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Gerard phoned me up and told me we were going to stay at Ray's summer house for the weekend again "But I'm not sure I want to." I told him "I mean Bob is awesome and everything but-"

"Bring Eva down again if you don't wanna get stuck with Bob. Come on Mikey, you gotta learn to have a little fun."


"Hey! We all agreed to go down as often as we can before I get married!" I rolled my eyes. I wished he wouldn't keep bringing it up "So please come down this weekend. You're the best man. You have too."

"Fine." I sighed heavily, hanging up on him without saying goodbye. Technically, this was all my fault. If only I'd said something at the time...

"Are you serious?" I laughed, nearly falling off my seat because it was so funny "You can't be serious?"

"No, no, I am." Frank was grinning at me.

I noticed his hand moving across the table closer to mine. I stopped laughing but smiled a tiny, shy smile. Was tonight going to be the night? Where I finally confessed my feelings for Frank? And he... And he would feel the same way?

I was about to say something when suddenly a loud voice from behind me called "You can calm down now! I'm here!"

It was Gerard. He flopped down next to Frank, looked him up and down and said "Oh I dunno. He's 'okay' looking."

I went bright red "Umm Frank, this is my older brother Gerard. Gerard, this is my friend Frank."

"I know, you've only been going on about him for as long as I can remember!" Gerard giggled "Okay, who wants to play Dares?"

"Gee!" I cried.

"Come on, it'll be fun." Gerard said, raising his eye-brows and glancing at Frank meaningfully. There was silence for a second before Gerard continued "Okay Frank. I dare you to ask Mikey out on a real date instead of whatever the hell this is."

Frank and I went bright red. He opened his mouth to say something but I thought I'd save him the embarrassment by saying "Gerard! We're just friends!"

Gerard narrowed his eyes at me as if to ask 'Really?'. I was half hoping he'd pester Frank until he did ask me out (not that I'm desperate or anything) but he didn't. Instead he turned to Frank, smiled and said "Alright fine, ask me out."

Frank thought about it for a second before asking "I'm sorry, who are you?"

"Who am I?" Gerard repeated, laughing "I am fun!"

I should've said something that night. Should've sat there and waited for Frank to ask me out on a date. He practically told me he had a crush on me back then too. What would've happened if Frank had asked me on a date? Well, Gerard wanted Frank too. And Gerard always gets what he wants. I learnt that a long time ago.

That weekend we all met at Ray's house during the afternoon. I was sat outside with Frank just before lunch. He smiled at me "How are things?"

"You know... Fucking fantastic. I hate my job and not a lot else is going right." I shrugged my shoulders "Oh well."

"Oh. I hate my job too you kn-"

Frank was interupted by Gerard showing up and kissing him passionately on the lips. I moved out of seat next to Frank and moved down a space. Gerard took the seat I had once been sitting in, not even taking his lips off Gerards.

Ray walked out of the house in a pair of faded light blue jeans and a pink tee-shirt that said 'Legalise Gay' on it. Gerard laughed "Why are you wearing that?"

"Why shouldn't Gays have the same rights as everybody else?" Ray asked, glaring at Gerard "Homophobe!"

"Honey, I'm gay." Gerard snorted.

Eva walked out of the house ending that stupid conversation. Gerard looked at her "What are you doing here?"

Eva sat down next to me and said passionately "Because I'm in love with you... And I can't stand to be apart from you- Also my apartment flooded."

"Oh wow, that's so weird..." Gerard told her "... I just don't care!"

Gerard started laughing so Ray said "Gerard, don't. She's going through something very difficult."

"Not really. Just mainly the house flooding." Eva replied, raising her eye-brows at him.

Then Bob came out of the house. He wasn't alone either. A small, skinny girl followed him out of the house and sat on his lap. They were laughing with each other. Bob kissed her on the cheek then looked at the rest of us who were just staring at them "What?" Bob asked "We were allowed to bring guests, right?"

"Is there any vodka?" The girl he was with asked.

Great. Just fuckin' great.
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