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Rumour Has It

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Who could it be?

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Subject: Hi

Darcy, I am very happy today thank you and in answer to your question, I’m too scared to talk to you because I don’t think you feel the same for me as what I feel for you, so why make a fool out of myself? At least this way I can talk to you without my cheeks burning up (even though they still are).

Anyway by the time you get this you will probably be at home because I know you like to focus on your studies so how was your day? I must say I loved your Green Day t-shirt today; they truly are an amazing and inspirational band.
That made me sound like a creep so let me explain, I was within eye distance of you today at lunch and that’s how I saw your t-shirt. I’ve it been following you like I’ve just made it sound.

I thought maybe we can start getting to know each other a little better? By asking questions? If that’s ok? If so you can start by asking me a question.

Speak soon,
Riddler x

I read my message whilst queuing up for my usual break time cappuccino with Gerard who was trying to read the message over my shoulder discreetly. But failing. Miserably.
"Do you want to read it?" I turned to him whilst he quickly turned away. He nodded blushing and quickly took the phone from me in order to cause a distraction from the uncomfortable situation he was in as I ordered.
"What's your first question going to be?" He asked as we went to our usual room. This was a music room where the guys often played in their band and when Gerard wasn't vocalising the bands lyrical thoughts he was drawing his own personal fantasy.
I shrugged before thinking in depth, there were just so many thoughts and questions buzzing round in my head it were impossible to choose just one. "What about, do I come into verbal contact with you daily?" I looked at him, "that way he can't say we contact everyday through the email?" I loaded up a reply message.
"Smart thinking." He replied as he put a CD into the player, which just happened to be Panic! At The Disco's Vices and Virtues.
"You know I do love this album. It’s such an easy listening feel good album.” I smiled picking stray bits of frayed cotton off my battered t-shirt.

Subject: Hi

Riddler, my day was very good thank you and I’m so glad to hear the same was in your case. However, I disagree with your comments of making a fool of yourself, if I was to know who you are then maybe I would feel what you feel, you never know. And like I said in my previous email I’m just a girl, talking to a guy. I’m nothing special.
Thank you for the compliment on my Green Day t-shirt, they really are a talent. I got this when Charlie and I went to their Halloween show. I’ll always remember Frank was gutted he couldn’t come because he was going out for a meal with his family because of it being his birthday.
As for your idea of getting to know each other I think it is a great idea. I have so many questions but I’ve chose just one for the time being. Do I make verbal contact with you daily?

What would you like to ask me? You can ask me more than one if you wish. I hope you have a good day.

Write soon,
D x

It was just an hour until the rest of our small group joined us at the room. We were all sat around eating our usual lunches.
"Oh my cousin’s friend has a bar and he's asked do we want to play there one Friday night." Ray spoke up looking at all the members of My Chemical Romance, "we just have to let him know and he'll tell us when. We get paid as well apparently." The guys got excited at this prospect because let’s face it there's only so many free gigs a starting band can play to spread their word and this would give them chance to see if their free gigs had set up a fan base.
"Yeah sounds really good we all agreed to do it?" Gerard looked at all the eager nodding of the other members. "Well that's sorted then." He smiled proud of the achievement they were making.
"So what we all doing tonight?" Mikey spoke breaking the small silence that came from us all eating our boring bland lunches. "I thought maybe we could go to the cinema or something?" He suggested.
"I can't I'm at church meeting the vicar about this wedding I'm bridesmaid for." I frowned whilst flicking the cherry tomatoes gracing my salad with their presence into the bin.
"I'm still not used to the idea of you in a meringue bridesmaid dress Thomas." Frank laughed watching me.
"Leave her alone you" Charlie hit him playfully; she's going to look stunning, speaking of which any more goss from Mr Riddler?" She smiled her dazzling smile at me in a bid to convince me if I wasn't intending to share. I told them his email then mine.
"I wouldn't push the whole meeting him thing he's obviously really shy." Gerard added.
"Creep." Mikey simply stated as there was a soft knock on the door and a small guy popped his head in.
“Darcy, you’re due in for practice in 5 minutes.” Peter smiled at me before disappearing back off to the studio I was guessing.

Subject: Hi

Darcy, I can completely understand why Frank would have been gutted at missing Green Day however I bet his birthday was fantastic none the less.

In answer to your question, yes you do, however, I will not tell you if it’s in lesson or not as that would be to revealing.

My question to you is your favourite song of the moment? Is it Rumour Has It by Adele because I saw you practice of it for the music video your friends have to do for their class? I must say you have such a good singing voice and the video will look fantastic! If isn’t then what is?

Your turn,
Riddler x
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