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Game plan

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Meet Vanessa

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Subject: hi

First and foremost how do you know about my dad? Only a selected few know about that, has one of them said something about it to you? Is that how you know so much about me? Because if they haven't you must be one of my friends.
However, on all accounts you are correct. There's not one thing I could disagree with you on there.

In answer to your question, one weird fact about me is whenever I eat chocolate I have to have a packet of ready salted crisps as I like the sharpness of the salt cutting through the sweetness of the chocolate. Also, I often sleep with my eyes open which freaks all of my friends.

This weekend the guys are playing a show tonight so I'm going along to support them. Saturday I'm wedding rehearsing as I am a bridesmaid and the bride thinks I'm going to mess up, and Sunday I'm doing my work. I don't even own an Xbox, another seemingly weird fact apparently.

My question to you is: is Anthony Thomas an indication of your name? I.e. Your middle name or have you used Thomas because it's my last name?

Right back at you,
Darcy x

I typed back furiously quick on my phone keyboard and looked round all my friends to find out the culprit but not one of them budged. I didn't even hear a phone vibrate.
"Darce are you alright?" A concerned Gerard was now kneeling at the side of me watching me closely.
"What? Oh yes I'm fine, help me up again?" I asked quietly which he nodded and stood up with me. The whole group waiting for me to explain, which I did in a nutshell. "What time is show time tonight then boys." I said quickly restoring my chirpy manner.
"7 we're booked on for. Are you sure you want to come D? We all understand if you want to stay home and rest. Even though he's still a creep, Riddler is right, it has been stressful months." Mikey spoke holding me arm’s length away his hands on the top of my arms.
"What? Are you mad Michael? Of course I'm coming. Paying on the door as well." I told him pushing his arms off me. “Let’s get one thing straight okay? It might have been pointed out that I’ve had a difficult few months, but nothing changes we just get on like we have been doing understand?” I looked at them all waiting for them to nod.
“Okay if that’s the case then I want you all to meet my girlfriend tonight, she’s called Vanessa. She’s going to come to the show tonight, is that alright?” Ray looked at us all one by one as we all smiled and nodded. We’d never met Vanessa despite hearing plenty about her from Ray. The reasons as to why we’ve only heard about her and not seen her is unbeknown to us all but I’m sure he has valid reasons.

“You ready Charlie?” I spoke down the phone whilst parked up outside her house.
“You’re really lazy you know that? You could have just knocked on the door instead of ringing me. Give me a second I’m getting my house keys.” She spoke obviously very quickly looking for her keys as her voice began to fade on the phone. Just as she made her ‘aha’ noise indicating she located the said keys my phone pinged to let me know I had an email. I quickly hung up figuring she wouldn’t mind considering she was wittering on with herself.

Subject: hi

although I shouldn’t point this out, you were stood with all your friends when you got the email therefore how could I be one of your friends? As for them telling me about that information, no they haven’t. If I’d of asked they would have found it strange and told you anyway so you would know who I am.

The fact you sleep with your eyes open is pretty weird to be fair, but many people like to eat crisps after chocolate, I know of many who do.

In answer to your question, it is a happy coincidence that I have Thomas in my name, however do not be fooled I may have changed it bare that in mind.

Have a good night at your friend’s bands gig tonight and with your rehearsal of bridesmaid duty I’m sure you will do fantastic. What is your bridesmaid dress like?

I was wondering, considering we finish for the holidays today, would you like to meet up one day in the week? Say Wednesday? In the park? Near the ice cream hut? Only if you want to that is of course.

My question for you is what do you think is your best feature?

Now I’ve dated other girls, tried everything in the world to forget your face,
Riddler x

I instantly recognised the lyric reference; it was Olly Murs ‘In Case You Didn’t Know’ causing me to smile as Charlie got in the car.
“Something good I hope?” she looked at me smiling whilst putting her seat belt on.
“Of course, he quoted Olly of course that’s good.” I laughed as I set off to the club where the guys were playing as she rolled her eyes.

We quickly got into the small queue that had formed outside the music bar.
“I’m so excited for you to meet him.” Charlie smiled as we got in the bar and got our drinks. She was on Coke and I was on my usual Sprite and we was stood two rows from the front slap bang in the middle as it started to fill up behind us.
“I’m excited too of course, I’ll reply after the gig.” I smiled as I text Frank our location so they knew we was defiantly here.
“Do you still have no idea who it could be?” She asked smiling looking behind her to see how full the bar was.
“Nope no idea I thought it was Peter at first but I highly doubt it was, and then I thought stupidly it was Frank but it couldn’t have been because as Riddler pointed out he was stood with me when I got the email, so I’m stumped as to who it is.” I told her truthfully.
“Frank?” She looked at me a wave of confusion covering her expression, “why Frank?” she sounded as confused as she looked.
“Well I think it’s because we’re so close that I have feelings for him, I mean it’s nothing like what you and Gerard feel for each other.” I told her not looking at her as the embarrassment set in. This was the first time I’d ever told anyone this, normally I just kept it in my own thoughts.
“And what you feel for Frank is the same as what you feel for the rest of the guys?” She asked slowly. That was a good question; did I feel the same for Mikey or for Ray or even for Gerard? I pondered this question for a few good minutes until I was quickly brought back to reality and the sound of Headfirst for Halo’s suddenly being blared out.

