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Gerard’s car pulled up outside my apartment building with Frank driving. Gerard rolled down the window and cheered loudly but dropped dramatically when he saw Eva standing on the pavement. “Oh my god, who invited you?”

“Alright fine, I’m going home.” Eva said quickly, standing up and grabbing her suitcase.

I grabbed her arm “No, come on. Gerard be nice please!”

Frank got out the car and opened the boot for us. “Are you alright?” Frank whispered to me.

I nodded, shoved my suitcase into the car and walked round to the back door. I reached for the handle but the door burst open and Bob got out, laughing hysterically. Eva rolled her eyes “Look, it’s this guy!”

“Pay the toll!” Bob winked at me and pointed at his cheek “Pay the toll!”

I simply laughed slightly and ducked under his arm and into the car. Bob laughed and went to sit next to me but luckily Eva shoved past him and sat in between us. I smiled at her gratefully and she mouthed ‘You so owe me!’

The drive took forever and it didn’t help that Gerard kept singing along to the radio at the top of his lungs and that he was literally all over Frank. Jealousy stung me like an angry bug. This was all Frank’s fault. I might’ve told him I used to have a crush on him but he kissed me. Did he like making me feel like crap?

After so many hours of driving we made it to the Toro’s summer house. “Oh my god, hi!” Ray grinned, walking out of his house in the most ridiculous pair of shorts you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

We all got out of the car and instantly Ray went straight to Eva’s side. Eva glared at him, shoved past him and up into the house. I rolled my eyes and smiled, giving Ray a quick hug and saying hello. He told me I’d be staying upstairs in a double bedroom with Bob.

My eyes widened “Umm, why am I sharing with Bob?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you.” Gerard grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the crowd “I forgot to tell you! Guess who thinks you’re hot!”

“I don’t like where this is going.”

“Bob! So I phoned up Ray and asked if he could possibly put you in the same room. You never know where this could go.”

“I don’t want to know where it could go.”

“Come on Mikes, don’t be like that.” Gerard pouted “I was worried that you’d feel lonely anyway since I have Frankie and Eva obviously has Ray.”

“Eva doesn’t want Ray.”

“Well god knows why Ray wants Eva! She’s so annoying. Why’d you invite her?”

“Because she’s my friend. Almost my best friend just after you.”

Gerard grinned at me “We’re going to have fun. Trust me.”

It was not fun. Well, parts of it were fun. Like when we were on the beach taking shots, all of us laughing and sitting around a small camp fire that Gerard and Ray had set up.

However the parts where Bob kept hitting on me were not fun. The parts where Eva and Gerard made stupid comments about each other were not fun. But worst of all, the parts where Gerard and Frank got close were not fun at all.

Finally the sun went down and all of us sat down around our camp fire. “Okay, one more drink.” Gerard grinned, pouring us all a glass of wine and handing one to each of us “Cheers!” We all clinked our glasses with one another “Look in the eyes guys. It proves we’re friends. And it’s good luck anyway.”

I didn’t look Frank in the eye. Eva and Gerard didn’t look each other in the eye. Eva didn’t look Ray in the eye. I tried my best not to look Bob in the eye but I was worried I’d offend him so I had to.

Gerard ran his fingers through his hair “As all of you know, I’m getting married soon…”

“Why does he always have to bring us his marriage?” Eva muttered in my ear. Normally I’d nudge her or tell her to shut up but now I kind of agreed with her.

“Let’s come down here and have many fun memories before then!” Gerard smiled “Before I become Mr Gerard Iero.”

My stomach twisted with jealousy and guilt. It made me burn to admit it but I’d always wanted to be Mr Mikey Iero.

[A/N] - I'm sorry! I know I promised I'd update on Friday but my Mom never dropped off my laptop at my Dads. I was so bored :L And I've done this terrible thing where I actually go out and have a social life? :) I went out with my brother Tuesday, went to an under 18's band night and tomorrow I'm going to see The Hunger Games with Becca but not until 9 so there might be an update? NO UPDATES ON SATURDAY - I have bag packing at ASDA, opticions appointment and then I'm seeing Black Veil Brides ;D
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