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Plus one

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Wedding day rehearsals

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Subject: hi

whatever has happened? It is strange that the tone of your email and your lack of paragraphing alarmed more so than what you actually wrote. What has happened at the gig to cause this? Is everything ok?

I am glad however that I am some comfort to you; even though you don’t know who I am I want you to know I’m always here for you.
When is the wedding? And I bet your dress is fine and you’ll look stunning in it.
Your eyes are beautiful, they are such a bright blue that they stand out perfectly against your pale face.

After college I don’t really know what I want to be, something creative I couldn’t just sit around in an office daily. What would you like to do after college?

About meeting up should we say at 12 o’clock?

My question to you is what’s the most embarrassing thing that’d ever happened to you?

Once I was a young man and all I thought I had to do was smile,
Riddler x

I read the email after I’d practiced the walk down the aisle which can I add, I nailed. For the first time I smiled, Handbags and Gladrags now playing in my head, reminded me of when me and my dad used to turn the song straight up and sing along to it.
“I am so excited for next Saturday.” My bride to be cousin sat at the side of me nibbling on her celery stick, her new bizarre diet she was trying. “I’ll be Mrs Taylor.” She looked over at me smiling. She was so happy and even though she had been bridezilla these past few months I completely understand. This is her big day and she wants it to be perfect, who wouldn’t? “And remember your invitation is to bring a plus one if not you will have to hook up with Danny, the best man, and trust me you do not want that.” She laughed nudging me gaining a small smile from me. We quickly wrapped up the rest of the practice before I rushed off to get changed out of my yellow fluffy frock and into my usual jeans and dolly shoes.

Before going home I called into town to get the happy couple a gift before heading back to my house where I planned to stay and wallow around ignoring the wider world until Wednesday and Saturday. However, whenever you plan something like this it’s sods law that it will not stick like that and surprise surprise it didn’t because who was sat on my doorstep waiting for me? Frank. I let out a small groan as I noticed who the figure was when I’d walked close enough. “Just ignore him Darce, don’t give him the satisfaction.” I mumbled to myself whilst grabbing my house keys out of my pocket and making my way up the path towards my porch.
“How was the rehearsal?” He asked standing up as I approached. Now I could of retorted with the ‘why do you care?’ card but instead I just kept my head up and unlocked the door. “Oh I see your still in the ignoring me stage okay I can deal with this.” He probed again to gain a reaction from me, which I didn’t give him the satisfaction of. I just simply opened my front door and let myself in with the intention of closing the door and firmly locking it before he could get in. But for the second time today my plan hadn’t worked out as once I was in through the door he put his foot in the way preventing me from closing it. “Now Darcy are you willing to hear me out or do we have to stand here for a few moments longer until you realise I’m not leaving until I’ve made it up with you.” He looked me straight in the eyes my face showing a blank stare.
“Close the door on your way out, you’re causing a draft.” I told him blandly as I walked off and into the kitchen and the end of the hall way.
“No, I asked you one question and you flip out over it?” He slammed the door closed and followed me into the kitchen. “I bet if it was Charlie or Gerard or any of the others they wouldn’t be getting the same treatment from you. The third degree, so why am I Darce?” He held onto my arms firmly but enough not to hurt me.
“In fact I’m mad at you all. You thought I could upset her like that? I don’t even know the girl! And did any of you bother to think of my side? No you just all jumped to conclusions, ‘oh it’s Darcy’s fault’ well for your information it wasn’t my fault. You just walked out on the bit that made it seem like me fault. Did any of you bother to question why I snapped like I did? No you didn’t, you was probably fussing over her and making excuses for my behaviour.” I looked at him biting the inside of my cheek to stop me from crying. “And the fact it was you who asked me hurt Frank. I thought you knew me better than that. Obviously I was wrong.” I shook my head and broke from his grasp. “She thought I was after Ray and made it clear she’d keep me away from him and the rest of you and turns out all she had to do is cry and be successful.” I turned away from him grabbing the wrapping paper from the side of the fridge where it’s usually kept and got the selotape and knife from the draw and started to wrap the present ignoring him completely. In fact I thought he’d left until I cut myself by mistake with the knife when cutting the paper to shape.
“Can this day get any worse?” I shouted to myself and that’s when he walked over with a paper towel and put it on my finger to stop the bleeding, focusing on that more than me.
“I’m sorry Darcy.” He eventually looked up at me after putting on the plaster, “I didn’t think, your right. I just saw her crying and I did I jumped to conclusions.” He looked up at me his eyes watery. “But I don’t want to lose you over this. You’re my best friend and I need you and you know you need me to.” He smiled a little stroking my cheek which my tear fell on.
“It just hurt Frank.” I whispered, hoping he got the underlying message of the statement and when I felt his soft lips against mine I realised he had.

Subject: hi

Ray’s girlfriend made it kick off between me and the rest of them because she thought I was after Ray and when they came out to see what was going on they saw her crying. Frank asked me if what she had said was true and it hurt. It’s stupid but before that happened I was telling Charlie how I stupidly thought you was Frank and she asked if what I felt for him was like what I felt for the rest of the guys and up until then I didn’t know. But when he asked me then I knew, I knew that deep down it wasn’t what I felt for Gerard or Mikey or Ray, it was different. He was waiting for me when I got home from the wedding rehearsal and we talked and he kissed me and I’m so confused. (I sound like a stupid cliché high school girl about her problems) but I can’t fall for my best friend it would ruin everything we have and I’m not sure if I want to fall for him, but it was hard to pull away when he kissed me. Urgh I cannot wait to leave this city and go to University.

I’ve sent you a picture of me in the awful dress so you can be the judge of that yourself. She said I should really find a date otherwise I’d have to hook up with the best man and I was advised against that. So date finding has been added to my list. How is playing on your Xbox going on? Are you winning?

Thank you for the compliment of my eyes, the colouring is the main reason I like them if I’m honest.

As for after college I hope to go to university and get my Law degree and hopefully move on to become a barrister. We can all hope.
12 sound good for Wednesday.

The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me is I got out of a taxi once on a date and my skirt got caught and the driver drove off through a puddle, ripping my skirt off and splashing me in the process. I was mortified.
My question for you is your favourite Big Bang Theory character?

I've had a good day doing things the wrong way,
Darcy xx
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