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New years eve in London with celebrities! What will happen when Toni and Tiegan meet their heroes Tomo, Jared and Shannon?

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I do not own Jared, Tomo and Shannon... ;)


Chapter 1

I had won the best tickets ever! My friend Toni and I were going to England! The tickets were to a big New-Years party, and it was said that there would be lots of celebrities. We couldn’t wait to get there!

The weeks passed on, and we finally arrived in London. We were only staying there for the weekend, but we were excited like hell! Both Toni and I had saved up money for this trip, so we took all the luxury we could afford. We got two big hotel rooms, and ate a BIG breakfast when we got up that Saturday.

The rest of that day we shopped, and both got new dresses for the party.
In the afternoon, I took a shower and did my make-up. When I had put my hair up I slid into my dress and was ready. I met Toni down in the lounge, and she looked stunning! She had really bought a dress to match her personality! It was a red, knee long one with an open back. Mine was an ankle long one with bare shoulders, and it was light purple. We got a taxi, and were off.

Entering the party was anything but easy. There were paparazzi’s all over the place. We saw lots of flashes go off behind us, and turned to look. It was Orlando Bloom!! He was right behind us!! This was getting exciting!

When we finally got in, we were welcomed with a drink, and many strange looks. There were almost only celebrities there, and I felt a little out of place. Toni was soon off talking to Orlando Bloom, and I was left standing alone in a corner with my drink. It didn’t bother me much, though, because I love just observing people.

I suddenly jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder.
“Hi! You look lonely” said a man’s voice behind me. I turned, and there stood a very handsome man, Shannon Leto!
“No, I’m ok... I like just watching!” I replied, and felt my face turn a bright red color.
“So I shouldn’t bother to ask you for a dance then?” he joked.
“You could always try” I replied cheekily.
He stretched his hand towards me and bowed.
“Can I please have this dance, me lady?”
I took his hand and chuckled.
“Yes you please, me lord.”
He led me through the crowd and onto the dance floor. They were playing Bryan Adams «Everything I do»
“I love this song!” I said as he took my hands and lifted them up on his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around me, and I sighed. I love dancing…

Four songs and a lot of small talk later, I felt someone bump into me. I turned and saw the big grin that is Toni’s face. She had some guy all over her, and looked like she had one too many drinks already.
“Thank you for bringing me here.” she whispered in my ear before she disappeared again.
Shan stood still now, just looking at me.
“And who was that?” he chuckled.
“My best friend!” I answered.
“Oh, she seemed...well...””
“I know…drunk!” I laughed.
“Yeah! Do you want something to drink?”
“I’ll go get us some drinks then. What do you want?” he asked as he walked me over to an empty table.
“I’ll have a Martini…no olive!” I answered as I sat down.
“Ok! Just wait here!” He disappeared in the crowd.

“Hi!!” Toni slung herself down on the empty chair next to me.
“Hey girl! So...who’s the hunk?” I asked and tilted my head in the direction of the slightly big man walking over to the bar.
“I have no idea!” Toni laughed. ”But he’s a stud, huh?”
I joined in laughing…
“So, who’s the guy you were dancing with?” she asked and took a sip of her beer.
“Shannon Leto!”
“From 30 Seconds to Mars?? You’re kidding?”
“Nope!” I smiled as I saw that he was coming back from the bar. He sat down on the other side of me and handed me a Martini. Toni stretched out her hand to him.
“Hi! I’m Toni, and you’re gorgeous!!” Shan actually blushed a little, but took her hand and shook it.
“Hi! I’m Shannon, and you’re drunk, girl!” We all laughed.
“The Stud” soon came to join us at our table.
“Hi! I’m Marc!” he yelled over the table.
“I’m Tiegan!” I answered just as loud.
“Why are you shouting?” he yelled again. I lowered my voice and said:
“Why do you think?” He just shrugged and turned to Toni.
This guy was weird!!

I turned to Shan and sat talking with him for a while. He was really nice! And fun! Toni and Marc left for the dance floor again just as Shan’s cell rang. He talked for a while, and then he turned back to me.
“I’m just going to go meet someone at the door, I’ll be back in a sec!” he said and put the phone back in his pocket.
“OK” I smiled, and he left the table.

