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Can It Be Possible?

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Sorry for the long awaited update, but here it is :)

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Gerard :

"Do you want to come around to my house for a while?" I asked Bob who i was getting along quite well with.

"I dont know" Bob muttered.

"Come on its a Friday" I said

"Alright" Bob smiled

"Great" I smiled aswell.

"Will The others be there?" Bob asked as we walked to our next class.

"Just me, you, Mikey and Frank oh and of course Hollie who i think will probably bring Jude if she knows that you are coming aswell" I said taking a draw from his cigarette. The bell had signaled the end of lunch and we were walking, talking and smoking. Who says guys cant multitask?

"Cool" Bob smiled stubbing out the cigarette

"May ask Ray to come too he would feel left out." I said forgetting about Ray.

"Yeah, cant forget about the fro" Bob laughed

"That would be so unfair on him!" I laughed aswell.

"Hey!" Frank smiled walking towards us and taking my hand.

"Hey babe" I smile and kiss his lips which tasted like salad.

"So what you guys discussing?" Frank smiled brightly.

"Oh Bob is coming over tonight, we have to tell Ray to come over aswell" I informed

"Great!" He smiled.

"It will be fun" I said

"When is it not?" Frank winked.

"Oh you horny bastard" I said stroking the side of his face.

"Only for you" Frank winked. Bob busted out laughing as did me and Frank.

"I love you guys" Bob smiled

"We love you too!" Me and Frank pulled him into a hug.

"Now lets go to class" Bob said.


"Yeah i will come over" Ray said.

"Great" I smiled. Thank fuck the weekend was here. I mean we get to lie in, spend time with friends and not to have a worry about school. Not like we all worry now.

"Now lets go find Bob and Frank" Ray said. We walked to the usual place and everyone was sitting.

"Now come on lets get home, im fucking tired" Hollie said turning me and ray around. Everyone else grabbed their things and we walked to the house.

"So eventful" Jude said

"What do you mean?" Mikey asked

"I mean, Bob moving here, spending Saturday night at my house and spending tonight at you, Hollie and Gerard's" Jude said

"WE ARE SOCIALIZING!" Frank excitedly jumped up and down.

"WIN!" Ray laughed.

"So got any video games?" Bob asked me.

"No that is Mikey's department i am more a comic book guy" I said.

"Oh alright" Bob smiled then turned and went over to Mikey. For some strange reason i felt attracted to Bob.

Could it be even possible.

I mean i am with Frank.

But Frank isn't as romantic as he once was.

Am i falling out of love with Frank?

Why is it suddently taking over me.

"Yo!" Frank snapped his fingers in my face knocking me out of my trance

"What?" I said rising my head

"You zoned out, you okay baby?" Frank looked at me worringly in my eyes and taking my hand.

"Yeah yeah i-" I then coughed "I am fine, what makes you ask that?" I said

"You have been really different" Frank squinted his eyes

"Am not, your head is playing tricks on you" I laughed

My head is playing tricks on me.
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