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Sinking Ship

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The emailing continues

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Subject: Hi

How did you see the video, there was only 3 of us in the hall? And no my
favourite song at the minute is Sinking Ships by General Fiasco. I saw them live when they supported Kids In Glass Houses. They're Irish and so good.

My question is what do you already know about me?

What are you doing this weekend? Anything exciting I've got a pretty packed weekend for a change.

Your turn,
D x

"I emailed back when I got home because I had Business and they confiscate your phone if they find you on it lesson." I told Charlie as we walked on to the running track. It was a charity day at college and the guys each said they'd pay me ten each if I ran 1 full lap of the track. "It's massive from down here! I'm going to die!" I moaned to Charlie who just laughed. You see I'm so lazy I didn't think it was possible. I get a lift in the car to the shop doors down but no one can understand why I'm so skinny, I don't exercise but eat crap food, that's vegetarian of course.
"Well you got to do it remember so come on." She pushed me to the track as the guys sat on our bench watching with their sweet treats, smiles on their faces. I went and stood on the marked line and as Charlie shouted ‘go!’ throughout the speakers rippled "I'm bored, I'm bored on a sinking ship...”

I ran round that track quicker then I intended to just get back to Charlie to tell her the movie moment.
However, this plan didn't happen because as I ran to fast obviously when I stopped I'd pant more and by god so I did. The guys were already stood with Charlie as I got back.
"It's ... like ..." I paused, trying to get my breath "10 things ... Sort of." Charlie didn't get this though as the guys were too busy laughing.
"Shut up, Darce what were you saying." She spoke after a while, when my breathing was fairly normal.
"Sinking Ships playing. It's like 10 Things I Hate About You. When Patrick annoys Kat and he sings I Love You Baby! Only I'm not being sung to and it's not a love song to make him embarrassed but I'm doing exercise and she's doing gym!" I managed to get out quickly.
"Oi Thomas what did we say about this the other day." Frank held his hand out to help me up, "not everything needs to be compared to a film so stop yeah?" He smiled wiping the grass from my back I'd accumulated from lying down.
"But that's my favourite film I'm allowed to compare it! And you don't understand! I told Riddler that was my favourite song last night!" I looked at him with my determined eyes.
"Ok. Ok you win" he said putting his hands up in a defeated pose. “But I’m just saying this will end up in people thinking your living in a fantasy world and that’s not always a good thing remember.” I was just about to carry on until the buzz from my phone indicated I had an email.

Subject: Hi

I sure hope that helped you when you was doing your lap. I know you don’t like doing gym, especially running. Well done by the way, very quick go tell the people who sponsored you to cough up.

In answer to your question:

I know your birthday is the 8th February 1994 making you an Aquarius.

You love your music and hate to admit you love the X factor. You have both of Olly Murs' albums and all his singles. I know you love going to gigs despite nearly being knocked out at one and finding it hard to see.

You love Batman and chick flicks (10 Things, Notting Hill, etc.) and 9 times out of 10 you fancy the lead male (Heath Ledger, Hugh Grant, etc.). You love Disney films and have no shame singing When Will My Life Begin? Out of Tangled. You love Matt Damon and that is why you refuse to watch the new Bourne because in your eyes only Matt can be David Webb.

You love Gossip Girl and that you’re consistently routing for Chuck and Blair to get it on, Chair I believe it’s called. You fancy the pants of Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester is your girl crush. Yourself and Charlie sit there and have a Gossip Girl marathon every so often where you’ll discuss the fashion, the romance and the guys.

I know you’re close to your grandma and she taught you how to knit, bake and sew. She helps you sew dresses that you go out in and you used to go up in your pyjama’s when you was younger and she’s the reason whenever you go to parties within the gang you make a cake or little cakes for everyone who goes and many of them people very much like them cakes.

I know you have a kind and caring nature that sometimes leads you to get hurt by the people you thought you could trust and that each time you vow not to be a push over but you can't help it because that's your compassionate side.

I know you’re hard on yourself because others aren't and you need discipline to succeed. I also know from September you had to be strong because your dad was diagnosed with cancer, but I also know it wasn't a brave face you put on, like many others suspected, you were genuinely positive and for that I admire you.

Oh I also now know your favourite song of the moment is Sinking Ships. General Fiasco were amazing live, I too was there.

As for weekend I'm not really doing much. Probably just the Xbox. What does your weekend entail?

Tell me a weird fact about you?

Over to you,
Riddler x

Wow! Thank you for the reviews, it honestly means a lot to me :) x
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