About 5 minutes later, when my glass was empty, Shan came back. He wasn’t alone though! Two other men sat down at the table. It was Tomo Milicevic and Jared Leto!! I felt my heartbeat rise and my face turning all red when Jared stretched a hand out towards me and said:
“Hey there! I’m Jared”
“I’m Tiegan” I said shyly and shook his hand.
“Nice to meet you, Tiegan!” he smiled just as Shan broke in.
“Tiegan is from Norway, you know!” he said and pointed at me.
“Cool! I’ve always wanted to go there on vacation! Snowboarding and skiing…” Jared said and looked at me. I think he was waiting for me to say something, but I stayed silent. I felt really stupid…
“So…where in Norway are you from?”” he continued, not taking his eyes off me for one second.
“Oslo…but I live just outside the city.” I replied and looked back at him. A big smile spread on his face.
“A little shy, are you?”” he asked.
“Yeah…a bit…”” I answered and looked down on my empty glass. “Even more so when you are here…”” I blushed. Did I really say that out loud?? I could almost hear Jared thinking and I felt his eyes burn into my forehead.
“Why?”” he asked and I looked up again. “Do you find me very scary or something??”
“No!”” I laughed. “It’s just that…well…I…” I fumbled around trying to find the right words.
“Well, spit it out!”” he laughed.
“Ok…” I said and started playing with my glass. ”I’ve been a fan of you for a long time…”
“Thank you!”” he smiled and took my glass out of my hands. “Want another drink?”
“Well? What do you want?”” he asked.
“Martini…no olive, please.”
“Cool! Same as this one then.”” he smiled and left the table.

I didn’t notice until now, but Shan and Tomo sat staring at me over the table.
“What?”” I asked and looked curiously at them.
“Oh, nothing…”” Shan shrugged.
“No, what?”” I raised my voice a little.
“You like him, eh?” Tomo asked in a cheeky tone.
“Yeah, I do…and so?”
“No, it’s nothing.”” Shannon shrugged again and looked over at Tomo. They chuckled.
“This is annoying!”” I laughed as I saw Jared coming towards us again. Shan and Tomo laughed again. ”What’s so funny?” Jared asked as he sat down next to me and handed me my drink.
“Nothing!”” the two men chuckled.
“What are you two up to now?”” Jared asked and took a sip of his drink.
“We? Nothing! We’re innocent!”” Shan said with a big grin.
Jared turned to me and asked if I wanted to dance instead of sitting there listening to those two. I agreed to dance and finished up my drink before I got up. He took my hand and led me out onto the dance floor. I put my hands on his shoulders, and he put his on my waist. We just danced for a while…we didn’t say a word.

When the song was finished, we walked back to the table. Shan and Tomo were gone, but a girl sat there with her head in her hands. I walked up to her and stroked her hair.
She looked up at me, and I saw that she had been crying.
“What’s wrong, Toni?”” I asked as I sat down next to her and took her hand in mine.
Jared picked up our glasses and motioned that he was going over to the bar. I nodded and turned my attention back to Toni. She sat looking at me with big puppy eyes…she was drunk as hell!
“I don’t know, Tiegan……I just want to go home…”” she said with tears in her voice.
“Well, home is a bit far away right now,”” I explained, “but we could go back to the hotel…if that’s what you want.”
“No, you don’t have to leave! You seem to be enjoying yourself here! But will you please get me a taxi? I don’t feel like being here anymore…”
“Ok…but we are going to talk about this tomorrow!”” I said and fished my mobile out of my bag. “Are you sure you want to be alone tonight?”” I asked as I found my phone.
“Yeah, just get me a taxi, ok?””

I called for a taxi, and walked Toni outside. I saw to it that she had enough money to get to the hotel, and sent her off. As I saw the taxi disappear around the corner, I took a quick look at the clock. It was only 15 minutes to midnight!

I went back inside and found Jared sitting alone at the table. I sneaked up behind him and put my hands on his shoulders. He jumped, turned in his chair and looked at me with big eyes.
“Hey, you scared me!”” he said as I walked past him and sat down.
“Yeah…I ment to…”” I laughed, and he handed me a new Martini.
“I thought you had left me…”” Jared said and placed his hand on top of mine on the table.
I just shook my head and smiled at him.
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