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Gia's Story

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Gia's story! Sorry for the long wait but being a H.S. senior has been tough. I hope you like! Remember to read & comment. 2,143 words.

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Gia isn’t sure whether or not she hates Patrick. She loves her friend dearly for taking her along on Warped Tour but this heat was fucking ridiculous. Patrick could have at least warned her. Gia sighs as she fans herself. She’s grateful for the tent she’s under, the shade covering her up as she stays to watch Fall Out Boy’s merch. It’s a fun job considering she gets to see Patrick perform side stage and gets to see other awesome bands for free but Gia’s wondering if the mediocre catering is worth it. She decides that it’s a good summer after she sold a Fall Out Boy shirt to a thirteen year old.

Gia rakes her hand through her hair, gathering up her black cherry strands and piling it into a bun. Her tongue flicks out and runs over the small metal lip ring as she takes out her cell phone. It’s almost time for Fall Out Boy’s set and she promised Patrick that she’ll be there. She turned to Linda, one of Warped’s helpers and told her she was leaving now to catch the show.

“The show’s in thirty minutes.” Linda told, raising her eyebrow at her co-worker.

Gia nodded, ensuring Linda that she knew what time it is.

“I know. They switch the layout of the tour every other city. I have to get a head start and try to find the stage.” Gia smiles at Linda’s chuckle.

“Oh. Alright see you soon.”

Gia waved at her friend before leaving the comfort and shade of the merch tent. She walked out into the sun, the heat prickling against her tan skin. Gia's feet guided her through the strings of teenagers, dodging bodies as she texted Patrick for directions. As her thumbs flew across the phones keyboard, Gia had wandered into a building. She looked up from her phone when she noticed the cool shade on her skin and faint air conditioning. Gia had no problem staying in the small space but when she noticed that she only had fifteen minutes till the show started, she began to freak out. She sucked in her lip ring, her tongue running over the metal as she looked around the room.

Cables and wires filled the outer edge of the space, amps and guitar pedals spread across the floor. Gia noticed the guitars, microphones and drum sets left in the room and realized that this was a practice space for the bands to use between sets. Drumbeats filled her ears as they flowed through the closed door on the left. The drums were suddenly cut off, the sounds of two voices picking up the silence.

“I mean it just sounds better.”

“I agree with you, man but after Venom my arms are fucking sore. I can play it if we play Venom later on in the set.”

Gia approached the voices, opening the door slightly to see two men in deep conversation huddled over a drum set. The blonde man who sat behind the kick drum caught her eye first. He was staring at a piece of paper the brown busy haired man held out. The blonde’s hand absentmindly raked through his hair, pushing it up until it formed a fin-like Mohawk. A beard covered his chin and upper lip. Gia noticed the gleam from the drummer’s lip ring as he talked. She didn’t notice that she still hovered near the door until the two men moved apart from each other. She also noticed that a huge smile took up most of her face.

The sound of clacking drumsticks had reminded her that she was wasting time just standing there. She had no idea where she needed to go so they might point her in the right direction. Gia entered the room, her steps masked by the men’s voices. She walked towards them, just a few steps away from the drum set. She cleared her throat, too shy to actually speak, but it was drowned out by the rhythmic beats the blonde was banging out on his instrument.

“Guys?” Gia spoke but her voice didn’t quite catch the boy’s attention.

She saw the curly haired guy pick up a guitar and strum a few notes upon the loud poundings, adding sharp guitar riffs upon the loud poundings. Gia checked her watch and started to panic. She only had seven minutes to get to the stage and she still had no idea where she was. Gia cleared her throat again, preparing to raise her voice another time.

“Hey.” She said, frowning as the boys played louder.

How they still didn’t notice her presence was beyond her but Gia moved in closer, determined to get an answer from these boys. She now walked closer to the drum set, close enough to touch, before speaking.

“Excuse me, I—“

Gia would have finished her sentence if her volume hadn’t startled the drummer into awareness. The drummer looked up and jerked his hand, his drumstick flying out at top speed and hitting Gia square in the forehead.

“Ow!” She yelled, right when the blonde man stood up from his seat.

“Holy shit, I am so sorry!” The man spoke, his face now flushed with red.

Gia was too busy touching the bump that was rapidly forming on her forehead to notice that the blonde was standing just a few inches away from her. She flinched at the sudden fingers on her chin and the outline of her jaw. The rough calloused hands lifted Gia’s head up a bit, her brown eyes finally meeting his clear blue eyes. Gia stared into his blue orbs as his fingers left her chin and lightly ran his hand over her bruise.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized once more, this time, his voice a little softer than before.

His eyes finally met Gia’s, a small smile on his thin lips. Gia smiled back noticing that he left his hand to rest on her forehead. She bit her lip as his thumb rubbed soft circles onto her skin.

“I’m fine.” She reassured, her voice no louder than a whisper. Gia took in the guy’s looks, taking note on how her heart beat frantically when she noticed how close his lips were.

A loud cough tore Gia’s attention the blonde and towards the brown curly haired guy. He was standing a few feet away from them, nervously jumping from foot to foot. He gave Gia an apologetic smile when he got her attention.

“Sorry about that. Bob gets into the music. I’m Ray.”

