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He likes her. She has her head in the clouds.

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Subject: Hi

Hi Darcy,
You don’t know but I go to your college. This sounds creepy I know it’s just I don’t have enough courage to talk to you face to face hence why I’m doing it through email. Anyway if your weirded out by this, just delete my email and I won’t bother you again, if you’re not great; how are you?
I bet you’re trying to work out who I am so if you want to ask questions I don’t mind answering but I will not tell you name, that’s way too personal, but you can call me Riddler, I do believe he is one of your favourite Batman villains correct?
I hope to speak soon with you,
R x

I read the email out to my group of friends at lunch the day after I got it. We were all sat outside, as it was a rare sunny day here in England. We were sat at our usual bench overlooking the running track, which none of us ever had motivation to do laps of.
“And you have no idea who this is?” Frank, asked me whilst tucking into his salad that he kindly shared with me.
“Not the slightest,” I looked at him then the rest of the group, “I don’t know whether to be freaked out or slightly flattered.” I blushed giggling.
“He sounds weird if you ask me.” Charlie, my best friend, spoke to me whilst she quickly read the email on my phone again. “Who emails a girl but doesn’t tell her who he is? Surely if you’re emailing you can go on his profile and see his name?” She asked passing me my phone back.
“I tried it just says Anthony Thomas.” I spoke up again nibbling on my carrot stick.
“Well do you want to get to know him?” Mikey spoke up after moments of silence between the group. “I mean it’s only emailing not as if you’re going to meet him or anything.”
“Yeah and if you do decide to meet him then we can go to the same place and keep an eye on you.” Gerard, who up until this point had remained silent on the topic, that’s what I loved about my circle of friends we all looked out for each other and they were always there should I need them. Being the youngest and smallest of the whole group meant they felt little more protective over me which is often a benefit with me.
“Exactly, plus it’s not as if he’s raging psychopath, he’s just shy.” I nodded smiling before emailing him back.

Subject: RE: Hi
Well Riddler, you certainly have me riddled as I am bemused by your identity. But you are correct alongside the Joker; the Riddler is one of my favourite villains. I am good in answer to your question, how are yourself?
I do have one question.
Why are you too shy to talk to me face to face? I’m just a girl, I don’t bite. I’m also guessing the name on your profile is incorrect too?

Good day,
Darcy x

I emailed him back just as Frank announced it was time for class. “Have you got Law Darce?” he asked pushing his bottle of coke into his already bursting bag.
“I have, you have English right?” he nodded smiling as we both said bye to the rest of the group and set off to main building middle floor.
“Do you think I should get talking to this guy? Or is it stupid? I mean it’s kind of like A Cinderella Story meets You've Got Mail except I highly doubt it’s Chad Michael Murray or Tom Hanks on the other side of the computer.” I laughed as I saw Frank shaking his head smiling.
“You need to stop comparing everything to romantic films Thomas because people are going to start calling you crazy soon.” He joked whilst we approached my room. It’s true, I’m a sucker for good old cheesy chick flicks and whilst I never seem to get the happy cliché ending, I also manage to compare even the worst situations to some sort of film. Call it a coping technique if you will. “But seriously no. if you want to talk to him you do it, like you said he’s probably shy. Plus what do you have to lose? Your only emailing him you can stop at any point if you feel silly. Also, we’re always here for you if he starts getting weird.” He smiled as he nudged me “you know what they say, the pack have to look after their youngest and smallest.” His smile got bigger at the latter part of the sentence because up until me stumbling into their group, Frank was the shortest and constantly got ridiculed for this off the other members.
“You, Frank Iero, are correct like usual.” I looked up at him as my teacher came and unlocked the door. “Meet me here after class?” he nodded before setting off to the opposite end of the corridor leaving me to go into my rather boring Law lesson.

“All lesson I was watching anyone in class who was checking their emails.” I spoke whilst scoffing my Subway sandwich, Frank and I stopped for on the way home. “And guess what no one did but yet I received an email.” I shook my head, “maybe he’s in my Psychology lesson or my Business lesson.” I spoke more to myself then Frank in particular.
“Why don’t you just email him before them classes and if you get an email back then you know if he’s in the class or not.” He suggested with a small smirk playing on his lips which he often had when he thought of an idea which was so simple but often so effective.
“Once again Iero you are a genius.” I smiled as we reached his street. “I’m scared though.” I looked up at him slowly to see him raise his eyebrow questioningly. “You know I don’t take hints and I can’t flirt, what if he tries hinting or flirting with me, I don’t know how to respond!” I blushed.
“Then you email one of us what he sent you and we can advise you on how to respond to him, can’t we?” He smiled before continuing, “You sure you don’t want to come round later on? I can whip your arse at Call of Duty again if you want?” He laughed walking up his path already knowing the answer.
I faked laugh before shaking my head and setting off for my street, two blocks away, smiling.
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