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Closer Bonds

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Hey! xD Part 5


Frank :

"Yellow" I smile. We were getting covered for Drama and no work had been left.

"Your obsession with yellow" Jude said placing a green skittle on her tongue.

"Your obsession with green" I laughed.

"Here" She handed me the bag and i opened it and took some yellow and red ones out of it and handed it back to her.

"The new kid seems interesting" She said taking out her ipod and deciding on a song to listen to.

"Bob? Yeah i think he is actually really dead on" I smile

"Talk about a coincidence" Jude muttered

"What?" I said

"I mean this morning we were talking about a change to the day. I mean look. Bob just suddently arrived at the school and we wanted a change to our normal routine and boom Bob appears in our Outcast lives. I bet any money that he is going to twist our lives" Jude said. When Jude met somebody new she always thought negative of them. For example when i first introduced her to Ray. When Ray first started the school she thought that he was going to do something and split the group up. She exagerates alot.

"Don't overrreact" I said in a serious tone.

"Im -"

"You are, rememebr what happened when Ray first arrived?" I reminded her. She didn't speak she just kept eye contact.

"Fine" She gave in.

"Now he is njust new to the school so don't like make him feel uncomfterble, you know i love making new friends" I smiled.

"Don't we all?" She laughed. The bell rang and Drama was last class so me and Jude walked to the back of the school to meet the tohers. Our usual hang out after school.

"Hey Frank, Hey Jude" Hollie smiled

"Hey Hol" Jude smiled hugging her.

"Where's Gerard?" I asked looking for him.

"He is on his way relax lover boy" Mikey laughed

"Hey, at least im with someone" I shot at him. He gave me a deathglare and a series of 'oooh's came from Hollie and Jude.

"Now that's not fair Frank" Jude playfully punched my arm

"It's true!" I said

"It does not give you the right to insult him for it!" Jude said.

"Fine!" I said.

"Hee hee i win!" I happy danced.

"I. Hate. Spanish" Ray said pissed off

"Aw" Hollie said laughing

"Not funny" Ray said

"Alright, she's only trying to lightgen the mood, relax" Jude said.

"Where's Bob and Gerard?" Ray asked

"Probably getting kept behind" Mikey said

"More than likely" Jude said. As soon as Jude said that Gerard and Bob walked over to us laughing.

"Really, your cousin put her dog out a window?" Gerard said inbetween laughs

"So not random" Hollie said sarcastically.

"Hollie, his cousin put a dog out the window" Gerard laughed.

"It actually was not funny" Bob said holding back his laughter.

"Yeah it is!" Gerard laughed again.

"Alright it was a little, now calm down!" Bob said giggling at the end.

"Alright" Gerard then took deep breaths calming himself down.

"Now where's my hug!" I said pouncing on him.

"Frankie!" He smiled

"GEE!" I smiled into his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me softly. We seperated and his fingers filled the holes seperating my own.

"You guys are actually a cute couple" Bob smiled

"Thanks!" I said

"You two were made for eachother" Hollie stated

"Don't state the obvious!" Gerard said

"It's a fact!" Jude said

"Precisely" I smiled.

"Now come on" Ray said

"Alright" We then began to make our way down the hill. Gerard let go of my hand and then began to talk to Bob again.

"Gerard and Bob is close" Jude said walking beside me with Hollie on my other side.

"They could become good friends" Hollie smiled

"Yeah" I smiled

"So what are you guys doing on Saturday?" Jude called out to everyone

"Nothing, what haver you planned?" Gerard called

"I was thinking a little get together at my house, my mum and dad left for the weekend and i'm left alone" Jude smiled

"Great" I said

"So my house at about 7" Jude said

"We will be there of course" Mikey said.

"Can Bob come?" Ray called

"Yes!" Jude called

"Awesome!" Bob called back.

"He will fit in well" Mikey said walking with me, Jude and Hollie. Ray, Bob and Gerard were in front. Strangely i felt a little jealous. I shook off the feeling knowing what Gerard was like. He loved to make friends.

"Him and Gerard is getting along" I said

"Indeed" Jude, Hollie and MIkey said.

"Indeed" I muttered under my breath.
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