Gia looked back at Bob, suddenly remembering that his hands were still on her face. She took a step back, letting Bob’s hands fall off.

“Hey.” She said. “You guys sounded awesome.”

“Uh, thanks.” Bob smiled, his white teeth bared.

“Yeah. I was wondering if you guys know where exactly the main stage is located. I have to be there in five minutes and they change the layout every town.”

“It’s actually five minutes away if you round the corner and walk straight from the Reggie and The Full Effect merch tent. I can take you there if you want.” Bob offered, his tooth filled smile now a grin. Gia was about to accept before Ray’s voice reminded her that they weren’t alone.

“The guys are coming for rehearsal any minute.”

Bob frowned at Ray’s words, checking his watch and sighed.

“It’s fine. See you guys around.” Gia waved, walking towards the door. “I man Fall Out Boy’s merch tent all tour.”

Gia saw Bob’s frown transform into a smile at the information. “Cool. See you later!”

Bob returned the wave when Gia looked over her shoulder. Ray gave her a small farewell nod before she had walked out of their practice space, into the hot sun and toward the stage she had been looking for.


“He’s blonde, he’s cute, he knows how to drum, he’s caring, he’s cute, his lip ring gleams when he smiles, he has these gorgeous blue eyes, and he’s really cute.”
Gia sighed happily as she laid her head on Patrick’s shoulder. They were sitting under the catering tent as Gia described Bob for what seemed to be the hundredth time in two weeks. She heard Patrick chuckle as he took a piece of bread and placed it in his mouth.

“Wait,” Patrick spoke, his words filled with amusement. “Did you say he was cute?”

There was a small smile on his lips as he joked but it couldn’t have matched Gia’s full blown grin.

“You should meet him.” Gia said, her brown eyes lighting up with excitement when the idea stuck. They dimmed in confusion when she heard Patrick laugh. “What?” She asked.

“I did meet Bob. When visited you at the merch tent before he to you to My Chem’s stage.”

Gia started to reminisce the exact details of last week. Blurs of meeting the members of My Chemical Romance, seeing them play side stage and moments alone with Bob and his smile blend in all together. As she thought, Gia remembered seeing Patrick and Bob briefly talk about drums before leaving.

“Oh yeah.” She mumbled.

Gia opened her mouth to say something else but snapped it shut when her phone vibrated in her pocket. She takes it out of her front pocket and smiles once she reads the screen.

“Is it Bob? I don’t even know why I’m asking. Tell Bob I said hi.” Gia rolled her eyes as she heard Patrick.

“He wants to see me so I’ll tell him in person.” Gia stood from her bench, waving good bye to Patrick as she walked into the sun. She placed her sunglasses onto her nose as she walked toward My Chemical Romance’s tour bus. She saw Bob leaning against the metal, lifting himself off of the bus when he saw her.

“Hey Gia.” His hand was outstretched for her to take. Gia slipped her hand into his and smiled at the ground when Bob linked their fingers together. She isn’t sure why she was so nervous. She had held Bob’s hand before but she always seems to get that fluttering feeling in the pit of her stomach. Gia flicked her tongue against the lip ring as Bob led her away from the buses. They walked in silence for a few minutes before they reached a small pond. Bob sat on the small patch of grass and gently tugged Gia down to the floor beside him.

“Come sit.”

Gia raised an eyebrow at him, questioning his silence and his choice of location. She opened her mouth to speak but Bob sensed her curiosity. She watched Bob as he looked up at her, the sunlight lighting up his eyes. He had a smirk on his thin lips before he spoke.

“Just trust me. I wanna tell you something.”

Gia sat down next to Bob, sliding in closer when his arm wrapped around her slender waist. Gia suppressed her smile just so her cheeks wouldn’t hurt in the future. She stared out onto the green pond water for a while before Bob took a deep breath.

“We’ve been hanging out the last few weeks,” Bob started. Gia could tell he was nervous. His pale fingers were fidgeting against her hand, squeezing and then letting go as they sat in temporary silence. Bob cleared his throat before continuing.

“And it’s been really fun. You’re really fun and I guess it isn’t a big secret that I like you.”

Gia smiled at Bob’s words. It’s true, it wasn’t a secret that they both liked each other but it was the first time one of them had said it to the other. “You like me?”

Bob smiled back. “Ever since that drumstick left my hand.”

Gia bumped her shoulder against Bob’s, too happy to say anything.

“I was just wondering if you wanted to go out with me. You know, you as my girlfriend and me as your boyfriend.”

Gia could feel he jaw open in shock but she didn’t have any brain power to close it. She wanted to scream ‘YES! YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES!’ but her vocal chords didn’t work. She had to do the next best thing that came to mind.

She placed her hands on Bob’s jaw, keeping him steady as she pressed her lips against Bob’s. His beard was tickling her palms but the softness of his mouth had kept her attached until they ran out of breath.

Bob chuckled happily, panting as he tried to form words. “Should I take that as a ‘yes’?”

“Yes.” Gia said, finally gaining her ability to speak. “I think I said yes because you’re deadly with a drumstick in hand.” She smiled at him before pulling him in for another kiss. When Bob’s tongue licked at Gia’s bottom lip, she smiled. She can get used to this.
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