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The plot thickens

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Subject: hi

why did Ray’s girlfriend do that? I’m totally sure you wouldn’t have done anything; I mean you’re one of the most placid people I know.

What made you think I was Frank? What made you stop believing that I was Frank?
You clearly have feelings for Frank which are strong but maybe that could be heightened by the fact your pretty close to him anyway and am I correct in thinking you both are the only single members of the group? It is just a suggestion why.

You look great in the dress but please tell me you didn’t pick the colour? I know nothing about fashion but wow that colour shouldn't have even been manufactured. EVER.
I’m sure you will be very successful in gaining your degree and becoming a barrister. I have faith in you, even if you don’t.

As for my favourite Big Bang character, I cannot choose; they are all unique and special to me. Like children to a parent.

My question to you is: are you nervous about meeting me on Wednesday?

Also, is it true you don’t like any sorts of lilies? Just checking.

Over and out,
Riddler x

I read the email whilst waiting for Frank to update me on the time I was supposed to be meeting him. Before he’d left yesterday we decided to meet up today and do anything but college work. It was about 10 minutes later when there was a familiar knock on the door and his usual ‘hi’ as he let himself in and in to the kitchen.
“You ready Thomas?” He questioned me whilst grabbing the last mouthful of toast out of my hand and eating it quickly.
“I am now,” I frowned at him, my smile giving away my fake annoyance. “Where are we going anyway?” I questioned him as I quickly washed the crumb filled plate and left it to dry.
“You’ll see.” He smiled grabbing my keys and hand and quickly pulling me out of my house and into his car.

We quickly pulled up at the bowling complex which was buzzing with school kids.
“Come on.” He said as he got out of the car before opening my door for me. We quickly went inside and changed our shoes. “The fact they had to wait until a child brought back your size is cute.” Frank laughed as we walked to our lane, familiar figures appearing.
“You never told me everyone was coming.” I looked up at him just as Ray spotted us and behind him I saw the now known red head. “And she’s here.” I whispered, “I know you all walking out on my little words to her may have been a movie moment, I don’t need the movie make up.” I looked up at him.
“She’s promised to be on her best behaviour,” Frank spoke looking at me “just give her a second chance ... for Ray.”
“She could be on a leash and still be bitchy.” I looked up at him as he swiftly moved us to the side to gather the right size bowling balls for us.
“Come on.” He said pulling me over to the lane, gripping my elbow slightly hard telling me to smile, which I quickly did as Charlie threw her arms around me.
“I didn’t think you’d come!” She smiled hugging me a little tighter before moving.
“We’ve got 2 lanes; Charlie, Gerard, Frank and Darcy on the first, me, Soph, Ray and Vanessa on the second.” Mikey told us smiling as I looked over at Ray slowly who quickly turned his gaze anywhere but my direction.
“Let’s play.” Gerard said after noting this.

We all played our turns, cheering when one of us got a strike or booing when the ball didn’t go in the direction we’d hoped for. Ray and Gerard had gone for drinks for us all as we carried on playing.
“Where are they?” Charlie asked looking in the direction of the bar.
“I don’t know, I’ll go up and look.” I said quietly welcoming the chance to get away from the burning glare of Vanessa.
“All I’m saying is you’ve known D a very long time in comparison to Vanessa so at least acknowledge her. We hurt her from what Frank said and you should remember she never has a bad word to say about anyone, so you shouldn’t go solely off what Vanessa says. I’m not saying choose between them, just be nice to D.” Gerard spoke to a frowning Ray.
“You’re all saying that she was the victim but yet you heard what she said to Vanessa. Did that sound nice to you? No it didn’t so sorry for believing my girlfriend on evidence and if I wanted your opinion Gerard I’d ask for it alright?” Ray spat frustrated at the older male, turning with his tray full of drinks, Gerard following suit.
“Oh Darce, hey” Gerard smiled nervously, “what’s up?” he looked at Ray quickly.
“Charlie wanted to know what kept you so long, but now I know.” I looked at Ray slowly, “I’m not going to pretend I’m sorry because I’m not. She said hurtful things to me and yes I retaliated but at least I’m admitting that. She’s not. She’s still keeping silent on her maliciousness.” I told him bluntly, “you might hate me now but when you see what she’s really like you’ll understand.” I carried on, “I’ll still be here for you when you find that out.” I walked off towards the lane slowly leaving Ray looking at the drinks. Whatever Vanessa has done, she’s got him good as Ray wouldn’t normally say boo to a goose.

Subject: hi

I have no idea why she has done this but she seems to have a hold over him I mean he’s still refusing to be at least civil to me. We went bowling today and he and Gerard were discussing the issue without realising I was stood within earshot.

It was the way you talked and I don’t know I think I kind of wanted you to be so I knew who you were and I stopped after what you said when all my friends were stood around me that time.

You’ll be happy to know that I’ve not choose the colour or the dress the bride did, sadly. Had I chose it I’d of gone with a colour that complimented my skin colouring a lot better.

I thank you for your kind words about me achieving my goals and I too wish you the best of luck.
I am the same towards the Big Bang characters; however, I do want a Sheldon Cooper I cannot lie.
As for the answer to your question: I am nervous but in an excited way, how are you feeling?

It is true that I don’t like lilies, they’re smell irritates and is in no way attractive to me.
Finally, my question is, are we in any classes together?

She’s on a hunger strike for the ones, who won’t make it for dinner,
Darcy x
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