss on my lips. I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed him back lovingly.

"Hi" I said. Frank gave a sweet smile and we walked hand in hand over to the table.

"Hey Gerard!" Mikey smiled.

"Hey Mikey" I said

"Im starving" Hollie sat down and opened her sandwich mum had made her and took a bite out of it.

"Your supposed to be, its school" Frank laughed

"Due to the shit in here and if i didn't get mum to make me lunches i would be anorexic" Hollie said

"Dont" I said

"I wont dont get worried" Hollie smiled halfly.

"Good" I said. I do worry about Hollie, because she is a good liar and always ends up getting caught. Before i met Frank i really did use to worry about her when she went out with her other friends because one time she came home drunk and that was only last year.

"Where's Jude and Ray?" Mikey asked

"Jude is in art and i dont know where Ray is" Frank said

"Jude is actually catching up" I said shocked

"Her mum is forcing her too" Frank shrugged his shoulders and opened his baugette.

"There's the fro!" Mikey smiled. Ray waved and walked towards us with another guy following close behind. He must be new because he seemed awkward

"Hey guys" Ray smiled.

"Hey Ray" We all said

"This is my friend Bob, he just moved here and he used to be homeschooled and never actually had a proper group of friends" Ray said

"Hello" Bob smiled

"Hi, I'm Hollie" Hollie smiled

"Hollie is Gerard's twin" Ray said

"Im the famous Gerard" I laughed

"Im Frank, I'm Gerard's boyfriend" Frank said holding my hand again

"Aw" Bob smiled.

"Im Mikey, Gerard's younger brother" Mikey said. I looked over at Hollie and seen the sadness in her face. it pained me. Bob smiled and sat down beside me. He had bright blue eyes and a long blonde fringe. To be honest he was actually quite goodlooking but im with Frank now and Forever and that will not change.

"So how are you enjoying here?" I asked

"It's okay so far" Bob smiled

"Glad your liking it" Hollie smiled. She was the type tha loved to make friends.

"Glad you are accepting me into your group" Bob said

"We are just a bunch of outcasts, noone special" Frank said in a sad tone

"Be proud Frankie" I said. Frank smiled and kissed my lips.

"I am proud" Frank smiled. I looked over at bob who was now munching an apple. He was actually really goodlooking. Wait what am i thinking. I shouldn't be thinking of other guys im with Frank.

"What is your next class?" Hollie asked

"Geography" Bob said

"My class" Gerard said

"Cool!" Bob looked up at me

"I have a feeling he is going to fit in really well with us" Frank smiled

"Me too" I said

"It's nice to have another friend" Frank said

"It is a change to the day" I laughed

"I swear if i see another piece of art i will destroy it" Jude said sitting down on the other side of Frank.

"Dont worry about art its only a subject nothing more" Frank said

"I know, but it frustrates me" Jude said

"Jude, this is Bob, Bob this is Jude" Frank introduced.

"hey" Bob said

"Hi!" Jude smiled

"He was previously homeschooled" Ray said

"Cool, i would love to be homeschooled" Jude said

"You really wouldn't it is boring as fuck" Bob said

"Yeah because you would get easily distracted" Gerard said

"THATS THE WHOLE POINT!" Frank adn Jude shouted

"Anyway" Hollie said

"Lets get to class, bell is going to go" Ray said

"Great, see you later" Frank kissed me one last time and me and Bob began to make our way up to Geography.

"How long have you and Frank been together?" Bob asked

"About 9 months now" I smiled

"Cool" Bob said

"Your not creeped out or anything?" I asked

"Hell no and can i tell you something?" Bob said

"Sure, im a very trusted guy" I said

"Im actually gay myself" Bob said. Strangely i was shocked. He was the only other gay person i knew other than Frank

"Really?" I said making sure i heard him right

"Yeah, i have never really opened up about it" Bob said awkwardly

"Well you will be accepted" I hugged him

"Thanks" He smiled

"Your welcome" I said. I have a feeling that we will get on well maybe even become close and good friends.
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