The show went smoothly and with each song you could tell they were more and more confident being on stage performing for the good 50 people that had paid to get in to see them. By the last song Gerard was strutting around the tiny stage like he was playing Wembley, Frank was throwing himself around the stage like there was no tomorrow, Ray was head banging that hard I thought he might get whiplash and even the usually reserved Mikey was moving about on the small square he had been allocated to move in.
“That was amazing!” Gerard screamed as he joined Charlie and I at the bar where we had their usual drinks lined up for them “I love it so much being up there!” He carried on as Ray walked over with an unfamiliar girl attached to his arm.
“Oh I forgot we were meeting his girlfriend.” I whispered to Charlie, “what’s she called I’ve forgot?”
“Vanessa,” Frank whispered to me as they stood round the group, all of us smiling quickly.
“Guys this is Vanessa, Vanessa this is Gerard.” She shook his hand smiling, “his girlfriend Charlie.” She shook Charlie’s hand smiling, “his brother Mikey.” She shook Mikey’s hand again with a smile. “Mikey’s girlfriend Anna.” Anna too received a handshake and a smile. “Frank,” Frank got the ritual “and …”
“Don’t tell me Frank’s girlfriend?” She interrupted him looking at me smiling.
“Actually no just a friend actually.” I smiled returning her smile.
“Vanessa this is Darcy.” Ray continued, and although she shook my hand the friendly smile was replaced with a sarcastic one.
“Oh Darcy, as in Mr Darcy?” She asked a smirk appearing on her lips.
“Yeah mum is a sucker for Pride and Prejudice.” I said frowning a little. What the hell had I done?
“Probably why your so fantasised by them stupid chick flicks Darce.” Gerard cut in laughing. I smiled politely as everyone continued chatting leaving me slightly confused about Vanessa.
“I’m just popping out for some air yeah?” I smiled at the group as I stood from our table at the side of the room and walked out into the smoking area. It was about ten minutes until I felt someone stand beside me, looking up I noticed the now familiar red head stood next to me.
“Oh hey, need air too?” I smiled up at her, “it’s rather stuff…” I never got chance to finish.
“Listen, Darcy.” She turned to face me pushing herself up off the wall to do so, “I know girls like you and your game. Hands off Ray. He’s mine, he has been for three months and he will remain mine okay?” She moved closer to me “just because they’re all blind to your innocent act doesn’t mean I am. You stay away from him or I’ll make you and if I find out you’ve been alone with him I will do everything I can to make sure you end up alone alright?” She was now in my face.
“Alright alright, calm down. I don’t know what’s give you this impression of me but I’m not who you think I am. Ray is a really great mate and he’s happy with you and trust me I’m not into him that way. So don’t go round threatening me like you own me. You don’t even know me. And whilst you’re new into this group and you don’t really know people I will not be talked to like I’m a pet. You have no right to tell me who I’m allowed to be around and to threaten me when you met me fifteen minutes ago. If I want to hang around with Ray then I will and maybe if you didn’t have self-issues you’d actually trust him.” I snapped back walking back to the main area.
“I do trust him its bitches like you who go round in their flimsy outfits flaunting themselves in front of taken guys for a laugh. There’s a name for girls like you whores.” She stared at me her nostrils flaring slightly. And I don’t know why I did but I let out the most throaty laugh ever.
“There’s a name for people like you, also a doctor. Maybe you should visit them might help you with your people skills.”
“I’ve seen what you’re like with Gerard and he is dating your best friend? Really think I’ll let you get away with that with Ray. Not a chance, I’m going to be around a lot more now Darcy and trust me I will not miss a fucking trick you try.” She spat smirking.
“Gerard is one of my best friends you crazy women! I’m not the one with a game plan love you are. Stay away from me.” I gave her a firm looking before turning and walking straight into the chest of someone.
“What’s going on?” Ray looked down at me “why is Vanessa crying?” He walked over to her hugging her to his chest. The rest of the gang looking at me questioningly.
“Oh come on!” I looked at her crying in his chest. What an actress.
“I don’t know what I’ve done but she just started a verbal attack on me Ray. I only said hello.” She turned her face into his chest.
“Dee is this true?” Frank asked me and for some strange reason the fact he was asking me stung more than it would anyone else.
“I can’t believe your actually asking me.” I felt myself well up. No I would not cry in front of any of them. If none of them believed me now then why the hell did I need them? I shook my head to my own mental question before running quickly through the bar grabbing my hoodie and running to my car to drive off home.

Subject: hi

I’d love to meet you. I’ve just had an awful night and the fact your willing to talk to me is somewhat comforting. My bridesmaid dress is like a meringue, I look hideous in it. I don’t have a best feature, I do kind of like my eyes when they are not puffy from crying like they are now. You’re right you’re not one of my friends turns out they don’t really know me at all. My question for you is what are your plans after college?

Shot down by strangers who glances can cripple,
Darcy x
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