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The next day during my lunch break I went out for lunch with Eva "What happened after I left?" I asked her "Did anybody say anything?"

"Well we all had a good cry." Eva said sarcastically "But then no, nobody really cared. Why?"

"Oh, well, I thought that someone might've-" I sighed "Never mind."

"I just had the greatest time with your boyfriend Bob."

"He's not my boyfriend." I hissed "I don't even like him that way. He's kind of annoying."

"Well done Captain State-the-obvious!"

"But what am I supposed to do? Tell him that I don't like him? Imagine how awkward that would be."

"I think you should be honest with him."

"You mean like you were when telling Ray that you don't actually love him?"

Eva went bright red "Y-You didn't hear that, did you?"

I laughed "I did actually."

"Oh god... Do you think I was a little harsh?"

"No, I just think you were a big fat liar."

"Don't call me fat!"

Once I finished eating lunch with Eva I went shopping with Gerard. "Look Gee, I know you're stressing about the wedding but I have to get back to work! Can we hurry up please?"

"What do you think of this?" Gerard asked, holding up a shirt.

"It's umm lovely but can we-"

"Okay but before you go, I have to read you something."

"Alright but can you read it quickly becaus-"

"It's my vows." Gerard interupted, making me silent. Gerard smiled and raised his eye-brows "Take a seat." The two of us sat on a white squashy sofa and Gerard pulled out his mobile phone and began to read "Frankie. Our love is like the ocean. Endless and forever flowing." I smiled at him politely "You hate it? You think it's awful?"

"No, no, it's beautiful..." I saw the look on Gerard's face "Well, ocean's don't flow. Rivers flow."

"See!" Gerard cried dramatically "You're so much better at this than me! What would you say if it were you?"

"Well uh..." I thought about it for a second "Say that you love him... And that... He makes you giddy?" Gerard looked up from his phone and made a funny face at me "And also say that. Life without him wouldn't just be unbearable... It's unimaginable. Because he's your entire life and-"

"Oh my god!" Gerard interupted with a huge smile on his face. He wasn't smiling at me. He was smiling at a group of guys who had just walked into the shop.

I went bright red. What a great big brother he is.

That night I got a phone call off Frank "Hey. I was really upset when you left at the weekend."

"Yeah, well, you didn't sound too upset when you were having sex with Gerard."

Frank sighed "I think you and me need some time to... Well, figure out what we have here. The fourth of July? We could take a weekend off. Gerard and the others are going down to stay with Ray again. You and me could say we need to stay behind for work. That could be like a time out for us. To figure out what's going on with us without any distractions. What do you think?"

For a moment I felt extremely guilty about going behind my brothers back. But then I remembered how he'd walked away from me in the shop when I'd been trying to help him with his wedding vows "I'm in."
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