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A couple of hours later we sat in the living room watching TV. Eva had gone upstairs to bed and Ray had shortly followed her. It was only me, Bob, Frank and Gerard left now. Frank was sitting on one chair with Gerard on his lap. I was sitting on the sofa with Bob next to me.

Gerard smiled at me and glanced at Bob then stood up “I’m kinda tired, let’s go up to bed Frankie.”

Frank looked at me. Bob gave him a look that said ‘Go upstairs now!’. But Frank just continued looking at me then said “Uhh Gee, I’m not actually that tired.”

Gerard smirked at him “Perfect. Come on.”

Frank sighed but stood up and followed Gerard upstairs. Bob yawned, stretched his arms and put one arm round me. I went bright red and refused to move. Bob muttered stuff to me but I tried hard to ignore him.

Suddenly I heard Eva walking down the stairs with Ray cluttering after her “I-It’s really hot in my room…” Ray said to her “Is it okay if I sleep in your room?”

“Even if I wasn’t sleeping in a bed made for a small child, I wouldn’t let you sleep in my room.” Eva said. There was a slight pause before Eva continued “Because it’s like boiling in my room as well… That’s why I came down for a drink.”

“Oh uhh right.” Ray laughed slightly then carried on “I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me sometime. Like at the weekend… We could like have sex or something?”

I couldn’t help but smirk a little at that and tried hard not to laugh “Umm Ray, I need to tell you something.” I raised my eye-brows. Was Eva about to finally tell him that she’d just used him for sex and didn’t actually love him? “Here’s the thing… I think I might be a lesbian.” My eyes widened “No, wait, I’m definitely a lesbian. So I’d like it if you would please just give me some space so I can deal with all the things I need to deal with.”

More silence. Then Ray said “Challenge accepted.”

“… Excuse me?”

“I accept your challenge!”

“There is no challenge here, there’s just-“

“If you think I’m going to back of now then you have another thing coming.”

“Ray, there’s no-“

We heard loud footsteps running back up the stairs and a door slamming. Eva sighed from the kitchen then went up the stairs after home.

There was an awkward silence while Bob and I sat on the sofa. Bob didn’t seem to have heard the conversation that had been going on in the kitchen. He was busy staring at me and stroking my light brown hair. I hadn’t noticed him doing this a moment ago because I’d been busy listening to the conversation in the kitchen. I wasn’t sure whether I liked him doing this or not.

Suddenly I heard an unmistakeable noise that made me go bright red and feel lousy. Gerard and Frank were upstairs having sex… And we could hear everything.

Bob laughed and nudged my arm. I smiled awkwardly at him then looked away. He still tried to impress me by waving his arms in the air as if he were conducting their sex noises. I bit my lip. Why couldn’t Gerard just shut the fuck up?

The next morning I walked downstairs with two packed suitcases and into the kitchen “I’m going home!” I announced.

Gerard looked at me with his mouth open “What do you mean you’re going home?”

“I-I got called in at work…” I lied “They phoned me and said they needed me.”

“But it’s the weekend!”

“I know, I know, they only call me in at the weekend if they really need me though. So I guess I’d better go. Could somebody please phone me a taxi?”

“You don’t need a taxi.” Frank said from behind me “I’ll drive you down to the bus station and you can get a coach back.”

“Yeah, Frankie will drive you.”

‘What do you think you’re doing?’ Eva mouthed at me but I ignored her. I felt bad since she had dragged herself down here for me and now I was ditching her. But I couldn’t stand to look at Frank and Gerard being all over each other. I hadn’t liked it before but now it was even worse.

I shuffled after Frank into his car. We drove to the bus station in silence. “You don’t really have to go home, do you?” Frank asked as he stopped the car.

I went bright red “Well no I don’t. Look, can we just forget this happened please? What happened after my party?”

“If that’s what you want then… Yeah, we can.”

I should’ve kept my mouth shut. But I didn’t “Why did it happen?” I asked, looking Frank in the eye.

He opened his mouth to reply but I stopped him “No, it doesn’t matter. I mean it’s just, we were both really drunk…”

“I wasn’t that drunk.” Frank told me.

We were both silent again “Why didn’t you tell me you had a crush on me at band camp?” Frank asked.

I looked down “You’d never have felt the same way.”

Frank laughed “Mikey, are you really that dim?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You were all I ever thought about at band camp!”

I looked at him then shook my head “I’ll see you later.” I got out the car, took my bags and walked to the coach trying hard to hold back my tears.
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